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    Hey me and my Chaps are gunna have a little war But instead of fightning each other we thought we would get four other players and have a war, It will be legit no spawning teleporting, There will be /home and factions for private chat along with craftbook. Simply fill out the application and we will select four people to play with us.

    3.Do you like big booty bitches AHHHH
    4.How long have you played minecraft
    5.Do you like the name Daniel
    6.Do you like Fun PvP

    Contact-hotskater6590 Via skype when you post app and he will tell you if your accepted And give you the ip
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    Hello Me and A group Of my freinds will be doing a livestream Tonight From 6pm-12am Pacific time. 9pm-3pm
    Eastern The Group Will consist of Minecraftpackrat-Justin(Me). Nv_Playa-Gage. 12khfan44-Daniel. and Possibly Some other people Joining While we are livestreaming.Here are some Details

    Time-6pm-12am Pacific time. 9pm-3am Eastern
    Tonight 5/7/11

    Host- Wright-Servers.com Cheap, Reliable hosting with great staff. Go to http://www.Wright-Servers.com
    to get your new Minecraft server today!

    Link- http://www.livestream.com/hghourglass

    Thanks Hope to See you Then
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    posted a message on █ █ ☆ DeadZone PvP Server[24/7][50slots][WAR][mcMMO] ☆ █ █
    1 2 3 4
    5 6 7 8
    9 0 a b
    o d e f

    1. Ign:minecraftpackrat
    2. Location;Eugene Oregon, In the United States
    3. How often do you play?:I play About 72 Hours a Week
    4. Age:I am 15 Years old
    5. Did you read the rules?:I did read the Rules Yes
    6. Gender:Male
    7. Any other info?:Im a good Builder A fighter And i play Minecraft alot
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    posted a message on ★ Empyrean ★ - No Whitelist|Hardcore|PvP| by DarkTideGames
    #1 In-Game Name
    - Minecraftpackrat

    #2 Country and Age (this is for our demographic purposes)
    - 29 America And im 15 Years old

    #3 How did you hear about us?
    - Minecraft Forums

    #4 Why do you want to Join DarkTide?
    - 'Cause I want a server That i can go on and Fight Build With People who arent Completly Random and Cool to hang out with Create a town join a town.

    #5 Did you read and understand the rules?
    - I did read the rules and i understand them You guys Want the Hardcore Inside of me.

    #6 Have you logged on to DarkTide at least once?
    - I did At least twice and Like it
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    posted a message on ☢ The Asylum ☢ [NEW SERVER "THE BONE YARD"
    Minecraft Username:minecraftpackrat
    Gender (Male/Female):Male
    Country of Residence:U.S , Oregon

    Why do you want to play on the Server? (3 Sent. Min.):I really want to find a cool server with a little roleplay along with survival.
    How active will you be on the server?:I play about 3-4 Hours on weekdays And 5-8 Hours on Weekdays

    Do you have a microphone (Yes/No):Yes
    Will you be active on our Teamspeak (Yes/No):Not very im usually on skype talking to my freinds

    Have you read and understand all the rules? (Yes/No):Yes i have and i do understand them

    Any other information you would like us to know about you: I play minecraft alot, thats it Cant think of anything thats really worth Telling you unless you ask
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    posted a message on ►☢☢☢DarkCraft [1.5!!!] Ultra-Harcore Survival and RPG ☢☢☢◄
    Minecraft IGN:minecraftpackrat
    Timezone:Western Pacific time
    Age:15 years old
    Why you are interested:Ive never played minecraft as hardcore as this server seems to be and i really want to play it with my freinds. I also like the challenge this server would provide
    Minecraft experience:Since minecraft was Indev
    Anything else you might want to contribute to the server (if applicable):A group of 5-6 people, Could make video Promo's For the server
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    Under Construction
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    posted a message on [Musty Craft Survival Server]
    Musty craft is a survival server Where not fighting Isnt an option you must fight to survive in the world, Form groups Have wars with other groups and much more.



    Three Simple rules
    1.Dont spawn kill
    2.Dont Greif
    3.And Have fun

    This server Will be on from (3pm)-(8pm) On weekdays
    And (12am)-(12pm) On weekends
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    [b]Minecraft Account Name:minecraftpackrat
    [b]How old are you?14
    [b]Time-Zone/Country of Residence:Pacific time ,Oregon
    [b]Small 2-3 Sentence Description of yourself:I like roleplaying i Like minecraft i play football and go to highschool
    [b]Why you would be a good addition to the server:i like roleplaying and im good at it
    [b]Describe yourself in one word:Minecrafter
    [b]How much time could you be on the server weekly?:Probobly 3 Days worth
    [b]What do you know about roleplaying?:That it involves imagination and creativity
    [b]What do you expect this server will be like?:Fun exciting But that doesnt matter I want to roleplay For real
    [b]What is your past roleplaying experience?:Amachure Roleplaying with my freinds
    [b]What other server have you played on and why did you leave them?I only play on my Freinds servers
    [b]How long have you played minecraft?:Since indev
    [b]Have you ever been banned before? if you have write the reason why to( Be Honest ):yes because People though i was Spawning even though i wasnt op
    [b]Have you read the rules? Do you understand them and do you agreed with them?:Yes And Yes
    [b]Why you want to be accepted (A short answer, nothing big):Cus i like roleplaying and I cant find a server that people roleplay for real

    [b]Character Name:Jeff Mckinley
    [b]Background / Who are you?:A Mechanic
    [b]Character Family:Doesnt have any Anymore
    [b]Character Age:27
    [b]Character Appearance:Looks like a Pilot
    [b]Character Personality:Doesnt trust other People
    [b]Can your character read or write?Barley
    [b]Can your character mine?Yes
    [b]Can your character build?Yes but not very Well
    [b]Can your character fight?Yes
    [b]Can you make tools?:Yes
    [b]Can you farm?:No
    [b]Any special skills?None
    [b]Does your character have any health/physical or mental problems/issues?:None
    [b]Character Fears:Darkness,Spiders
    [b]Describe an event where your character is in deep pain:Going to hospital Due to spider Bite
    [b]A screenshot / description of your skin:hooded Man with Goggles
    [b]Other Information:None
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    posted a message on [Creation] The Earth (Updated - Final)
    I was wondering If you can get An Oregon spawn Thanks

    P.S I plan To Create my hometown And colonize It in Oregon
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    posted a message on Minecraftpackrat's Smp server
    I am Adding people To whitelist now First 10 to reply get On it servers Up in 10 minutes
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    posted a message on Minecraftpackrat's Smp server
    Hello everyone, Im minecraftpackrat and youre here cus you want to get on my server. Well first Read the rules Second Comment below your Minecraft.net name And a brief description about you as a minecrafter. This is a legit server mods will be added soon (Mod list at bottom) I will pm You the Telling you If your on whitelist. I am only picking about 8 people. This is a legit Server No spawning No teleporting so dont ask. Monsters are Enabled.


    [size=xx-large]Instant Bans [/size](Do any of These An youre banned
    (Spawn Killing)-Temp Ban (i Will message You on Forums Of how long youre banned
    (Griefing)-Permanit Ban
    (Racism)-Permanit Ban
    (hacking)-Permanit Ban

    [size=xx-large]General Rules[/size]
    No 1 By 1 Towers
    No 1 By 1 Holes
    Dont Steal
    Dont use Tnt or Flint & Steel On anything. ( Flint & Steel To start Fire in A fireplace Allowed)
    Don't build near the spawn
    Cursing Is allowed Just Dont Swear like a sailor
    Finish cutting down your freaking tree, don't leave part of it floating
    Dont lead creepers To peoples houses
    Replant trees (Especially Near Spawn)
    Read Signs On building's
    Never Take torches From Buildings
    Settle Down - Dont wander Around For Ever make A House or join a colony

    You Should Probobly Find Someone To team up With at start Just in Case You make Enemy's.
    Close To matching skins Our good For teams(So people Can identify You-Though You dont have To get Them)

    [size=xx-large]Currency[/size]-Gold Bars
    (Its preffered you dont Make Gold Armour/Weapons/Tools Since There Still not Very Good)
    You Can Also Trade. Stores Set there Own Prices

    [size=150]Server is =[/size] [size=xx-large]Up[/size]
    [size=xx-large]Server Up Times[/size]
    (Pacific Time)
    Weekdays 3pm-8pm
    Weekends 11Am-12pm
    Servers On when im on But those Our Usually The Times were im on unless im busy Sometimes Server Will be up 24/7 On weekends When im Working on a project or something Of that sorts

    (Doesnt matter If youre not on whitelist Though

    [size=xx-large]Mods[/size]- That im Getting For server(Most of These have To update)
    Humans mod-http://www.minecraftforum.net/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=103072
    Xie's Hunger mod-http://www.minecraftforum.net/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=157009
    All i want for Now .

    Thanks Remember To post comment Below With Minecraft.net Name And A breif Desc. About You as a Minecrafter
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    posted a message on No more
    Due to me bieng annoyed with players server is now offline To the public
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