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    Quote from spscarface14»

    Thanks, if you're still interested in Minecraft Fallout RP you ought to stick around our discord. A lot of conversations about the server and other stuff go on in there. It will be nice to see another familiar face when the map opens.

    Aye, I will probably poke around the Minecraft Forums and website until launch. Ill think about this Discord. You'll see me on the server when the time comes though. Caught myself in the nostalgia today and started debating character types. I'll be in touch.

    - RaidingHamster
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    Builder Application:[/b]
    In game name: RaidingHamster
    Skype (Required): cadetkittys
    Country and time zone: USA/CST
    Fallout experience (Any games): Fallout 1 - Fallout 4. All games.
    Minecraft experience: I've been playing since 2011/2012. Its hard to remember however.
    How active can you be?: Fairly active. Though school may get in the way.
    Have you built anything fallout before?: Yes I have. I built for Fallout Wasteland Legends, Fallout The Big Dig, and some or things on Fallout Nuclear Winter, though it was after the first month of launch. I also have been involved in two projects that never made it off the ground.
    Why do you want to build for us?: I love Fallout RP and would love to get a server on its feet, this server also gives me some chills about past servers which is good.
    Anything else?:

    Lore Writer Application:[/b]
    In game name: RaidingHamster
    Skype (Required): cadetkittys
    Country and time zone: USA/CST
    Fallout Experience (Any games): Fallout 1 - 4. All games.
    What writing experience do you have?: I wrote for the school paper my freshman/sophomore year. I also write on the side as a hobby. I consider myself a pretty good writer.
    What makes you want to write lore for us?: I like creating a story that can grow via RP.
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    Hey Sps. Decided to look into Minecraft stuff and saw that TBD is still kicking. Nice to see a big part of my middle school days is still alive. Heard the new maps looking good and I can't wait to see whats in store.

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    Minecraft Username: minecraftkittys

    Age: 23

    Past experience with roleplay: A diploma of Fallout Servers. Massivecraft and a server called Arithia.

    What is “Meta-gaming”?: Metagaming is using information obtained out of character in character.

    What is “Power-gaming”?: Making your character do god like things in RP. Such as taken a sword to the face multiple times and saying he only comes out with a scratch or if he falls off a six story foot building and only breaking a pinkie.

    -IC (In character)-

    Name: Archibald Caesar (Goes by Caesar)

    Age: Twenty-Three

    Race: Human


    (Minecraft character’s skin listed on my enjin profile.)


    Archibald is very determined in his current task. Due to his family exiling him for being weak he strives everyday to redeem his worth. He currently lives near the wall waiting for the time to bust through the gate on what is considered by most to be close to suicide. He plans to fight beast in the west, explore long forgotten ruins, and to bring back great wealth. Most of all he wishes to be accepted into the Caesar household once more.

    His friends consider him to be optimistic and very determined to better himself. He would also rather help the people over the government which could lead to some illegal behavior. Though he would never harm the Empire in a big way. He has the warrior ethos and the drive to succeed but does he have the experience to tackle the west?

    (He holds high racist regards for demons and mutants alike.)

    Abilities (Magic and Skills):


    -High swordsmanship skill


    -Farming (Economy and Trade)


    -Lacks actual fighting experience (Never been in a life or death fight)

    -Depression (Lack of mental capacity)

    -No magical potential

    -Not to physically fit from server start (Less Limber than Most)

    Backstory (Please write a minimum of two paragraphs. Quality over quantity.):

    Archibald was born in the heart of the Palladin Empire to a very prestigious family. His family was rather wealthy and well known for the high military service. Though, none of his current family was within the military. He was born alongside his brother. From the age of four they were put through a private education system paid for by their parents. Their learned basic skills such as writing, reading, among other things. During this time they were influenced by their father to take a militaristic lifestyle. This never really struck Archibald as something he wanted to do. He found that merchants gained more wealth and influence than most war heros. From a young age this actually became his goal.

    As they aged they were slowly weaned off of primary education. The began spending more time with their father learning arts related to swords as well as spending time in the forge. His brother picked up on combat styled training much faster than Archibald. He was soon to gain almost all his father's attention. This quickly angered young Archibald and he gained an immense hate for his brother and father. Though he could never bring himself to hate his mother with the same ferocity.

    His hate towards the greater half of his family only worsened over the next few years. As his brother, Jeremiah Caesar, only excelled under the mentorship of their father he was lost in the dust, forgotten. He spent most of his days in the families study. He gained knowledge in the fields that he enjoyed. He studied the functions of the government, laws, religion, and economics. None of this helped him later in life however, at least not by this point. On the edge of his seventeenth year he went out looking for mentorship under a local shop owner.

    After weeks of looking a owner of General Store took him in. His training started from stocking shelves, cleaning the store, and other menial task. As time past the store owner introduced him to suppliers, taught him to haggle, and where to find cheap wares. After months he was given a rather high position in the store. The owner even trusted him to run the store unattended. For the first time in years he was happy. Unfortunately this was short lived. One night during dinner his family began to bash him for his weak behavior. Unlike many times in the past he broke and began to argue with them. Trying to discipline him his mother began to assault him. He grabbed the nearest item, a thick glass wine bottle, and hit her in the head at least six times. By the time he was done his mom was hunched over, dying from her injuries.

    Shortly after his mother's death his father began to file charges onto Caesar. The outcome would be execution and he knew it. Fearing his own life and partially driven by the hate for his father he used what little knowledge of law he remembered and pinned the crime on his father who was executed the following month for “his” crimes. Knowing Caesar’s lie his brother exiled him from the house along with all family funds. At first Caesar thought he could survive on his own but society began to buckle down on him. Due to the rumors revolving around Caesar he lost his job, friends, and any other asset he had to his name.

    To escape the sins of his old life he moved out towards the wall, using what little funds he had to purchase a home. Though it was a long stretch from his previous life style. He lived in what was considered poor housing. He was quick to get a job at a local farm. He no longer went by his first name but rather his last. This was his new life. After awhile he began to yearn for something different in life. He wanted his name to mean something years after his death. Then one day he heard news of the gate opening. This was his chance to seal his names into legend. When it opens he plans to go out and slay great beast, find fortune, and maybe love somewhere in there. Though he really plans to bring his glory back. To be accepted back into his home. To rejoin his brother.

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    posted a message on The Realm of Saphriel | Serious Roleplay | Over 70 Plugins | Frequent Events | Medieval Fantasy | Great Staff | 1.14.4

    Keep in mind that for the first week staff will closely monitor you and if they feel you do not meet the standards of the server you may possibly be removed. Though this very rarely happens and as long as you follow the rules and RP properly you should be fine)

    ----OOC Info----

    -Minecraft IGN: minecraftkittys

    -Skype name (Optional, for server OOC chat): cadetkittys

    -Do you have any prior roleplay-related experience, if so could you give an example?

    Multiple Fallout Servers, Massivecraft and Arithia medieval rp.

    -Define Power-gaming in your own words:

    Powergaming is considered to be any action that is forced onto another character. For example if combatant A emotes that they leap forward and stab combatant B in the throat, it is considered powergaming. Every action against another character should always give the character a chance to react or resist the action against them.

    -Define Meta-gaming in your own words:

    Metagaming is when a person finds out information in OOC and uses it in IC and should never be used.

    -Define Role-Playing in your own words:

    Roleplaying is the act of performing an alternate persona effectively.

    ----IC Info----

    -Character name:

    Archibald Caesar

    -Character race:


    -Character gender:


    -Character age:


    -Character Occupation N/A

    -Character description

    Caesar has two different looks. One is when his hair is a longer then usual. He is wearing a leather coat over white cloth undershirt. His pants are a mixture of leather/white cloth and he has a pair of boots. Some point he can be seen wearing a simple farmers hat but this as well is rare.

    His second outfit is a red/white cloth robe. The robe does not have a hood whatsoever. His hair is really short and is usually worn in this fashion during the war season. Upon close inspection you would also notice a scar down his left arm.

    -Character personality and traits

    Caesar has the tendency to act more important than he is. He believes that humans are better than a majority of the other races. Although he holds elves in the same regard as humans. This makes him a severely racist individual and quick to judge anyone outside his race. He is not very verbal with his beliefs however, knowing that most of the people he holds racism towards will be quick to cut him down.

    When it comes to speaking to humans and elves he is just like every other person however. His main goal within his new home is to start a family and continue the Caesar bloodline. He also holds a warrior ethos which is pulling him towards a more military outlook. He is determined and optimistic.


    -Handy with most melee based weapons




    -Really bad with long ranged weapons such as bows.

    -Quick to anger

    -Character biography (At least three paragraphs describing your character's history and experiences):

    Caesar was born in a small farming village. The village was run by a high racial group who only allowed human and elves within its small walls. From an early age he was taught that Humans and Elves were the key to the worlds and that they were the only ones meant to survive. Unlike most townships this was forced upon the children at a young age. It was basically ran in a cultist fashion.

    His parents were considered to be highly influential people in the town. This meant Caesar had more perks than most of the other kids. He was allowed past the town's wall and knew much more about the outside world. As he aged he began to become curious about the other races. Once his family found out he was quickly banned from leaving the walls and the towns beliefs were slowly drilled into his mind. After months of this he finally succumbed to the towns beliefs.

    Years went on and he aged. Getting to the point where he began to practice with swords and other weapons. Mostly taught by his father. Little did he know that soon it would come in handy. Months later the orcs and other beasts had made it to their towns gates. Apparently their town was only attacked due to retaliation from the military. Homes were burned and the town he grew up in succumbed to nothing. Worst yet his family had been killed in the fight.

    After this he joined the military and fought the things that had killed his family until the war ended. Throughout the next two years after the war he left the military and began to travel. Learning about the other races and trying to make a name for himself. Albeit this never happened. Finally he decided to return to his homeland. He was quick to get a job with a local farmer and attempt to make a better life for himself.

    This went well up until his boss learned about his thoughts. Quick not a rile up any of the other workers whom were diverse in race, he kicked Caesar out of a good paying job. This being weeks prior to were our story takes place. With his finances in the gutter he is on the streets and looking for a new adventure.

    -Please give us a short RP response to these two scenarios. (At least one paragraph for each):

    You’re walking around the markets at around noon. There’s a lot of people around you, still gathering their items as they prepare to shut down their many stands. Suddenly you feel a gentle lifting of your coin purse as a child graces you and soon after they take off sprinting. You have been robbed.

    *Quickly he bolts down the street trailing the boy. He could easily catch up with him but he is waiting till they are out of site from the crowds coming and going from the market place. After ages of running the boy finally dips into a nearby alleyway. Rounding the corner the boy can be seen checking his stolen goods. Quickly he grabs the boy by his blond hair and lifts him inchs off the ground, he notices the boy is a dwarf*

    “What do you think you doing? I ought to leave your two foot self bloodied in this alley.”

    *The boy is wincing from the pain. You can hear the sound of his hairs coming out of his scalp. He mutters through his pain* “Didn’t mean any trouble sir. I just needed money for some bread. Please just let me go, you won’t see me again.”

    *He dropped the boy, grabbing him by the collar* “When I let go you run as fast as you can. I’m taking my money back and getting the guards”

    *He lets go and the dwarf darts off. Shaking his head he picks up the coin purse and leaves to find the nearest guard*

    You’re heading back to the city through the woods when you hear a whining coming from nearby. Upon further investigation you come across a grey-coloured wolf that appears to have its leg caught in a bear trap. Around it is three smaller lumps of fur, obviously puppies belonging to the trapped mother. Without help, they’ll all die, but wolf skins are quite valuable too, not to mention that the nearby farms suffer quite a bit from the wolf population.

    *Carefully he would take the pups away from the mother, trapping all three inside a leather bag. Knowing that pups like this would fetch a fine price on the market. Walking over he pulls out his swords and takes a long swing at its neck. Once it bleeds out he would release it from the trap and put it over his shoulder. He just made some good coin right there.

    Extra notes: The RP scenarios may be short but I used it to represent his personality.

    Only fill out below if you want your character to have magic capabilities. If you don't fill this out, then your character will be incapable of performing any form of magic. Note that it will take significant in character practice and experience to become any form of proficient in magic.

    (We only accept high quality magic applications!)


    -Magic Biography; Explain the reason you want your character to have magic through backstory application: (At least three extremely well-crafted paragraphs. You must describe to us why your character can use magic, what drives him to further his ability, how he learned that he could use magic, and what benefits magic brings to this character, what type of magic they’ll strive to use, etc. This is not a middle school paper! I will not accept applications that say “My character got my magic from x, and he wants to use it because it’ll help him! Also for RP!")

    -Please give an example in your own words describing the limitations placed upon those who use magic (This should be at least one well-crafted paragraph):

    -Please give a description of the magic system in your own words:

    -You are given a weak trinket of <blank>, you haven't had much practice with magic yet, but you will try your best. Describe some things you could/would do with this trinket:

    You start with one aspect only. You gain the rest of them (How ever many your race may have) of your own choice through further RP, however you will not be able to attain them immediately.

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    IGN: minecraftkittys

    Age: 16

    Past RP Experience: Fallout NW, Fallout Wasteland Legends, Fallout Wild Wastelands, and Fallout TBD. Plus multiple medieval servers.

    Fallout Experience: Fallout 1-4 (Full Game Playthroughs)

    Why you would like to join: I love a good Fallout RP experience. A server with advanced crafting, unique roleplay, and a good cast of characters is hard to come by, especially in 2016.

    Have you been banned before?: Nay.


    Name: Numees (Means sister)

    Gender: Female

    Age: 19

    Race: Caucasian, Human

    Appearance: Numees has long black hair that goes to the middle of her back. She wears brahmin hide clothes. She is tanned, mostly from the scorching environment of the canyons. Her unique trait is her grey eyes which makes her rather well-known around the canyon.

    Personality: She fully understands her role in the tribalistic world. Due to she bares no tribe she plans to marry into one. Do not take her for stupid however. The tribes may be man's world but she can survive. If she sees danger she will run. Survival is key.

    (Spend 40 Special Points, we do not go off of Fallout 4 Special Stats)

    S – 7

    P – 4

    E – 5

    C –3

    I – 10

    A – 5

    L – 6

    Skills: Botanist (Familiar With Plants) Craftsman (Can make Tribal Tools & Weapons) Inventive (Comes up with new Ideas) Trapper (Knowledgeable in Traps)

    Flaws: Mute (Uses Sign Language.) Nearsighted (Cannot See Long Distances)

    Starting Faction/Town (Optional): None

    Place of birth: Rio Grande Canyon

    Role-Play Example:

    As you're walking along a small road, you come across a small caravan, consisting of a single guard and trader, as well as a brahmin with a bit of gear. As you're about to pass one another, he quickly turns to you, grinning, and offers his wares. After inquiring, he names an outrageous price. His guard is glaring at you, hand hovering near their holster. How do you respond?

    The trader and brahmin appear to be very well set, with the trader openly wearing a holstered laser pistol on his side. His clothes are in above average condition, but seem to be custom tailored for him. The brahmin has various types of medicines and miscellaneous gear. The guard appears looks rather annoyed, and he seems prepared to reach for the pristine revolver on his side. He wears a set of well maintained complete set of combat armor. Besides that, he has no other noticeable gear.

    You went out on a short journey all the way to El Paso, and have brought along a lever action shotgun, complete with about twenty spare shells. You're wearing a set of lightweight metal armor with no helmet. You have two stimpaks, and about three hundred caps.


    • Clean laser pistol
    • Tailored suit


    • Various types of medicines
    • Various types of misc. gear


    • Maintained combat armor
    • Pristine revolver


    • Lever action shotgun [Loaded]
    • 15 spare shells
    • Lightweight metal armor [No helmet]
    • 2 Stimpaks
    • 300 Caps

    As she approaches the trader she thinks of how to approach this. She decides to go with the normal “Sign Language” route she usually goes with. Walking up to the two men she gives an awkwards wave. The trader looks her up and down like he is sizing up a piece of meat.

    “Hey Doll. What are ya’ doing in the middle of nowhere?” The man questions her in an oddly nice manner. Numees points south then does a walking motion. The trader looks at her like she is dumb then says “Errr, what? How bout ya speak dear?”

    Numees points at her mouth then shakes her head. The raider looks confused before a stupefied smile trails across his face. “Well damn Sammy. I’ve seen a lot of sh*t out here but a mute? Something new everyday.” He says directing himself to the Caravan Guard who erupts into chuckles. The trader nods straight and they begin to walk away when Karma pulls out a bag of caps. This stops him in his tracks.

    “Aren’t you a persuasive one eh? Whatcha need Doll?” He says to her. Numees points at her mouth then makes a drinking motion. The trader almost immediately figured out what she was talking about and replied, “Well you're in luck girly. We got three water bottles on the Brahmin going for 20 caps each. Cause ya’ know, price goes up with the heat.”. She nods pulling out the caps needed to purchase the water. Leaving her with 240 caps she takes the water.

    “That it?” The man asks, looking anxious to get moving. Numees shakes her head then does and eating motion. He nods pulling out a pouch filled with what seemed to be Mole Rat meat. “Hundred for the whole pouch. Should last one person a few days. Its Mole Rat jerky.”. Numees quickly hands him the caps, putting the rest of them back in her pouch. She nods and waves to the trader in which she gets the reply “Safe travels” and the split off. She heads off to finish her journey to El Paso.

    Background (2-3 detailed paragraph minimum):


    Numees was born to the Heduras Tribe. Her parents worked to produce things for the tribe, making her family somewhat influential within the tribe. From a young age she was taught to follow her mother’s footsteps. Her mom's job was to find local edible plants and herbs. Numees was quick to pick up on what herbs did what and what plants wouldn’t poison you. She did mess up at one point that almost killed her. She ate a mushroom one day that she assumed was something else. Little did she know it was poisonous. Throughout the next few weeks she would vomit blood as well as have frequent seizures. She survived but the long term effect was her voice. She lost it. The tribe believed that it happened because a piece of her spirit went away but the scientific reason is unknown.

    Without the use of her voice it was difficult to communicate with people. Especially since she was nine. To combat this issue she began to use hand motions and body language to communicate with her other tribe members. It soon became her normal. When she was able to she began to work with her mom again but with more flare than before. She came up with new techniques to combat sickness. She started to test what would happen if you blended different herbs together to combat multiple symptoms. The outcomes were extremely good. In our society she would of been considered a child prodigy. In the wasteland however she was just a girl.

    Years passed as she worked with her mom. Her mom took much of the credit for the discoveries and this enraged Numees. She quit working with her mother at the age of fourteen after asking her father if she could assist him in his work. Her father produced weapons for the tribes warriors. Numees inventive personality would prove to help him in the long run. She was quick to improve on weapon designs. She replaced spear tips with harder and more durable rocks. The same with arrowheads. She added spikes and such to the tribes clubs and other weapons. She even came up with an early form of a slingshot which never made its way into the warriors but it is said she has her own personal one.

    (Early Adulthood)

    She stayed with her parents for a majority of her eighteenth year. Working mostly with her father but she made attempts to help her mother on the side. It was that summer when she decided to leave her family's sanctuary for her own journey. She set up a brahmin hide hut within the village and began to do things by herself. She was known to be a herbalist but her practices went far beyond that.

    She would test her hands in creating new weapons but that never really interested her. She found herself trying to make traps. She spent much of her free time doing this and eventually made a few basic snares and such. On one occasion she made a spike pit out in the middle of the canyon just because she had the idea. Though it was never said if it was used.

    Throughout her life she was met with some abuse from her tribe. Mostly mute jokes and things of that sort. One day the abuse went too far however and one of the warriors began to physically abuse her. In an act of self-defense or anger she stabbed the warrior. He survived but the tribe saw it as an evil act and exiled her to the canyon.

    (Server Start)

    Freshly exiled she is faced with harsh facts. She can either fight or die. Will she survive the harshness of the canyon or fall victim to the environment? She has the strength and mind to have a chance but only time will tell.

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    I know I am not a good writer, and I forget some details. Also I believe you get 21 SPECIAL points, and you start out with 1 for each in Fallout 4.

    Hello, Im a whitelister for NW and let me add to whats going on here. We use the special system used in Fallout 3 a New Vegas. Your app is defiantly would be denied. We are currently not accepting applications due to we are changing maps. Thanks for applying tho! Return later.
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    Waiting for the new map, how much longer?

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    I do believe somebody has skipped my application.

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    [Thread Bump]

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    Can somebody review my app pleb?

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    Quote from Jayman1127»

    could you messgae me the ip or something while i try and fix my skpe

    Server isn't up till we get the texture pack done. Alert me your Skype username once fixed.
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    {Bumps Thread} BUILDERS NEEDED.

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