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    MsV the server has been growing this week I have seen 12 people join! This server is amazing! Its my favorite one! Cant wait till sky block!
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    Quote from Doodlecatt

    Alright, I've decided that it is time to apply again, so here we go,

    ChatMod Application

    IGN: doodlecatt

    Age: 14

    Time Zone: Central

    Do you understand the rules?: Yessss I do! =^.^=

    What times will you be available to be online?: I can be on pretty much all day with Summer here :)

    Can you be online during weekends? (Friday- Sunday): Of course!

    Current Rank: Godly

    Are you staff on any other server?: Nope, Lockdown is pretty much the only server I play on.

    Why should we pick you: I am very committed to Lockdown. I'm always on it, and it is indeed my favorite server.

    I am also good at stopping fights and solving problems. My brother and sister fight all the time and I always end up being the one to end it :P

    I am very honest, both in real life and in minecraft life. I know things happened, and I'm sorry that they did. It was partially a misunderstanding, hopefully we can forgive and forget :/

    I always keep a sharp eye on the chat so it would be pretty rare that I miss someone breaking the chat rules, unless I am lagging really bad or I'm away from the keyboard.

    I am also very familiar with the moderator rules.

    I am very mature in serious/scary situations. Many people told me I handle things well.

    I am very familiar with the English language, I have excellent grammar. I also know how to spell stuff correctly. I am in an advanced English course at my school so I think that tells me I know the English language pretty well.

    I also really would like to be part of the Staff of lockdown again. I want to get involved and be more helpful to the server.

    I try to help people who just joined if they have questions about the server. I like helping people in general.

    I have been a part of this server for quite some time now, so I'm familiar with how things work around here.

    I am very patient, I won't bug admins about reading my application.

    I have seen how moderators handle situations (I have handled some myself) and I would NEVER think of abusing my powers. (And I never have).

    I have great leadership skills.

    I treat all players equally, I wouldn't just mute someone just because I don't like them, and I wouldn't not mute someone if I like them.

    I don't think I have any enemies, at least I don't hate anyone on this server.

    I am very trustworthy.

    I am generally friendly, I have many friends on this server.

    I am generally a fair person, I wouldn't punish people unfairly, and I never did.

    I am pretty fast typer, so I won't be extremely slow to warn.

    I have a good memory, I can remember who has what warn.

    I have modded for over two months on this server so I do have a good experience with modding :)

    I am very persistent, when I want something I don't give up until I have it x3

    I've been mod before. things happened, but I do believe in second chances. After all,

    Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the present.

    _LordXenu_ (Yes, I am aware that he doesn't count)

    Koli6 (Yes, I am aware he doesn't count)








    I think doodlecatt should be a chat mod she is very nice, she has good grammar, and she is not mean to any of the players on ld
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