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    posted a message on [1.8.1] Ziptum Mod

    EDIT: I know there's already one! I just wanna give people a choice!

    its almost the exact same thing. wow.
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    posted a message on [1.8.1] Ziptum Mod

    thought of a play on words, maybe zipto lighter? like flint and steel but either longer durability, larger area, you decide!
    maybe crafted like this:
    :: :: ::
    :: :Iron: ::
    :Turquoise: :: ::
    edit: wool is the zipto bock

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    posted a message on Looking for people to do some adventure maps and all that **** with me and my buds
    App: BELOW
    IGN: Griffinator715
    Real Name: Cole
    Age: 15
    Time to do videos a week: Almost all day - everyday
    Do you have skype: yankeefan1803
    Do you have a mic[important!]: Yes
    Do you have ventrillo[not as important]: Idk what that is
    Are you prepared for epic awesomeness: OH YEA
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    posted a message on [1.8.1] Ziptum Mod
    Quote from AznaktaX

    If you want it to be unique you can try various things!

    Like I see some new ore mods giving a way to actually craft the gem instead of getting it directly from the ore!

    Thanks for the support!
    I just add Zipto which is crafted from two Ziptum Ore. Now, you need 3 Ziptum Ores to get one Ziptum.
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    posted a message on [Tutorial] How to create a jump block (Mod Creator Pack)
    minecraft coder pack
    not creator
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    posted a message on [1.5.2] AMCO: About 150 of the best mods all working together
    So you have permission from every single one of the mod creators? Sure.
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    posted a message on [1.8.1] Ziptum Mod
    Quote from SunDropz

    Yeah! Very cool Mod. I love this Mod.
    Please update the Mod to 1.0.0
    Here some :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond:

    Thanks for the support! I need two things to update it to 1.0.0. 1.0.0 ModLoader and 1.0.0 MCP. ModLoader is already updated so now all I need is an updated 1.0.0 MCP, that I dont think is coming out for another few days.
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    posted a message on [1.8.1] Ziptum Mod
    Quote from Mrgreengoggles

    Looks cool and please check out my youtube channel I might review the mod. : )

    Not rushing you but can you try to get that video done?
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    posted a message on [1.8.1] Ziptum Mod
    Quote from Grr Moo Gamer

    I do want to use your mod fella, but what ID's are you using for the new blocks?

    Curently running a self made mod pak so to speak
    Colored Creatures
    Zeppelin mod
    Zan MiniMap
    Millienaire 1.8.3
    NyanCats v1.5
    Repair My Items
    Clay Solders
    Reciepe Book
    and WoodenArmour
    Will be testing TooManyItems later too.

    The only reason I was letting you know what I am using is because I am not good with ID conflicts and such [keeping me from using a few mods I realy like, MANY if not ALL of the ORE mods I want to use conflict with some mod I run or another. [Most annoying ones have replaced my airship controler in Zep.=( ] So I realy dislike ID conflicts, if you can somehow make this ore compatable [ID wise] with most other mods I will absolutly get it.

    Also, thats how you could set your ore mod apart from the others "Compatable with ALL MODS" : Well maybe not all mods but thats yet to be seen =/

    well when you install the mod, look in the modloader.txt file. it will let u change the id numbers to whatever you want.
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    posted a message on [1.8.1] Ziptum Mod
    Quote from omegamonkeyclaw

    How rare is the ore?
    How strong? (Around stone level? iron level? diamond level? above?)
    Does the armour have any abilities besides better durability?

    it is about 20 levels above bedrock in veins of 5. better durability and strength then diamond and requires iron to mine
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    posted a message on [1.8.1] Ziptum Mod
    Ziptum Mod

    By: minecraftminer9752

    Ziptum Mod V1.1

    How to Install:

    Video Coming Soon!
    1. Install Risugami's ModLoader
    2. Open up the Start Menu. Type in run and press enter. Type in %appdata%. Click .minecraft. Click bin. Open minecraft.jar with WinRar or a zip file opener. Drag the ModLoader class files into the minecraft.jar.
    3. Install My Ziptum Mod. Drag and drop the Ziptum class files into the minecraft.jar. Run Minecraft.exe.
    4. Enjoy!

    Mod Description:

    The Ziptum mod adds a whole new tool set and armor set to Minecraft. You start off finding Ziptum ore and crafting Zipto with it. With 1 Ziptum ore and 1 Zipto, you can craft Ziptum. With Ziptum, you can use sticks and make tools, you can make armor with it, and you can make a Ziptum block. This mod is very simple and the idea is not original so if you have any suggestions that can improve the mod, please post them below in the comments.

    How to use the mod:

    Video Coming Soon!
    1. Find and mine Ziptum ore with an iron pick or better.
    2. Put one on top of the other to craft Zipto.
    3. Put a Ziptum ore on top of Zipto to craft Ziptum.
    4. Use Ziptum and sticks to craft: Ziptum Pickaxe, Axe, Hoe, Shovel, and Sword.
    5. Use Ziptum to craft: Ziptum Helmet, Chestplate, Leggings, and Boots.
    6. Use 9 Ziptum to craft a Ziptum Block.




    Ziptum Block

    Ziptum Pickaxe

    Ziptum Shovel

    Ziptum Axe

    Ziptum Hoe

    Ziptum Sword

    Ziptum Helmet

    Ziptum Chestplate

    Ziptum Leggings

    Ziptum Boots

    ID Numbers:

    To change, go into you .minecraft. Open ModLoader.txt. Scroll down until you see all of the Ziptum Blocks and Items. Change the number after it to whatever you like.
    Ziptum Ore: 200
    Ziptum Block: 201
    Zipto: 202
    Ziptum: 4200
    Ziptum Pickaxe: 4201
    Ziptum Shovel: 4202
    Ziptum Axe: 4203
    Ziptum Hoe: 4204
    Ziptum Sword: 4205
    Ziptum Helmet: 4206
    Ziptum Chestplate: 4207
    Ziptum Leggings: 4208
    Ziptum Boots: 4209

    To Do List:

    Ziptum Tomahawk
    Ziptum Food (give suggestions)
    Ziptum Potions (give suggestions)
    Tell me what you want in a comment or message





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    posted a message on I BEAT THE GAME!
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    posted a message on server responded with an invalid server key?
    no im not hungry
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    posted a message on Join Mod Team!
    Fill out one or both.

    Coder App:

    Texture App:
    Mic:I code
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    posted a message on would someone like to do a map with me
    i have no server but i would help
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