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    The End Upended

    (Mod idea!)

    End now has passage of time

    There are two primary and two secondary stages:

    Night - lasts for 30 days

    Sunrise – lasts for 5 minutes

    Day – lasts for 30 days

    Dusk – lasts for 5 minutes

    During the night, the existing end mobs are rather normal. Nothing particularly changed. However, the mob distribution and biome spawning (plus, multiple biomes) may be different. There is a sculk biome, however, and the sky (space) is sort of an aurora borealis (like in many texture packs / shaders) and some blocks glow that don’t currently (sculk-theme blocks, for example)

    During one of the two transitions, the fauna (mobs, plants, block carpeting) change from End-themed to Sky-themed, as the entire dimension changes based on time of day. Mobs take 5 minutes to transform, and the blocks change (async) from upper height limit downward.

    During the day, the sky is visible like in the Skylands/Aether/Overworld. The sun is out, too.

    The dragon becomes a demidragon, a sort of runt, pinkish-white avian mob that is neutral/friendly towards the player and can be befriended (not tamed). This is different as, due to the dragon’s intelligence, the player and mob function in a symbiotic relationship. It functions a bit as a Tamagotchi pet. You need to feed it, just like a player, in order to keep it happy. If you don’t, and it is close to starving, it de-friends you and you cannot befriend it again. It becomes “feral” (this is a state in the game that is just like being Wild but makes sure you can’t tame it again).

    This is as to reduce animal cruelty.

    Also, you can’t ride it too much or the same thing happens.

    Basically, it’s a friend that can fly.

    (I don’t know how much use one could get out of this, but, oh well.)

    You have to feed it every real life hour or it starves. However if you make it so it’s sleeping then you don’t need to feed it. And you can easily see how much hunger it has by looking at the “boss bar” on-screen when friended.

    Ender dragons are no longer automatically aggressive. Their boss bar doesn’t show up, even, unless you start fighting one.

    Also, they are a randomly spawning, though rare, mob in the end.

    Oh, also, end portals now spawn automatically completed when you are in the end, and you can only get to the end in the first place from a stronghold that spawns in the Deep Dark biome (connected to ancient cities), only accessible after defeating the Warden.

    Elytras can be gathered and (farmed?) from either Rogue Dragons or some wild phantom-like mob.

    Rogue Dragons are dragons that, in terms of the lore but not actually in-game, likely misbehaved and were born evil and were discarded from the rest of the group.

    They are the Red Dragons, because of course they are.

    (However, this actually makes some sense as they are normally (daytime-wise) pink; red is just darker, and is a reflection of their mood, which is not good as they are rogue and stubborn and cannot be re-convinced to rejoin a pack; this is just lore, ok?)

    Red Dragons can be fought (as they are automatically aggressive like Ender Dragons are now) for elytra fragments or whatever. Maybe Red Dragons would be more like mega red dragonflies, as I know elytras are found on insects in real life.

    In fairness, though, dragons aren’t real, though I would assume most consider them to be mammals.

    Endermites are Skymites during the day.

    Sculk is found throughout the end, just like in the Ancient Cities/Deep Dark, though Wardens aren’t (though there is one mob inspired/based on the warden’s palette and theme that is actually peaceful during the day).

    If you somehow get a warden into the Ender dimension (renamed as it should not be considered the Endgame of the game, and Ender is the best we can do without completely changing the name), it becomes pink and white, the inverted opposite of what it currently is (blue and black).

    The main “End Island” is removed. Ender dragons now randomly spawn throughout the world, but can be predicted similarly to slime chunks (their spawn locations are pre-programmed; i.e., if one is on a set seed, one could find them with ease)

    To reiterate: one no longer requires the Ender Dragon to complete the game, nor to exit the end. The Rogue (Red) Dragon, its purpose-replacement, has a bunch of XP like the Ender Dragon did, and maybe could drop Elytra Fragments (to make Elytras renewable) but that’s it. The portal is already done for you, where & when you spawn in, and they’re now more like nether portals.


    During the day, the world is covered in sculk block carpet, but when it turns day and all the mobs turn, it becomes moss carpet.

    There is now Enderdirt, which is the first few layers in the end. (Enderstone is found a few blocks under Ender Dirt, just like normal Stone is found a few blocks under normal Dirt in the overworld.) This is so it is a lighter, less stone-like block, and so moss carpet (though also still sculk carpet) makes more sense on it. More organic.

    The ender (chorus) fruit plants found in the End in 1.9+ still spawn, and are found throughout the Ender dimension.


    You can make new end portals if you make a 4 block vertical pillar of sculk blocks, one obsidian on top, and place an Ender Crystal on top.

    (sculk blocks can be obtained from crafting sculk carpets in a 9x9 array or via being obtained from the Deep Dark).

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    I know, right? I had the same problem for the longest time! Well worry no longer, someone from Reddit has come to our rescue!

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