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    posted a message on refined storage

    Quick question about RS power, how do you produce RS power? Was reading the refined storage wiki and see that RF power is no longer supported in 1.11. I am new to this mod so was looking to be pointed in the right direction.


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    posted a message on Skin issues

    My daughter and I like to play minecraft together over LAN. The issue is whoever is hosting the game will not have their skin displayed. I have read many articles and nothing seems to help fix it. It does not matter what version we play it is the same from 1.7.10 upwards. Most articles i have read seem old and outdated or poorly explained. Any fresh info would be nice.


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    posted a message on Amidst now has 1.11 support

    Plains villages not where Amidst says they should be.

    Seed: 1639503986497049417

    Amidst V4

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    posted a message on LAN problems

    For some reason my daughter and I are not able to connect through LAN. Everything was working a few days ago but tonight we both get a connection error. No changes have been made to our computers. Any ideas as to what is happening?

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