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    Same, I was already officially one of the spriters and texture designers.
    Although it seems you aren't actually using any of the textures I officially made (the gangers, cat people, and centurions are apparently no longer mobs, plus you now have a different cyberman model), I have a folder inside the dropbox folder. It's inside the Graphics folder, under "Snuffysam".
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    Wait, am I not on the team anymore? Last time I checked, i was supposed to draw regeneration particle effects.
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    Hello everybody! A little while ago, I decided to make a Sburb mod.
    For Minecraft!

    Okay, so basically how this works is that I'm modding the game to make it more like the reality-bending video game, Sburb, in the MSPA adventure, Homestuck. If you do not know what Homestuck is, then go here. OK, did you read it all yet? Of course you didn't, it's like a gazillion pages long. Come back here in a couple months when you have.

    Right, now that's out of the way, let's get to the actual functionality of the mod. This first release of the mod will basically provide a new way to craft items. A convoluted, roundabout way of crafting items. It's called Punch-Card Alchemy. And here's how it's done:
    1. Craft a stack of Captchalogue Cards. Four papers in a square makes 8 Cards.
    2. Captchalogue an item. To do this, you basically craft an item on top of a Card, and then get that item inside a card. Isn't this so simple?
    3. Extrude some Cruxite Dowels from a Cruxtuder. Right-clicking on your cruxtuder ejects one Cruxite Dowel.
    4. Read the code on the back of your Captchalogue Cards. You do this by looking down at it, kind of like a map. Each item has its own Captcha Code on the back of the Card, made up of the characters
    For example, a Diamond Sword would be
    Looking at an Empty Captchalogue Card will show up as

    5. Stick any Card (it doesn't matter which) into a Punch Designix and type in the code (this time it does matter which) from the back of the card you want the item from. The Designix punches the code into the card in a pattern, similar to the way the first computers read data. Once you punch the Card, you will not be able to access the item inside.
    6. Stick the Punched Card and a Cruxite Dowel (you still have those, right) into a Totem Lathe. The Lathe reads the data from the Punched Card and carves a totem-like pattern into the Cruxite.
    7. Kill a bunch of mobs. Mobs will drop, along with their normal items, different types of Grist. Build Grist, Shale, and more can be used in this process.
    8. Stick the Totem into an Alchemiter to create your item! Well, sort of. Each item costs different amounts and types of Grist. Certain items require more and rarer types of Grist than others.

    That's how you DUPLICATE an item. Crafting new ones are a whole other story. There are two ways to combine items using this process.
    1. Stick two cards into the Totem Lathe. The holes will overlap, thus creating a different item. This process is represented by the symbol &&
    2. Punch a card twice in the Designix with two different codes. This will make make a different item, but one that is completely different than the && process. This process is therefore represented by the symbol ||.
    For example, Diamond(LL4ma!?q) and a Stone Sword(U7Lkt!lh) can be combined in both ways to form very different results. Diamond || Sword=Diamond Sword(VNL!t!?!), while Diamond && Sword= I dunno, a Sword Diamond(K54Wa!lW), which looks like a Diamond but is used as a Stone Sword. Or something.

    As you can see, this is potentially a very very complicated mod. And I really am not that good at coding. I can do basic stuff, like items or basic blocks, but nothing like this. Also, I'm having a bit of trouble fitting a 16x16 item into the image of a Captchalogue Card. It should look something like this:, but that unfortunately does not translate as well into the other items, and the blocks. So yeah! This is a big mod, and I'm going to need a lot of help with this. Now, who's with me?

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    Completed, In progress
    Version 1: Punch Card Alchemy
    Version 2: Make it SMP, add MSPA items/weapons (maybe even Strife Specibus)
    Version 3: Add Computers (mainly, one player can edit another's house)
    Version 4: Add Prototyping
    Version 5: Have LO?A?s in the game (probably won't be SMP for a little while)
    Version 6: Got Tiger!

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    MSPA, Sburb, and Homestuck are all copyrights of Andrew Hussie and his affiliates
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    Quote from Mr. Zeke

    On the "Wupload" i need to wait more than 1 minute?

    Quote from Hoodwink

    It's a quirky site and unlike any other download site used in here I had to sign up for a free account and even then it took a wait of 3 minutes to start downlading Portalcraft. WAult is a site I hope never to visit again.

    Quote from tylerrip11

    change download host it wont let me download the file it said it would take 20 min :ohmy.gif:

    Quote from I Hate Wupload

    I hate Wupload, Anyone else hate it..?Solution : http://www.mediafire.com/?7d0lb5l26kr0n69Sorry Ruyan, Refreshed the Wupload page many time's and i still get "You can only download 1 file at a time" Although i am only downloading the portalgun mod itself.I understand you want revenue for your hard work but c'mon, Mod's are meant to be easily available for any and all but that site is just ****.You should think about uploading it to a different site as many people have said pretty much the same as me.

    Quote from mm75


    Quote from charles0616

    Making another Portal Map called "Portal Prelude" That the 1st Portal before Portal 1 lol. *GLaDOS Activates* *Kills everyone in Aperture Except for Chell because got escaped*EDIT: Make a Mediafire link because the Wupload is so slow it needs 17 minutes to download WTF!EDIT 2: Screw the Wupload now it's 25 mins to download.

    Quote from Oswarlan

    just a suggestion, try a new file host... wuupload is god awful for download speed... 45kB/s on my normally 5MB/s download speededit: oh, and as you said, v4 fixed my problem completely, ty much :biggrin.gif:

    Quote from supersickguy123

    Took me a whole MINUTE for it to install the final 2MB (don't worry people who haven't installed it, it's worth it :smile.gif: ) Also, it kept saying Link has expired the first time.

    Quote from Scorpiboy123

    i can't download it... i go to adcraft but there is only download buttons for ads and not for the actual mod, i get this:Portalgun (something something)Ads start here: Download this! download That! i tried every single goddamn download button but none of em lead to actually downloading the mod! do i have to sign up? because i don't have any paypal stuff :sad.gif:

    Quote from Tonkan

    Got link expired on my first try and now when I try again it says I can only download 1 item at a time. ._.More than one mirror would been awesome considering no website is flawless and bugs tend to happen such as the one above where it claims I'm downloading while I'm not.portal spawners are still not working for me.When I try using 2 spawners one for orange and one for blue it just wont work and then it bugs using the gun as it is whenever i shoot a portal it dissapears or doesn't appear at all.Damn I had high hopes for v4 that it would fixed this. :/

    Quote from melis256

    Ok, this is ridiculous.. Wupload throttles my download and pauses for several minutes at a time.Seriously iChun, with the level of updates you put out now please use a better file host which does not poop on your users :sad.gif:

    Quote from thebasicbrick


    Quote from Zom_bro

    I keep getting directed to a page that says it's downloading, but it doesn't download at all. What do?

    Quote from MinesJRY

    please change the download link

    Quote from KolaDYT

    Um I tried to download it on Wupload or whatever it was called, the page froze so I had to refresh and then I can't download it because it said it can only download one at a time. Can you change the download link to mediafire or something?

    Quote from Pluto011

    Please change the file share site. I have tried to download it in firefox, in internet explorer, and in google chrome. THEY ALL DIDNT WORK!

    Quote from Xerri255

    plz put this on Media fire adfly or somthing cuz i cant download from thats site

    Quote from technoguy33

    Could you PLEASE not use an upload website that makes you wait 20 minutes to download the file! No human tongue can describe my frustration, aggravation, hatred, other synonyms for madness at your choice of upload site, you heartless slug. But the mod looks really cool. :smile.gif:

    Quote from the_g0dfatha

    Everytime I go download this on the website it says im already downloading something. Im downloading it with the free version. While I was trying to download it, it did nothing. So I refreshed the page and I couldnt download it again. Is there anyway anyone can help me with this?

    Quote from Fevix

    PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, USE MEDIAFIRE. I do NOT want to wait so long to download something with such a small filesize. I don't pay for 20mbps internet to have slow downloads.

    And this is just the last 4 pages.
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    posted a message on Super Mariocraft!
    Welcome to the page for the Super Mariocraft! If you love Super Mario Bros. as much as I do (which I doubt), and have fun with Minecraft mods (if not, why are you here?), then this topic is the place for you!

    Alright, down to business. First, let's start with
    Textures: I am a texturer. That is my strong suit. I will not need as many texturers as I will anyone else, but of course, all help is welcome.
    Programming: This is what I need most of all. I cannot program for my life. If you can program, you are pretty much automatically on the team.
    Modeler: I also cannot model. Modelers are very much needed here, because let's face it, who wants to fight a cube-shaped goomba?
    Ideas: I can do ideas. Anyone is welcome, of course, especially at this stage.
    Other: There's probably something I forgot but who cares

    Okay, now it's time for
    This mod, at least for this first release, will only be about SMB1. We will of course do the rest of the games, but that won't be for a while. The reason? Time and again I see mods where the Ideasmen are more ambitious than the Programmers can handle. Basically what this means is that the modders try to take on too big a challenge at once. It's all right to think big, but many mods are abandoned because of this. Always start out small (or smaller), then work your way to the really big stuff. Don't worry, the Tanooki suits will come in time.

    The first thing I need to mention is that this mod has to be compatible with SMP. That is pretty much my #2 priority (#1 being an actual working mod). Almost all the SMB games have been multiplayer, and this should be no exception.

    Alright, so here's my actual ideas:
    1. The player should automatically be able to jump up 3 blocks. Think about this. Mario can walk under an item block, and jump on top of the same block. In order for the player to walk under any block, it must be two blocks above the ground. That means the player must jump up 3 blocks in order to get on top of it.

    2. ITEMS:
    Super mushroom

    I don't really want to change the player model, because that would make it that much less compatible with other mods (and because the player wouldn't fit in 2 block high tunnels). Therefore, the super mushroom will enable the player to break brick blocks. The player will take no damage when hit with things that would normally cause damage, but they would lose the abilities of the super mushroom. There should be some way to tell that the player has a super mushroom (perhaps a particle effect?)

    Fire flower

    What do you think it does? Right click, shoots out a fireball. The fireballs will set the mob/block it hits on fire.


    Using this will grant the player temporary invincibility. There will also be a rainbow-y particle effect.

    1-up mushroom

    Eating this will fill the player's food and health bars. Furthermore, it will use itself automatically if the player has 1/2 a heart and less than full food

    3. BLOCKS
    Coin block
    (I can't photoshop the 3D block into the image, but you get the idea)
    Hitting this from underneath will cause one Gold Ingot to pop out the top, after which the Coin Block turns to Stone.

    Multi-coin block

    Same as Coin block, only this can be hit up to 9 times before turning to Stone.

    Item block

    This can be accessed like a chest, but only when powered by redstone (to avoid cheating on adventure maps). When hit from the bottom, all items inside of it will be launched out of the top.

    Warp pipe
    (Don't have an image yet, as this will be its own model)
    Pressing shift while adjacent to a Warp pipe will result in comung out of another Warp pipe, as long as the two pipes are connected to each other with redstone. Maybe a golden pipe that you can come out of, but not go in?

    4. Mobs
    Goomba- Waddles around, can be killed by stomping on it as well as by normal means. They drop one gold ingot.
    Koopa-Same as goomba, but with more hits. Perhaps they drop a placeable shell?

    5. Signatures!




    And that's all for now! Please, support and help this mod!
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] Zeppelin [0.31] [WIP]
    Quote from blakmajik

    I don't have a Mac to test with, but it *should* be the same as windows. Try only installing ModLoader first, without Zeppelin, make sure that works.

    Fresh minecraft.jar, drop all the modloader class files in. Delete META-INF. Test minecraft.

    There should be a modloader.txt log in your minecraft folder if it works (and probably if it doesnt). Make sure it contains no errors.

    Once that works, put the Zeppelin.zip file in your minecraft/mods folder (not in the jar!).

    Test again, make sure modloader.txt shows that mod_zeppelin was detected. Note any errors and post them here.

    I think I may have found a problem with what you told me to do.
    On Macs, or at least on mine, .zips don't download the same way they do on Windows. My computer automatically turns any .zip file into a folder upon downloading, which is called mod_Zeppelin-client. I never see any sort of .zip file.

    I'm going to try renaming the folder Zeppelin.zip, just like I renamed the Minecraft folder as Minecraft.jar folder. The modloader part has worked with no errors, so I'm going to try that and come back here when I've tested it.

    EDIT: Perfect! I just have to change the config so that stone will work and I can launch my flying school bus!
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