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    All I see is this random code,

    First things first: DISCLAIMER:

    This story can be set in both a Minecraft world and the Real world, although the animal behaviors and looks are quite realistic.
    I hope this gets some views at least.
    (This will be done in short [Sometimes long] chapters that go until a certain important event or when the chapter needs a break)
    This has elements of both Minecraft and the real world!!!

    PS: Feedback / thoughts are appreciated, this will keep it on the Front Page, as just viewing will NOT!

    Chapter One: Awakening
    That's it, just 'Boom'.
    That's all the young fifteen year old on the beach could remember, that one sound.
    He was wearing a scrappy blue shirt and some sort of rough cloth-like pants. A small scraggly beard was sprouting from his chin and he wore a scowl as if he had just tasted something unpleasant, which wasn't surprising.
    As for his skin, he was naturally tanned, a sun kissed tan, not an ugly bleached tan. His eyes were green and seemed to shimmer in the dark, and they managed to perfectly complement his strawberry red hair.
    Which he wore in a sort of disarranged Mohawk. His smoothed nose can be likened to... well, a smooth nose. And his perfect smile made you feel as though you had just won a million dollars, but could also make you feel like he was a cat and you were a mouse. Rarely.

    The sun was slowly rising over the deep blue sea, and it's reflection startled the teenager out of his amazement. He had been trying to remember back to before the boom, and it was giving him a headache. That and something smelled like rotting fish...
    Finally paying attention to the world, he got up, ignoring the creaks of protest from his bones.
    From this new angle, someone would say that he looked skinnier than he was - which was actually fairly skinny, while others would say he didn't look skinny, but moody.
    Whatever he looked like, he didn't care. He had too much going on in his mind.
    'Who am I? What is this place? Why am I here? Heck, while I'm at it, Why does the sun look so weird? And why is this sand so hard?!'
    Actually, why was the sand so hard?
    He glanced down at the not-so-sandy-sand. It was gravel.
    'Ugh!' He had been lying in a dead fish.
    Now he knew where that smell had been coming from. He straitens himself up and reveals a large patch of dried up blood above his rib cage, as if you had taken about a cup of red dye and thrown it on him.
    'Ugh!' He repeated, grimacing. Yet it didn't hurt, and he curiously pried the shirt from his chest - it was hard to get off because of all the dried blood.
    What he saw there was not surprising, considering it didn't hurt him. He saw tanned, flowing skin pulled over his ribs.
    He touched the place above his heart and felt the steady beating of it, like a drum. 'Good, I'm not dead. Yet.' He said to himself.
    As soon as he had finished saying that, his stomach growled rudely.
    'Ugh!' He repeated, yet again. It must have been his favorite word.

    A few hours later, Jake - what he decided to call himself - had surveyed the land around the gravel beach.
    He was in the middle of a gigantic lake - a small island in the sea, for all he knew. The only reason Jake believed it to be a lake was because he had seen some land to the East and the West, meaning that he must be encircled by it. The island had about fifteen trees growing in a small grove, underneath a tall hill that had been directly behind him when he had woken up. There was this blackish stuff that stuck out of one of the rockier portions of the hill, and he had made a mental note to check and see what he could do with it later. A spring on the other side of the hill fed a trickling stream that wound and meandered it's way to the lake. Jake had drunken from the spring and found it lukewarm and slightly smelly, like rotten eggs almost. Despite that, it was pleasant water... at least closer to the lake. At the ery top of the hill there was, amazingly, the ruins of an ancient hut. It had a small stone fireplace surrounded by sandstone and a small doorway. A portion of the shelter had worn away, and it was buried almost to the top of its roof. Jake had been walking around when he fell through the overgrown roof and found himself inside the sandstone hut. He assumed it went farther along, but the rest of the hut hand collapsed - he'd done some digging for supplies and had found part of a chest stuck into the dirt, angling away from the doorway.
    He was currently by where he had fallen into the hut, and was getting ready for bed. His stomach was starting to hurt from the physical abuse throughout the day, and he made a promise to himself that he would find food tomorrow.
    His last thought before drifting off to sleep was 'Oh wait a second, my name is...'

    'AGH!' Echoed around the island, frightening a flock of geese into flight.

    Jake had woken up to find himself in the middle of some sort of sand like material. The only thing was that it hadn't been there last night - at least not when Jake had checked. But what had really woken him up was the pig that was currently sitting on his (now muddy) blue shirt.

    'Get... OFF! You big pork!' He heaved out as he shoved the heavy creature off of him. 'Ugh...' He took a deep breath, wincing at the ache where his bones were bruised. From the pig.

    Suddenly, he coughed, something was in his throat and wouldn't let him breathe!

    A large wad of the sand like material finally flew out of his mouth, some dribbling down the side of his chin.

    'Um...' Was all Jake could say. The funny thing was that he hadn't felt anything in his throat when he had woken up. Was it possible that he inhaled all of that from the air? That's a lot to take in without seeing or feeling anything.

    His mind stumbled on an unpleasant possibility...
    Did it... grow in my throat...? No! What a STUPID idea! Hahahaha... nervous laughter...

    His Mohawk was messed up and now it looked like he had a red wig on. Except the wig was a fox or a small kitten, and constantly tried to stir up trouble.

    It was only now that Jake noticed he was up to his ankles in the sand, and for some reason, it was itching him. He quickly stepped out of the... perfect circle and brushed any loose bits of sand off. As he bent down to brush at the particles, he noticed that he was standing in the sand, again.

    'What the...?'

    He wasn't in the middle, and he hadn't moved...

    The only solution to the problem...

    'I can TELEPORT!' Jake yells, causing the pig that had been watching all of this to flee, tripping over a small, mysteriously placed root.

    Meanwhile, Jake was trying to teleport again. 'Nghhh...' He huffed.


    Opening his closed eyes, he notices something slightly disturbing...

    The sand had gotten bigger - it now covered the entire ruin's roof (Or so Jake guessed) and he could see it creeping even farther.

    'Wait, so that means I can't teleport?'

    (Sorry for the TINY update)

    Although that may just be me, If this is fixed I can't wait to read it!
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    Endermen arn't that bad at all. They love getting there picture taken, if you look at them ready to take it they'll just stand there. Now chickens are a different story, the're evil.
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    I'm a bit stuck as to what to call the story, if anyone has any better ideas for the title feel free to share them :)
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    Please remember to rate the story :D
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    Chapter 2 is up :D
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    XP Orbs are meant to be precious, and make people try to avoid dieing. But it would be nice as an option :biggrin.gif:
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    Tale Of Kingdoms,
    Elemental Creepers,
    Rei's mini map,

    These four are my favourite and are the best ones ive tried, you should also try the YogBox its got lots of cool mods in it, and it practically installs itself, Ide reccomend backing up your minecraft though before getting it.
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