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    Hey guys, this is my first ever post, and I was going to ask, how long have you been playing? I began playing about 3 months before the 1.3 adventure update. Hope to here your guys story soon!

    I began playing from this October, it is not a long time, but I learned much message from gamers. I like playing DFO games, so we can discuss the skills or strategy each other. I always read some article about the dfo strategy: how to farm gold in DFO. If you like this game, you can visit it.
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    Quote from jezdamayel»
    hello there and thank you for looking.

    I made this skin for a friend just last night. my first real skin!! it might not be the best but i was darn proud so i wanted to show it.
    This is the hunter(?) class form a game called Dungeon fighter online. (sorry if i got the class wrong i have never played it.)

    I based it off this image below

    I made him a base hair and also added another layer of hair as the hat. so the hair in front of his face really is in front. :smile.gif:. I also made his legs seamless (Ie when he walks it looks like the same as he is standing.. seamless outfit on the tops of the legs)

    My 2nd skin will be of sasuke(request)

    thank you for looking!

    HI,Guy, I like your drawing - dfo gunner. Can you make the female mage next time? I like this character very much, because she was petite but powerful, you can visit this website to know more about female mage, waiting for your drawing.
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