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    posted a message on Server Name Ideas?
    el payaso Survival!

    (Da clown in Spanish)
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    posted a message on biome mobs
    MY vote is for penguins in ice biomes! :tongue.gif:

    Click the word PENGUIN in my sig.
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    posted a message on deserts r on the house

    it might make it more challenging it it blended with the tomb

    Yes, You see. That Is why I said, I also agree.
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    posted a message on deserts r on the house
    Quote from reptillian

    i agree with sandstone pressure plates

    I also agree,
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    posted a message on Mobs having a different AI
    I'd laugh If all mobs stayed the same, but there was a chance for one to spawn with butter shoes, and that gave it the new ai,

    Then you could loot the gold boots! MUHAHAHHAHAAA

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    posted a message on Biome Worlds in World Type
    Quote from Hungrybear8

    There's already a mod for this.

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    posted a message on About Fireballs

    And exacly why is this in the suggestions section?



    Oh wait, I'm not an admin. never mind.

    Ok, back on topic.

    I agree, +1

    This could make for less crazy randomness with cannons and whatnot.

    I said I want to hit the guy attempting to kill me! not the flower next to him!
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    posted a message on Download Older Versions On Minecraft Website
    I think mojang should take the time to do this,
    I can see my self trying indev, alpha, and survival test for shits and giggles.

    (I joined in 1.6 beta)
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    posted a message on The console megathread

    Today i will be talking about Minecraft in the 3DS and why it fits so well in the Nintendo 3DS. Ideas: First, the inventory could always be (except when you pause the game) in the touchscreen so that you could move and craft items faster. Second the controls: The Zl trigger for destroying blocks and items, the Zr trigger for placing blocks and using items. The B/A buttons for jumping, holding X/Y buttons for sprinting, moving slowly the Circle Pad for sneaking, the D-Pad: Up for releasing an item, down/left/right used for maybe this new move idea that i'm thinking, that is doing somersaults for avoiding attacks. The L/R triggers for scrolling through the hotbar. The Circle Pad Pro expansion (the second analog stick add-on) for aiming. The select button for changing from first-person to third-person view. If the player doesn' have the Circle Pad Pro, then maybe aiming via the gyroscope and accelerometer for aiming, or maybe having a circle in the touchscreen for aiming if one doesnt have a Circle Pad Pro, and using the L/R triggers for destroying/placing blocks if the player doesn't have the Circle Pad Pro. Also having online (although it may limit 7-10 person per server) and wireless ( which may allow 12-16 players) multiplayer also having the game already at least in 1.8 because the 3DS is a pretty powerful system. and updating it via Spotpass, also using AR capabilities for creating your own blocks, skins, etc. And using Streetpass for enchanging those blocks with people you encounter via Streetpass. That's all, and for the title maybe Minecraft 3D Edition or Minecraft Pocket Edition 3D. And how about starting a operation like Operation Moonfall of Rainfall for Mojang to bringing Minecraft to the 3DS and if that happens that they actually spend time developing it, unlike the Pocket Edition, and that if they announce it like in March, they release it on October and that it is a good portion o the team and not only one member. So that's a all, and tell me what you think in the comments, let's begin Operation 3-D Minecraft

    Are you a magician?

    You made the space between thoughts disappear!
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    posted a message on Fright potions!
    Quote from Nexus_Leonon

    Very good idea, bravo!

    Also, I like your description of fear and confusion.

    *takes a bow*
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    posted a message on So you want a penguin in minecraft..
    Quote from SDIAN

    Penguins. <3 Piplup. (and penguins, having played club penguin and watched surfs up and happy feet)

    Why don't we make this a super awesome mega thread for snow biomes in general? :biggrin.gif:?

    Hell naw!

    Penguins are so cool they Don't need other ideas to keep them afloat!

    also, Pokemon FTW!
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    posted a message on Notch. Why you no give us Sponge!

    Unless it doesn't have the sponge stuff that makes it drain water, it would just make absorb the water in the ocean, thus ruining the ocean. Thats why i didn't put that in. I am normally pretty good at finding problems. I was gonna request the sponge idea in the first place but i just thought a new mob in the game couldn't hurt.

    I'm pretty sure Blocks that a generated into a world don't update unless touched by the player,

    Thats why you see floating sugar cane sometimes,

    This would allow notch to take an error in the game and use it to craft a solution
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    posted a message on Nocturnal bed
    Day time beds to skip to night time?

    Would Be a good idea, though I can't see it working well on servers,
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    posted a message on Notch. Why you no give us Sponge!
    I'd like to see sponges gen underwater in rare patches,

    like clay used to be like until it was made super common,

    (the sea sponge block thats allready in the game)
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    posted a message on Fright potions!
    Quote from Mr_Porkchops

    fright potions are and confusion potions are different things. Fright potions causes mobs to run away or people to see scary images. Confusion potions cause the controls to be scrambled for people and mobs to sit there confused doing nothing for 3 to 5 seconds

    I kinda beg to differ, But I see your point, But here my argument,

    the essence of fear IS confusion,

    Haven't you ever watched a scary movie, than tried to go to bed, and then you heard a thud,

    It could be a monster, or it could be the cat,

    Do you go and check? Or stay in the saftey of your room?

    And if you stay in your room will the monster know to find you there?
    And if you leave. Will it ponce?

    What if the cat has knocked over the tv?
    Do you want to face that stress?

    But wait, if the cat knocked it over, something must have frighted it!
    But what?


    Your brain becomes overloaded, confused at that sudden sense of unexplainable fear, Paranoia.
    And then primal thought comes in. and you run like hell, In circles, Because you are to scared to know what way to run.

    You become confused, and frighten

    The human minds greatest weakness is its fear of the unknown, thinks that are confusing and make no sense,

    And that my friends, are how confusion and fright are inexplicably connected,

    The scariest word ever.


    Also, Thanks for the support guys!
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