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    posted a message on The Mushroom Island, Compatible with SMP! HUGE NEW UPDATE!
    Bump! anyone else wanna do a lets play? leave feedback?

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    posted a message on Zombie wolves and potions ideas
    *What happens when rufus gets zombie'd*


    Also, No. I don't want to set up an elaborate trap in order to hit a dog with lighting.

    PETA would be knocking on mojangs door.
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    posted a message on Regarding chainmail
    I support!

    Iron seems too powerful, While chain is in between leather and iron. +1
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    posted a message on The console megathread
    Quote from Strottinglemon

    My arm would fall off after breaking my first block.

    BUHAHAHAHAHAH, Can't stop laughing.
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    posted a message on Scuba Helmet Needed
    What if you wear a "water"melon on your head? Huh huh?
    Thats my idea.

    A helmet feels too...gamey....I want my minecraft gamey....but not gamey.....
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    posted a message on Name a kind of ________
    Movie=Star wars, Name a type of star wars species that doesn't appear In a movie. >:biggrin.gif:
    Edit, Ninja'd.
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    posted a message on Your spacebar is broken...
    MUhahahahhaahhahahahahahah! I USED THE SPACEBAR!!! MUAHHAHAHAhAHAHaHHAHA

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    posted a message on Type without using backspace.
    this is diffcultll! I haf bo idesa thay backspace was dp usfully!
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    posted a message on Post your CTRL-V
    Oh god....

    AMP Ask About Money & Penguins thanks to Sumatra 2/Dec/2002 6:38
    AGP Aggressive Guerilla Penguins thanks dingus
    AGP Already Got Penguin? thanks to 'legendceo' 20/Mar/2000 0:29
    ALPHA Another Lovely Penguin Hacking Architecture
    AMP Another Musical Penguin
    APE Another Penguin Engagement
    API Advanced Penguin Interface
    API All Penguins Interconnect
    APPLE Advanced Penguin-Powered Learning Environment
    ARM Another penguin Recycled Machine
    ASP Another Sad Penguin
    ASP Another Set of Penguins
    BIPT Boldly Invading Penguins Triumph
    BMP Basic Mission of Penguin thanks to Alex Valdez 31/Dec/2001 14.29
    BOOTP Bring Over Our True Penguin
    CEP Cogito Ergo Penguin (I think... therefore I am a penguin)
    CHAP Come Home Anxious Penguin
    CP Cloned Penguin
    CPP Calling Penguin Power
    CPU Connection Penguin Unit
    CVP Concurrent Velocity Penguins
    DHCP Decent Humans Call Penguins
    DJGPP Digital Jolt Global Poller Penguin
    EPP Every Penguin likes Parties
    ERP Everything Relates to Penguins
    ESP Extra Sensorial Penguin
    FBI Federal Bureau Investi-penguin thanks to Steve Thompson (a fellow penguin) 14/Aug/2000 11:34
    FIPS Flexible Instant Penguin Solution
    FLOP Flexible Load Of Penguins
    FPI Federal Penguin Institute
    FPU Floating Penguin Unit
    GIMP Graphics Inspired by Many Penguins
    GPF Get a Penguin Fix
    GPF Global Penguin Force
    GPL Great Penguin Licence
    GPS Global Penguin Society
    GPS Grand Penguin Scheme
    GPU Grinning Penguin Unit thanks Stefan 1/Nov/1999 23:50
    HELP Hailing Every Living Penguin
    HEP High Energy Penguin
    HIPPI Highly Intelligent Penguin-Powered Interface
    HP Home for Penguins
    HTTP Hail To The Penguins
    IAP Indicating Aroused Penguin
    ICP Internationally Connected Penguin thanks to Mike Wittman 16/Sep/2001 8:49
    IAP Internet Access for Penguins
    ILP I Love Penguins thanks to kimishia 28/Jul/2002 2:17
    IMAP Instant Mail Access for Penguins
    IP Intoxicated Penguin
    IPA Inter-Penguin Access
    IPFW Intelligent Penguins Fix Windows thanks dingus
    IPL Initial Penguin Load
    IPWT In Penguins We Trust
    IPX Internet Penguin eXchange
    ISP Independent Server of Penguins
    ISP Independent Solutions by Penguins
    JP Jungle Penguin thanks to Pat 'Junglepenguin' Trogdon 4/Feb/2002 14:05
    JPEG Just Penguin Enhanced Graphics
    JPL Just Penguin Liquid
    LDAP Location Device Activated by Penguins
    LDAP Love Driven Animated Penguin
    LDP Lovely Divine Penguin
    LPD Laisse Les Pingouins Danser thanks to [email protected] 5/Nov/2002 10:25
    LPT Large Penguin Tracks thanks to I-S-H 3/Oct/1999 19:11
    MIPS Must Install Penguin Soon
    MPEG Musical Penguin Enters Galaxy
    NAACP National Association for the Advancement of Cheesy Penguins thanks to Al 17/Dec/2002 3:48
    NNTP News Network Through Penguins
    NOP Nobody Owns the Penguin
    NPN Nice Penguin Nest
    NPR Neat Penguins Rule thanks to Steve Thompson (a cave penguin) 14/Aug/2000 11:34
    NTP Nicely Timed Penguins
    NYPD Nurture Your Penguin Dude
    OSPF Open Source for Penguins First
    P2 Penguin^2
    PAM Penguins Against Monopolies
    PAP Possibly Authentic Penguin
    PC Penguin Compatible
    PCI Penguins Connect Intensely
    PCMCIA Penguins Call Many Computers Intelligent Architectures
    PCMCIA Penguins Can Memorize Complex Industrial Acronyms
    PDA Penguins Democratic Association http://blacksun.proboards12.com 21/Jul/2002 12:15
    PDF Penguins Do it for Free
    PDP Practical Diving Penguin
    PENTIUM Penguins Engage Nice Technology In Unbound Mode
    PERL Penguins Enforce Real Love
    PGP Penguin Genius Pool
    PGP Practical Guide for Penguins
    PHP Penguins Help Penguins
    PI Penguin Info. thanks to Sylvane Nixon 29/Feb/2000 13:34
    PI Penguins International
    PIC Penguins In Control
    PIL Penguins In Love
    PIL Penguins Interfacing Loosely
    PIPE Penguins Install Penguin Extensions
    PITA Penguin In Terrible Agony (looking at Windows)
    PIX Penguins Integrate X-rays
    PKT Penguins Know Truth
    PL/1 Penguin Language 1
    PLC Penguins Love Circuits
    PLF Penguin Liberation Front
    PLIB Penguins Lost In Belgium
    PLL Penguins Love Logic
    PLS Penguins Love Smartcards
    PMS Penguins Mining Salt thanks to Pat 'Junglepenguin' Trogdon 23/Jan/2002 1:13
    PNG Penguins Need Graphics
    POLICE Penguins On Lightly Internet Connected Engines
    POLICY Penguins On the Lookout for Internet Connected Youth
    POLL Penguin On Lovers' Lane
    POP Practical Outbound Penguins
    POS Penguin Operations per Second
    POST Penguin On Solo T-3
    POTS Penguin On the Telephone System
    PPC Penguins Produce Code
    PPC Powerful Penguin Computer
    PPM Penguin Power Movement
    PPP Penguins Produce Penguins
    PRL Penguins Rotate Left
    PROBE Penguin Riding On Broadcast Energy
    PSP Penguins Seize Power
    PULP Possible U-turn for Left-handed Penguins
    PUMP Penguins Unite Many People
    PVE Penguins Vote Emacs
    PVV Penguins Vote Vi
    RAMP Reaction Against Microsoft by Penguins
    RAP Rapidly Articulating Penguins
    RP Red Penguin thanks to A. I. 31/Jan/2002 12:33
    RPC Remote Penguin Conversation
    RPM Rapid Penguin Movement
    RPN Regular Penguin Notation
    SAP Should've Asked Penguins
    SLIP Someone Looking for Interesting Penguins
    SLIPS Simply Lost In Penguin Space
    SMP Software for Multiple Penguins
    SMPD Simply Mail for Penguins Daemon
    SMTP Superb Management Through Penguins
    SNMP Simple Network Management for Penguins
    SPARC Sexy Penguin Architecture Rules Cosmos
    SPARC Some Penguins Are Really Connected thanks to 'legendceo' 20/Mar/2000 0:29
    SPP Surely Penguins Party
    SSH Secure penguins Say Hi
    STOP Stop Teasing Our Penguins thanks to Louise Van Weeren 11/Apr/2002 2:53
    TAP Try A Penguin
    TCP/IP Transport Control Penguin / Internet Penguin thanks to Bernd Eckstein 20/Feb/2000 19:27
    TFTP True Force Through Penguins
    TP Totally Penguin thanks Stefan 1/Nov/1999 23:50
    TP Twisted Penguin thanks Stefan 1/Nov/1999 23:50
    UDP Undeniably Dumped Penguins
    UDP Universal Dictionary of Penguins
    UPI United Penguins Inc.
    UPS Universal Penguin Solution
    UUCP Unix to Unix Calling Penguin thanks to Antonio Carlos 28/Apr/2000 3:51
    VPN Vital Penguin Network
    WP Wabbit Penguin
    WP Wise Penguin
    XPM eXtended Penguin Mind
    YP Young Penguins
    ZPF Zany Penguin Force thanks to Marilyn Gillespie 16/Apr/2000 7:58
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    posted a message on CREPPER MATEING AND MORE

    um those gren things that explode are u stupid dont tell me ur a trol every1s seen 1 unless ur to pansy n play on peseful

    You are under arrest for improper use of the kings English!

    Take him away!!!

    People like you make me sick, *Shudder*

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    posted a message on Dispensers Could Dye Wool Blocks

    For displays, there is the awkward issue of needing a seperate dispenor for each color, seeing as they randomly pick an item. Because of this, displays would either only change once, or each pixel would need to be seperated from the others... Either that or making dispensors pick items in an order, but that still limits it to 9 changes...

    Perhaps It clicks down the list?

    when a dispenser is set to rapid dispenser.

    it goes.

    slot 1, 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,1,2,Ect.

    It would just go in order and reset every 9th click.
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    posted a message on The console megathread

    I use a wii, and You can connect a keyboard to it,...

    So doesn't that render the control agrument void?
    Just have mojang package it with a Minecraft keyboard or some such..

    Or make a brand new controller like the guitar hero guitar? But a smaller minecraft dohickey.

    I use my keyboard when I play animal crossing.

    (And yes, I play animal crossing. my neighbor is a penguin and he gets mad at me when I go away for too long, and we can't have that!)
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    posted a message on Dispensers Could Dye Wool Blocks
    You could like, recreate a .gif or a video!!! i'd love this!!!
    Some one make a mod of this, and get to work recreating the gif below!!! :tongue.gif:
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    posted a message on So you want a penguin in minecraft..
    Quote from immediately

    I'm immediately, and I approve this thread.

    Thanks for the publicity, minepenguincraft, and also for the Little Blue Penguins!

    Your welcome! :tongue.gif:
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    posted a message on [ADV] ELITE'S TROLL CUSTOM MAP V1.2
    How come the first two screenies Look JUST like monarch of madness?
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