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    Welcome to Ragnarok.icu we are a enhanced survival 1.14 minecraft server that has decided to start letting in new members. Here is the 5 reasons that you should choose us over the rest of the servers out there

    1. We are an mature/18+ server who has been running since 2011 which means that you don't have to worry about us being some kid who dosn't know how to install plugins or fix lag issuses or /op everyone.

    2. Our server is very unique in that we ask you to go through a 1 time trail before entering the server that we call the Proving grounds. It's a basic test to make sure you can follow the rules and and your actually here to play not to grief or steal it will take you less than 5 minutes.

    3. We have a very stable and awesome player ran economy and also a admin shop where you can buy cool items and gear with special names and enchantments.

    4. We have some very popular mini games including spleef mob arena and tron. Along with custom built arenas that our players made for them.

    5. Our monthly build competitions let you show off your building skills and you even get paid for it, and if your super lucky we might even use your build for server purposes which will get you a ton of awesome points in our books. :D

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