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    posted a message on [Hints&Tips]Building a City
    :DPANTS: This really helped my city. It looks much better now! I did use invenedit to get water and fire. And i love this, diamond for you

    ,,,hey you! Yeah you! I support. ,,, colored wood products !!!!!!!The ones in bold i have in my city

    Thats allk. Im stupid
    barn !!! With cows pigs chickens horses wolves cats and thary cats and wolves are tamed
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    posted a message on The Hobo Challenge
    I have played this before, it took me 21 minecraft days to get back to my house. At least i know more about leaving my home. My home was in the bottom right corner of the map, and i was in the top left. Wow.
    hey you, yeah you! I support....... Colored wood products!!!!
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    posted a message on [Challenge] The Mercenary
    :DORE:d:DORE: I like this! This is bery well thought out! I Might be able to play this tomorrow, gotta go christmas shoping. ill keep a recordPancake opinion your thing is really creepy. Just sayin :Zombie:
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