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    posted a message on BlazeLoader - A powerful, lightweight, and easy to use LiteAPI
    Bloody Brilliant!
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    Quote from hungrykidd

    Does anybody know mods that only need modloader?
    if so can you tell me?

    elevator -- http://www.minecraft...-forge-support/
    flintlockguns -- http://www.minecraft...e-update-42813/
    risugamis mods -- http://www.minecraft...s-mods-updated/
    optifine -- http://www.minecraft...-and-much-more/
    zombe's mods -- http://www.minecraft...v721-upd-10may/
    big trees -- http://www.minecraft...th-forge-patch/
    too many items -- http://www.minecraft...invedit-may-10/
    villageup -- http://www.minecraft...-npcs-villages/
    xcommands -- http://www.minecraft...dated-18th-may/
    bkspr's mods -- http://www.minecraft...effecthud-v110/
    daftPVF's mods updated by bksprs -- http://www.minecraft...-floatingruins/
    davidee's mods -- http://www.minecraft...le-sneaksprint/
    slingshot mod -- http://www.minecraft...mod-by-udjat74/

    but this post probably belongs in 'mod discussion' thread since 'minecraft mods' is for posting of mods that include pics and a download.
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    posted a message on [1.3.2] Ocarina of Time Mod by Taking1n1
    probably been suggested b4 but needs a teleportation ocarina; set blocks somewhere then play songs to teleport there.
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    posted a message on [1.3.1][SSP]Craftable Chain Mail Mod
    horrible post! it's a decent mod though.
    -needs pics bad
    -needs updated install instructions since there is no th.class, one could just drop the zip into the mods folder.
    -it's coded poorly for now cause both the text and texture for the chainlink item don't work & the chain block has no text/texture and is destroyed with a single left click w/o getting anything back for the resources you put into it but the mod itself works. i can craft an invisible item with no name that i can then craft into chain armour. I can also craft the chain block w/ no text but it has the texture of the chest and as mentioned is destoyed to easy & w/ complete loss of resources.
    -im guessing you made it w/o modloader then when official modloader came out you did a quick update

    I like it though. simple and adds chain armour; the block, while decrative, doesn't really serve a purpose though. keeping working on it and it could be really good.
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    posted a message on [HOWTO] Optimize Minecraft for Linux
    So long after this thread has become outdated here's some info i've collected:
    [I'm not responsible for anything that happens to your comp if you try these methods! back up your .minecraft folder, minecraft.jar, your minecraft launcher(if you use one), and maybe your entire system just to be safe ;) ]

    this is what i use to launch my minecraft on ubuntu 10.10:(note that you'll need to edit < > values for yourself)(i still need to test my script with the options listed in the op as some of them i don't use and they may be helpful
    base="/home/<user>/games/minecraft" #<--this is just where i keep my launcher .jar yours may be different
    cd "$base";java -Xmx1024M -Xms512M -XX:+UseConcMarkSweepGC -XX:+UseParNewGC -XX:+CMSIncrementalPacing -XX:ParallelGCThreads=<# of cpus you have> -XX:+AggressiveOpts -jar minecraft.jar net.minecraft.LauncherFrame

    #(using the $base variable is helpful cause it sets the 'working directory' then runs the program.)
    #you may edit the memory values to more or less but as optifine states in its op minecraft/java isn't meant to or smart enough to utilize extreme values so listing any more than 1gb may actually hurt.(see optifine page)
    #I have multiple partitions/HDDs that i use for storage on my linux build, you should use the native partition/HDD for everything minecraft/java for best performance.
    Oh and to make that work(for noobs)
    in nautilus(window where you look at your files/folders) right-click > create document > cut/paste script into the document(edit it as you need to) > save as: play_minecraft.sh > close the text editor > right-click/properties the file you just made and under permission tab check : allow execute file as program.
    now you can just double click(left) the file and select run in terminal or just run

    also get these mods:

    optifine(the new better optimine+optifog) smooth is my choice, multi threaded is amazing(you'll load chunks so fast w/o hurting your fps) but i don't recomend it for laptops as it causes mine to overheat.

    this, while meant for the nether, also helps the overworld by limiting lighting updates per game tick. this one really helps, get it.

    http://progfish.com/p/mods/fps.htm -(better version by fishtaco himself)
    this one is more for crappy video cards(like onboard intel stuff) if you have a 'nicer' video card this might actually hurt instead of help.it changes the render sin/cos mathematical methods to more sensible versions.

    im running ubuntu10.10 on a 2.1 ghz machine with a nvidia video card.(I do n't use fps++{'better' vers}).
    I have updated my video drivers manually and installed sun java6u33 instead of openJDK/java. I also am running 50 60+ mods(mostly little tweaks(note that anything that adds AI or checks the chunks for world building causes lagg)).

    at tiny render distance & with low optifine video settings I can get this:

    the red spike at the end is when i alt-tabbed and took the screenie. note that it was already back to 100 fps when it took the screenie though. this is after a few full bar readouts also so the game had been running for a bit and with the laggy-debug screen active.

    with lower settings i can get 130+. & at normal render distance it drops to ~20-40 fps. I tend to play at Short+16 at around 60fps or short+32 at 50fps. If anyone knows how to help optimize further please let me know.
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    posted a message on [1.2.4] Miner's Dimension v1.3
    Quote from DrTestificateMD

    Hey Dude,Please update this mod into 1.2.5 which is gonna be awesome! :)

    when will this mod be for 1.2.5

    1.2.4 mods usually work for 1.2.5

    also i think this would be cooler as a cave dimension where the whole world is a cave system but the ore rates are cranked way up.
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] RingMod (now with ModLoader version)
    you should have it so that if you activate all rings at once something cool happens, like a godlike mob should spawn to attack you, or you become even more powerful like shooting fire from your hands and move extra fast and stuff. i don't know but cool mod though.
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] [Mod] Unofficial FPS++ Update! a.k.a. FPS++Plus+
    hurray, i applaud you working on behalf of the poor pc gamer.

    and for me this mod ran.

    I had to rename gk.class to me.class as mentioned in this thread but after just that it ran w/o black screen.

    I ran a single player game for about 10 mins or so going underground and back up then flying quickly in a diagonal direction trying to test the fps gain or limitations.

    I'm happy to post that I was unable to crash the modded game, but didn't notice any improvement, in fact I had a litttle more lag spikes than i normally do(edit: doh! just remember to turn off vsyn, k now i see a slight performance upgrade!). But back on the good note, usually flying diagonally at high speeds causes my cpu fan to kick on cause of the work load caused and with this mod installed it did not.
    because of that I will continue to use this mod until i find any disfunction worse than a very slight lag spike increase.

    and it is said as a single player issues, so does that mean that it works fine for SMP?

    also people mentioned that this mod might not work with other mods 'so why download it', 'this is trash' and so on. so here are the mods I currently run and ran alongside this mod:
    ModloaderMP(cause i hate forge)
    zombies mods
    EssentialFood mod
    Floaty Items
    More Pistons
    sandwich mod
    sign tags
    spawner GUI
    everrything capes
    pfaeff's mod
    revolver easy
    adventure items
    automatic Item Replacer
    crystal wing
    custom mob spawner
    custom npcs
    directional HUD
    minecraft console
    handy recipes
    tome(write/read books)
    more stackables
    obly's mobs
    recipe book
    recycle iron
    slime dungeon
    starting inventory
    status effect HUD

    and my take on the whole 'permission' flames ;)
    I always wonder what the "hope you have permission" people think when they see mods like this. is it:
    hey cool i used to use a mod like that in x version;
    sweet it's very close to the same, yay, now i can use that in 1.2.5;
    click download;
    ok now lets report this [email protected] for copyright.

    surely that cant be it. maybe their day job is copyright law or something.

    I don't know. personally I think that if anything falls 3 udpates behind and some kind soul wants to update it for the community then god bless that person! and, you know, they should obviously give credit and all(which you do here). also fishtaco himself posted on the 1st page, how do people miss that? & the mature way to handle a permission dispute is to message the original creator and send him the link to the thread so that programmers can deal with the problem, I am completely floored by people taking it upon themselves to see that justice is served. I just don't get it

    so iHazFail99 please keep up your good modding work & just tune out the tards.

    hopefully my humorous statement wont cause more flames here. but hey if it does, more publicity for the mod so win.
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] Tools+ Mod (V2.0)
    yay. i can use 'expanded 2x2' stuff again. thanks!

    how did you get your youtube channel in the post like that?

    right-click/viewpage source/search for subscribe turned up this line

    title='' rel='

    apparently it's a widget. i'd guess he got it from youtube somewhere. but IDK for sure.
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] [Forge] Mine & Blade: Battlegear - Discontinued
    though its already been done before. you should add daggers they are the best off-hand weapon ever.
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