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    So I thought it would be sorta cool to have Ice Cream in MC, (even though there are a lot of foods) so i made a thread.

    Items: Ice Cream, Chocolate Ice Cream, (Chocolate) Ice Cream in a bowl, (Chocolate) Ice cream cone, Cone


    Ice Cream: Milk on Left Mid and Right mid, Sugar in middle. (Optional) Cocoa beans on top mid for chocolate)

    Cone: Wheat on Bottom mid, left mid, right mid, sugar in middle

    Ice Cream Cone: Cone with ice cream on top

    Ice cream bowl: Bowl with ice cream on top


    Ice Cream: Eat for 1 Hunger (2 Half)

    Chocolate Ice Cream: Eat for 2 Hunger (4 Half)

    Cone: Eat for half a bar of hunger

    Ice Cream Bowl: Eat for 2 and a half bars of hunger

    Chocolate Ice Cream Bowl: Eat for 3 and a half bars

    Ice Cream Cone: Eat for 3 and a half

    Chocolate Ice Cream Cone: Eat for 4 bars of hunger

    Special Effects: Eating any type of ice cream has a 4/10 chance pf giving an effect called “Brain Freeze” where you cannot act for 5 Seconds (Chocolate has a 5/10 chance)

    This is just my wishful thinking, I doubt this’ll ever happen, but I’d like it.

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