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    posted a message on minecraft volcano?
    I went to the coordinates..
    2961, 729,72..

    Just an ice lake..

    Here's what I think happened to cause a mountain looking volcanic..

    Since we have water lakes at bedrock and lava lakes just below grass..
    And any kind of lake on any level really..

    Lava lake on top of the semi-uncommon stone plains..
    Even more uncommon..

    A barre stone mountain, with a lava fall.
    Could be legit, could be fake, stop bitching, it's just a game.(@haters)
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    posted a message on Has anybody found a slime on peaceful?

    I was playing an SMP with my friend..

    Due to some.. technicalities.. He put it on peaceful.
    There was a slime.. in a cave under our houses...

    Don't worry though, we moved on from houses, we now live in sky cities with working airships. :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on What to add to my town
    A PvM arena..

    Lots of :SSSS: :SSSS: :SSSS: :Skeleton: :Skeleton: :Skeleton: :Zombie: :Zombie: :Zombie: :Spider: + :Skeleton:
    For the PvM arena.. :biggrin.gif:
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    posted a message on Quesiton about the average SMP..
    I had a question..

    Does the average SMP server have a PvM arena?

    Basically, an arena that a single player has to fight a horde of MOBs.

    Does the average SMP have one?
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