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    I am 27

    Based in the UK near Brighton (love the seaside)

    a little bit about me, I work for an international bank as a financial advisor, love riding motorbikes so anyone in the group that rides I can talk about bikes for hours, used to be a personal trainer so love going to the gym keeping active

    Really want to get back into Minecraft took a little break cause of a new job and buying a flat, love building bases/houses underwater don't know why just find it fun, did build a massive glass dome before with multicoloured glass look amazing unfortunately due to my computer packing up I lost all my pictures.

    would be great to meet a few people and have fun building

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    posted a message on Pure Vanilla! Looking for long term players, not necessarily super active. No resets. Small valuable community. No plugins.

    IGN- MCollieR99

    Discord- McollieR99

    be good to join a vanilla server with a bunch of people

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    posted a message on [16+] Whitelist SMP - The Sacred River of Avalon

    Username - MCollieR99

    Age - 27

    Are you willing to speak in voice chat - Yea, use discord a the moment for other games, do have a bit of a dodgy headset at the moment though

    Why do I play Minecraft - use it as a bit of an escape from reality love building and being creative mainly with bases, would love to learn more redstone contraptions, have had a break from Minecraft recently due to new job and buying a flat but am getting back into it

    Do I have any hobbies - yes I love riding motorbikes that's a real passions, going to the gym used to be a personal trainer so I find it very enjoyable. and gaming

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