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    posted a message on Doomlike Dungeons
    Quote from BlackJar72
    Nothing really, I was wondering if you wanted these tied to command blocks somehow. The only thing I guess I might ask is if modded commands are automatically available through them.
    All commands normally have rules to say who could run a command : A command block, A player, An op player and/or an admin through console.By default commands could be executed by command block unless you set that rule. But you should take care of op and non-op players (I've not actually tested the new version).
    Quote from BlackJar72
    Version 1.2.5 is out. The dungeons haven't changed, but now you can spawn one anytime you like with the command /dldspawn. Version 1.2.6 is planned, and will hopefully obey the generate structures gamerule, and add two more config options, one to disable said obedience and one to disable natural spawning of the dungeons entirely. After that there will probably be a long delay before version 1.3 which will involve experimenting with decrease lag, increase stability, and maybe prepare for possible more advanced features later on.
    Great news ... thanks for the command.Like some other mods, I think that you should :
    1. Change your mod file name to a
    2. So it would result in
    3. Make/Update configs at runtime and copy resource from the zip file if config/DLDungeonThemes doesn't exist.
    4. The config/DLDungeonThemes/lists/itmes.txt has a typo error
    5. The content of config/DLDungeonThemes/chests.cfg should not be in config/DLDungeonThemes but in a separate folder since that not a theme, maybe putting it's content in the main configuration file
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    posted a message on Doomlike Dungeons
    Quote from BlackJar72

    This reminds me a little of people wanting to pass of Doom levels made by slige or oblige as there own creation -- but as long as you're honest about what is from where I don't mind.

    For me, that not a problem, I was already planning to tell that was your mod that generated the dungeon.

    Quote from BlackJar72

    I've thought about adding a command (Op / cheat, of course) to spawn a dungeon centered on the player, and possibly specify a theme. Maybe a size category could be done, too, but exact dimension would be harder to work in. A dungeon spawn block I'd be less interested in doing since I've been trying to keep it the mod can also be used as a server side plugin even for clients that don't have it. I also don't know much about vanilla command blocks (seen them in videos, never used one).

    Already with the "Huge" size category a player will be within 1-2 chunks of the technical center of the dungeon when world-gen realizes it should be there. There are also several problems with any system that would be based on actual x-z dimensions, since size of the bounds, the maximum room count, the number of node rooms, etc. all all tied together in a category. Also, the dungeons are created by placing a few special rooms I call nodes randomly, then growing connection between them and adding side rooms -- they don't exactly fill a set area neatly.

    I think that the command should spawn the dungeon in the same dimension as the player, that not a problem since all vanilla commands do the same, but the possibility to specify the position of the center should be a must.

    I was wrong with the 'tile entity', but maybe making a separate file that contains generate informations of all dungeons like center position, type, size, seed, flags (if it's already generated for example) would be better to keep as a server side mod.

    For what I know, In multiplayer, the player view range is a 10 chunk radius, so I think that if a ungenerated dungeon is within a 15 chunks radius from any player, it should generate.

    For commands blocks, what should you want to know ..., that not the point here but I think to be a sufficiently advanced mapmaker to help you for everything you would like to know.

    Quote from BlackJar72

    As for DoomMod -- thanks, I'd been thinking of making a small "Doom in Minecraft" modpack -- add a good guns mod (I was experimenting with Flan Mod and Furello's Guns) and that would about do it (I'm working on a bigger pack to, but it won't be available until the next MineFantasy versus is public). So thanks, this is very helpful.

    I don't know if you know the Custom Stuff 2 Mod, but somes times ago I was planning to make somes mods with it like Portal and Doom decorations, but I have abandonned these project for lack of motivation, I think it could be fun to associate Doomlike dungeon configs with Custom Stuff configs (I think it would be possible to include things like doors and keys with it)

    Quote from BlackJar72
    EDIT: I should really avoid trying to write posts first thing in the morning, before my brain wakes up....

    Why ?
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    posted a message on [1.8.7 / 1.7.10 and earlier][update 4/23] MCPatcher HD fix 5.0.3
    Quote from JimStoneCraft

    All plants that use the cross pattern display wrong with random textures in 14w11b, works fine in 1.7.5.

    Both tested with mcpatcher-4.3.2_01.

    Here are two sets is images showing the difference between the versions of the game using mcpatcher.

    1.7.5 displays fine

    14w11b does not, notice some of the mushrooms are made up of two different textures, same with the ferns and any other block that uses the cross method.

    I don't know if that's possible but I think you could take advantage of this to make sides different for the same plant.

    I've don't tested, But I think that if you create two CTM random files that apply on the same block, on the same conditions, with the same probabilities but not the sames faces (0-3, 4-7, 8-11 and 12-15 respectively for north, east, south and west) they should be used together.
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    posted a message on [1.6.4][WIP][Forge] DooMmod, Everything from DooM & DooM II into Minecraft
    I don't know If you know the Doomlike Dungeons mod but you have the possibility to configure dungeons to use your blocks and Lycanite mod. This would make perfect Doom Worlds ...
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    posted a message on Doomlike Dungeons
    I found these dungeons really interesting and I'd like to make an adventure map, since I'm only good in command blocks, not making structues and scenario, I'd like to integrate some huge dungeon inside it and make somes customisations.

    Could you add a command (or make a documentation about those which would exist) to spawn a dungeon with the specified parameters (type, size and position of the dungeon)

    Also for the world generation, would it be possible to add a "Planning Dungeon" system :
    When doing the world generation it would place a seed for the dungeon (Maybe a custom Tile entity) and when a player is near the seed, it cause the dungeon to be generated.
    I think It would broke the infinite loop where dungeon generate dungeon indefinitely

    Also I've found in a corner of the forum this DoomMod, that would really be interesting to have DoomMod, Lycanite mod and DoomLike Dungeon working together.
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    posted a message on [1.8.7 / 1.7.10 and earlier][update 4/23] MCPatcher HD fix 5.0.3
    Quote from Killjoy1221

    Now that we can customize the models, we're going to need Connected Models for them. Like ctm, but for models.

    Quote from Alvoria

    Customizing models is very limited and will probably (hopefully) remain that way due to Mojang not bothering to make the system the slightest bit robust.

    Also, please no. There's already too much potential to ruin the blocky aesthetic of Minecraft with this new system. Nobody needs to or should add to the problem. :(

    I think he's right, not to make conected models, but on the point that we should have the possibility to change a model for a specific block.

    For example, all flowers, tiny mushroom and sapplings use the cross model, but if I want to make a more detailed model for mushroom, it would change the others ...
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    posted a message on [1.8.7 / 1.7.10 and earlier][update 4/23] MCPatcher HD fix 5.0.3
    It has been a long time from the last time I used and updated my pack and got somes problems with the beta mcpatcher :

    With Minecraft 1.7.4 and MCPatcher 4.3.1 01

    With Minecraft 14w05b and MCPatcher 4.3.2 beta 1

    Here the original CTM files :

    /assets/minecraft/mcpatcher/ctm/fixed/ (This make sure that the lever texture is not overwritten, I know I could use the weight parameter but for now it's not needed)

    metadata=1-5 7 9-13 15
    faces=top bottom sides

    metadata=0 6 8 14
    faces=top bottom sides

    metadata=0 8


    metadata=2 10

    metadata=3 11

    metadata=4 12

    metadata=5 13

    My idea is that it should be possible to change texture of non-standard blocks by index:

    Multiblocks : (stairs, beacons, hopper ...)
    If we use the face attribute like we use normally it should work on all block parts of the block/
    If we use the face attribute with an additional index, it should work only on that specific part

    Completely non-standard : (beds, torch, levers ...)
    if we use standard faces name like north, south, east ... it should only works on standard faces
    If we use a number, it should select the face coresponding to the number in the render order

    faces=all0 #for all faces of the first part
    faces=east1 north0 #for north face of the first part and east face of the second part
    faces=0-5 #for the sixth first faces rendered of the block
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    posted a message on Gimp Templates and Scripts for Minecraft
    Hello, I hnow I'mreally late, but I've got very important things to do ...

    First of all, One things I'm really interested if anyone have an idea is the possibility to preview in real time any type of model inside gimp without starting the game, so the possibility of :
    - render basic blocks models
    - render special blocks (door, fences, brewing stand ...)
    - render mobs models
    - render things with colormap or color modifier

    I was to the point that real time is not something I could do, but render with a click on a menu is something do-able.
    And after I had a good idea, but not for everybody :
    Creating SVG images with links to specific images of the resource pack to make preview of somes blocks, models ...

    What do you think of that ? Would anybody like to help me ?

    Quote from odisos

    Could you make a script that converts old colormaps to the new MCPatcher format (x-row=BiomeID, y-row=Hight)

    Sorry, for now I don't have time for me, but a good new is that I have started to create a tool for generating colormaps from and to both type of colormaps format, for now it only supports the old one.
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    posted a message on [1.8.7 / 1.7.10 and earlier][update 4/23] MCPatcher HD fix 5.0.3
    Quote from Alvoria

    Old formats into new. There's a couple of updates where packs made for previous versions stop working. 1.4 and below > 1.5 > 1.6 and above require conversion as they're three separate formats.

    This is one of the things I'd looked a lot but don't trust anymmore because it stopped working when I have mass convered ressource packs

    Now I'm currently making a tool to convert any version of texture pack to any more recent one (it's hard to make it but for now there are things like "smooth biome converter that ransform a old-misa-like biome map to a full biome map" that works very well).

    My aim is to have the ability to convert ressources of old minecraft versions to latest one automaticaly.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Note Block Studio
    Okay so, I wwas looking for this application for a moment, and since I'm on linux, I thinked about using mono (.NET Frameworks) or wine ...


    This application is full of useless decorations and animations that makes a single menu appear in 2 minutes for me, a single click has an effect after 30 seconds ...

    Solidworks 2011 works better on my computer than your application, but it his the sort of aplications that have his own GUI decorations.

    Linux and MAC user don't want native applications, they want an application that could corectly work on their system.

    So simple solutions for you :
    - Use multiplatform language :
    - Java
    - Python
    - C# (.NET frameworks)
    - Put only needed stuff, not more:
    - remove these menu annimations
    - remove this "Windows 7" theme (it should e natively handled by the system and not by your program)

    If you need help into porting your program for linux and MAC, I'm here.

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    posted a message on [1.8.7 / 1.7.10 and earlier][update 4/23] MCPatcher HD fix 5.0.3
    Quote from Kahr

    Gonna go with linked=true for this property. It is per-file, applies only to method=random, and defaults to false. For now it affects only double plants, plants (useful for reeds), and doors.

    If random suported on beds, apply it also on them.
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    posted a message on [1.8.7 / 1.7.10 and earlier][update 4/23] MCPatcher HD fix 5.0.3
    Quote from Laige

    Hi been around a while, but never had anything to say until now. Just here to throw some ideas out there for texture-packers, servers hosties, and map creators. I found a new way of using CTM that maybe not everyone knows.

    I added Spoilers just cus the explaining got a bit long

    Here is the Concept Explained.

    I have been experimenting with using CTM for blocks that don't yet .. well 'exist' What I mean is blocks that can exist but do not naturally exist in minecraft. Here is an example wood planks with a damage value of 9. Wood planks exist and naturally have damage value 0-5, but 9 wont appear in minecraft. You can't craft it, but you can spawn it in using the commands.

    Blocks with damage values will be preserved when the game is saved and wont revert to a normal block. A block that does not have damage values enabled but spawned in as having a damage will revert however. Granted I need to do some more research, but what does this all mean? Well more blocks to use.

    Here is what I have done with this knowledge. With sand in 1.7 now having damage values enabled; I gave all the damage values the a colour scheme just like wool. The White (normal sand) and Orange (Red sand) appear naturally the other colors I have to spawn in using commands. If I didn't texture them with CTM they would appear like normal sand.

    Now I checked other packs and found that Better Then Default had used this same idea already. He used a damage value of planks to add in a doctor who tardis with CTM. Now that is classic. Simply a good use for a block not being used. I don't follow anyone too closely but it seemed the tardis was meant to be an easter egg in the pack.

    How about using this for Custom Maps. Plenty of play through maps require texture packs. Alot more creative freedom, and you wont have to change the "natural" blocks to reach that level of creativity.

    Keep in mind damage values have the same attributes as their base blocks. I.E. sand has gravity and sapling need light.

    I hope you guys out there can think of some awesome uses for these unused blocks. I never figured out how to post pictures or I would show you some of the stuff I did with this info. All this made possible by the CTM in MCpatcher. If you are good with World Edit or MCedit the things you can do will be awesome for maps.

    Here are some ideas I have
    -of course the sand I did
    -Use a wood plank value to make ominous looking doors on my castle
    -use a flower value to bring back the classic rose and add the cyan flowers for decorations
    -use a silverfish block value to look like a wrapped up gift/present (a real surprise).
    -See if I can use a crop and nether wort data values to add in decorative crops. Would be cool on servers. Will require World Edit or MCedit to get them into your world.
    -see about using those tall flowers data value to maybe add in a mock version of the pocket edition camera (i think its possible)
    -fences with sandstone, stone brick, and mossy stone brick looks
    -Make some black quartz for decorations. I always felt quartz was more of a marble. or even greenstone a Maori traditional green marble-like stone that is very cool.
    -Server Block Diversity = awesome. With the servers now able to have player use the same resource packs you could really do good. I don't think Hypixel's server has even tapped this concept yet, and that's the most innovative server I have seen yet.

    Lots of cool stuff

    Here is a simple list of some of the unused damage values you could use.

    Here is a list of blocks and their damage values that aren't being used.
    -dirt (1.7+ normal blocks look) 3-15 I believe grass can grow onto these blocks
    -sand (1.7+ normal block look) 2-15 and all these values have the gravity effect as well.
    -planks (normal block look) 6-15
    -saplings (cross-texture) 6-15 I'm not sure if they will grow into oaks will need to experiment.
    -sandstone (normal block look) 3-15
    -block 31 (cross texture) 4-15
    -The pistons can't be used even though they have unused damage values (can crash world if you hack in these, needs experimenting)
    -flower 38 (1.7+ and cross-texture) 9-15
    -wood slabs (ID 126) have 6-7 for your slab needs
    -stone fences (Fence) 2-15 I personally will be adding in sandstone fences.
    -Silverfish block (normal block look but will spawn silver fish when broken) 6-15
    -Stone bricks (normal block) 4-15
    -fence gate (need to experiment but I believe it possible)
    -new woods (ID 162) 2-3 and these blocks have partial directional placement.
    -new leaves (ID 161) needs experimenting but can definitely be done
    -Quartz (normal block look) 5-15
    -Haybales 1-3 again partial directional placement but you wont need an axe to collect the block.
    There are more, but I'm tired of looking em up.

    For more info on damage (data) values see the wiki here

    I am appreciating CTM more and more, as I use it. Please post if you already use this concept so I can take a look at your texture pack. Also if this gives you ideas I would love to read about them so post.

    Quote from WantedRobot

    i've known about this for like a year now it's old news now :D

    u should take a look at my texture pack that i made for servers like FyreUK and any other servers
    FyreUK use this texture pack for there videos and time lapses because of these extra blocks

    Dokucraft Creative Pack Download

    In this pack i have added textures to every single block in the game this lets me added over 2000+ extra blocks which you can spawn using World edit replace tool or the Creative Pack plugin (not publicly available yet only on FyreUK right now)

    I also have a block world on the site which has every extra block in the game layout nicely.
    This world is designed for the Creative Texture Pack but u can use it for any other texture if u like that has these extra blocks.

    The hold point of this world is to show u guys all of the metadata blocks added using the Creative Pack (about 2000+ extra blocks)

    Block World Download

    This world features:
    • 175 squares of 15 different textured blocks (for instance different stone textures) which work with metadata. You can’t pickblock these without the creative pack plugin. (not publicly available yet only on Fyreuk right now)
    • biome cages with biome specific mobs and blocks.
    • Color sorted palette
    • Wall with special named items that look different CIT (mcpatcher only)
    • Wall with special player head
    here is a video some kid did for us

    i also have a cheat sheet for the creative pack this shows u the ID of these blocks
    note: it's not done yet and is a bit slow to load up

    Creative Pack Cheat Sheet

    u can find more of our texture pack on our website (

    Quote from WantedRobot

    thank u :D

    right now the creative pack is the only texture pack that has this amount of extra blocks that u can use in game
    the next update will added more blocks that u can use in game and the plugin for the pack will come out soon too

    if u download one of the FyreUK maps and use the creative pack with it you will see a new would it will show u the extra stuff like different types of Glowstone chairs stone and more try it

    fyreuk maps that used the creative pack forgotten ascent and remnant the others use the older version of the pack
    FyreUK Maps Downlaod

    For my case I used this concept a lot of times in my pack :
    - Showing is a disc is in a jukebox
    - Adding "Fancy fence" walls variations
    - Adding "Level Design Developer Blocks" that use woods and stone to indicate things like triggers, forbiden zones for players ...

    I was a bit limited with the subject of my pack : Better Vanilla and faithfull

    One thing that really cool is to work with CIT, here I was able to implement things that were not faithfull because they were optional, like glasses, hats, lightsaber, jeans and more ...

    But since I've been plagiarized multiple times, I don't want to update my pack anymore with somes functionnalitys I've listed here.
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    posted a message on [1.8.7 / 1.7.10 and earlier][update 4/23] MCPatcher HD fix 5.0.3
    Quote from Kahr

    Blocks don't have NBT tags, but if you mean tile entities, that is unlikely to be possible since much of that data isn't reliably sent to the client. With jukeboxes for example, only the server knows the actual id of the currently playing record. As far as the client is concerned a jukebox is just a block with a sound effect maybe playing nearby.

    But for somes block, It's possible to know some data, like mobspawner, signs or heads ?

    Another thing, would it be possible to have a "Custom Gui" functionality, this would let differentiate things by their names.
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    posted a message on [1.8.7 / 1.7.10 and earlier][update 4/23] MCPatcher HD fix 5.0.3
    Quote from alex7415

    do you plan on having connected textures for the new stained glass?

    I think he would don't mind about stained glass in particular, but I'm sure they will be suported, since conected texture can be aplied to almost every blocks of Minecraft (Not all because these are very special).
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    posted a message on Availlable Resource Packs seems unorganised
    When choosing resource packs, it's a bit long to read each resources pack to find the one we want, in a alphabetical order, it would be easier.

    Available Resource Packs list is unorganised.

    Having Available Resource Packs list alphabeticaly ordered.
    package net.minecraft.src;
    import java.util.ArrayList;
    import java.util.Arrays;
    import java.util.Collections;
    import java.util.Comparator;
    import java.util.Iterator;
    import java.util.List;
    public class ResourcePackRepository
    public void updateRepositoryEntriesAll() {
    ArrayList var1 = Lists.newArrayList();
    Iterator var2 = this.getResourcePackFiles().iterator();
    while (var2.hasNext()) {
    File var3 = (File);
    ResourcePackRepositoryEntry var4 = new ResourcePackRepositoryEntry(this, var3, (ResourcePackRepositoryFilter)null);
    if (!this.repositoryEntriesAll.contains(var4)) {
    try {
    } catch (Exception var6) {
    } else {
    var2 = this.repositoryEntriesAll.iterator();
    while (var2.hasNext()){
    ResourcePackRepositoryEntry var7 = (ResourcePackRepositoryEntry);
    Collections.sort(var1, new Comparator<ResourcePackRepositoryEntry>(){
    public int compare(ResourcePackRepositoryEntry a, ResourcePackRepositoryEntry  B) {
    return a.getResourcePackName().compareTo(b.getResourcePackName());
    /* END OF NEW CODE */
    this.repositoryEntriesAll = var1;

    Yes, I know that looks like a bug report, It's because that one, but it was rejected as being a sugestion ...
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