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Last-Updated April 23rd, 2017


Finding Ferrodil, an RPG Map
ABANDONED? | Large-scale RPG map in the works that's still technically in development, but you didn't hear it from me (originally by ANVIL-Team, the same people that made the ANVIL server)

ANVIL Vanilla Minigames Server
ABANDONED | Unique vanilla-minigames server that was way ahead of its time. It closed August 2016, but had a huge update in the works for 2017 that unfortunately was abandoned due to a lack of time amongst the ANVIL Team

ABANDONED | Made mostly by Tobi29, a pioneering procedurally-generated Dungeon map. The first of its kind anywhere.


ABANDONED | unnamed 32x pack

TiNi~Temple 8x8 Pack
ABANDONED | Unique 'detailed' 8x8 texture pack

ABANDONED | For the '3-colour challenge' (it came 3rd); 16x16 with a 24-colour palette

Mini's RPG Pack
ABANDONED | Very old

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