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    posted a message on Rain rain, freaking RAIN!
    I believe its tied into sleeping. If you don't sleep for a while, rain becomes extremely common. Try sleeping more often, see if the rain becomes less common.
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    posted a message on How long have you played Minecraft and have you enjoyed it?
    Since Beta 1.1 =D

    I remember lapis being added and the wool update... I know this, I started playing a few days after Alpha was closed and Beta began. However, I'm glad I'm not in the Alpha fan club, I'm Beta. (Pun intended)
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    posted a message on We need a big update
    You're joking right?

    We do *NOT* need a big update, what we need is content to be *COMPLETED*... The Nether is still unfinished and needs more refinement, the End is outright useless. We don't need no' stinkin updates. What we need is more refinement to current content.
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