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    IGN: SpicyMisel

    Skype name (Required): miskomisel123

    Age: 16

    Time zone: CEST (Central European Summer Time, (UTC+2))

    Are you able to handle offensive jokes? YES.

    How experienced are you in these mods? Very experienced. I have played couple of modpacks.

    What will you do on our server? Craft. Mine. Die.

    Why do you want to join us? I think playing alone is boring and i love playing with friends and other people. :)

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    posted a message on NationCraft | A Small Community Modded Server | 1.12 Custom Modpack

    Hi! I Wish to join!

    What is your in-game username? My ign is _MISEL_

    Why are you interested in joining? I tried to make a small comunity server with mods and it failed and now im looking for a server like this. I was looking for the server and now i found this and i will be so happy if u accept me!

    A few details about yourself? Hi! Im from Croatia (but i speak English perfect) i love playing minecraft and minecraft with mods.

    My favourite mod is Extra Utilities :)

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    posted a message on CraftingHub looking for staff and Most importantly Builders | Unique Building Style | Trustworthy |


    My name is Misel.

    I can be an admin or something else.

    I know how to catch hackers and cheaters.

    I also can host some events and build huge redstone machines.

    I know how to work with plugins and server commands!

    Contact me: miskomisel123 (Skype)

    [I can't call but i can chat]


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