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    Hey i'm looking for suggestions on what i should build in my modded survival world. Got plenty of supplies so throw any ideas my way and i'll build them, then I'll put up screenshots. Open to anything no matter how wild

    Here's a list of the mods that i'm using with creators and the version of it:

    Advanced Machines by AtomicStryker

    Another One Bites the Dust by ganymedes01

    Applied Energistics 2 by AlgorithmX2
    Aroma Backup by Aroma1997
    Aroma Core by Aroma1997
    Aroma Mining World by Aroma1997

    AsieLib by Asiekierka

    Backpacks by Eydamos
    BDLib by BDew

    BiblioCraft by Nuchaz

    BiblioWoods BoP by Nuchaz

    BiblioWoods Natura by Nuchaz

    Big Reactors by Erogenous Beef

    Binnie's Mods by Binnie567

    BinniePatcher by Chocohead
    Biomes O' Plenty by Glitchfiend

    Blood Magic by WayofTime
    Bookshelf by Darkhax

    Botania by Vazkii

    bspkrs Core by bspkrs

    BuildCraft by CovertJaguar/SpaceToad

    BuildCraft Compat by asiekierka

    Carpenter's Blocks by Mineshopper

    CartFixes by hilburn

    Chat Bubbles by MamiyaOtaru
    Chicken Chunks by ChickenBones

    Chisel by Automatic_Maiden
    CodeChickenCore by ChickenBones

    CoFH Core by Team CoFH
    Compact Solars by cpw
    Compacter by bdew

    ComputerCraft by dan200

    Computronics by asie

    Crash Log Additions by Dyonovan

    Death Counter by iChun

    Default World Generator by fireball1725

    DefenseTech by aidancbrady

    Dense Ores by RWTema

    Doge by mmdanggg2

    Dynamic Lights by AtomicStryker
    Enchanting Plus by Freyjadono
    Ender IO by CrazyPants
    Ender Storage by ChickenBones
    Ender Zoo by CrazyPants

    EnderCore by tterag1098
    EnderTech by Arkember

    Extra Cells by Leonelf

    Extra Utilities by RWTema
    Factorization by neptunepink

    Fast Leaf Decay by Olafski

    FastCraft by Player (Best Username Ever)

    Flan's Mod by jamioflan

    Forbidden Magic by SpitefulFox
    Forestry by SirSengir

    Funky Locomotion by RWTema
    Galacticraft by Micdoodle8
    Gendustry by BDew

    Graviation Suite by SeNtiMeL

    GraviSuitePatcher by Chocohead

    Attachable Grinder by iChun

    GrowthCraft Community Edition by Gwafu/Alatyami

    Hardcore Ender Expansion by chylex

    Hat Stand by iChun

    Hats by iChun

    HelpFixer by matthewprenger

    Hardcore Questing Mode by Vswe, LordDusk, ScottWears

    IndustrialCraft² by Ablakalblalamanama

    IC2 Nuclear Control by xbony2

    iChun Util by iChun

    INpure Core by denoflions

    Inventory Tweaks by Kobata
    Iron Chests by cpw

    It's The Little Things by Zlepper

    IvToolkit by Ivorius

    Jabba by ProfMobius

    Jon's Exclusives by Jon

    LiteLoader by Mumfrey
    Logistics Pipes by theZoro266

    Magic Bees by MysteriousAges

    Magical Crops by Mark719

    Mantle by mDiyo

    MrCrayfish's Furniture by MrCrayfish

    Mekanism by aidancbrady

    MineFactory Reloaded by PowerCrystals/skyboy026

    MFR Magical Crops Compatibility by Portablejim

    MineMenu by dmillerw

    Morph by iChun
    Modular Powersuits by MachineMuse
    MrTJPCore by MrTJP

    Mystcraft by XCompWiz
    Natura by mDiyo/progwml6

    Necromancy by sirolf2009/AtomicStryker
    Not Enough Items by ChickenBones
    NEI Addons by bdew

    NEI Integration by tonius11
    Not Enough Resources by Way2muchnoise & hillburn

    Nether Ores by PowerCrystals/skyboy026

    NoMoreRecipeConflict by stimmedcow, GotoLink
    Numina by MachineMuse
    ObsidiPlates by Myrathi

    Open Blocks by OpenMods Team
    OpenComputers by Sangar

    Open Mods Lib by OpenMods Team

    Open Peripheral AIO by Open Mods Team

    OpenEye by OpenMods Team

    Pam's Harvestcraft by MatrexsVigil

    Picture in Picture by iChun

    Player API by Divisor

    PneumaticCraft by MineMaarten

    Portal Gun by iChun

    Progressive Automation by Vanhal

    Project Red by MrTJP & ChickenBones

    qCraft by dan200

    RailCraft by CovertJaguar
    Recurrent Complex by Ivorius

    Redstone Arsenal by Team CoFH

    Refined Relocation by Dynious
    Reliquary by TheMike/x3n0ph0b3

    RenderPlayerAPI by Divisor

    Roguelike Dungeons by Greymerk

    Simply Jetpacks by Tonius

    Squidless by hilburn

    Statues by Automatic_Maiden & Asiekierka

    Steve's Addons by hilburn

    Steve's Carts 2 by Vswe

    Steve's Factory Manager by Vswe

    Steve's Workshop by Vswe

    Sync by iChun

    Tabby Chatby RocketMan10404/Killjoy1221


    Tinkers' Constructby mDiyo/boni


    MmmMmmMmmMmmby boni

    Thaumcraftby Azanor


    Thaumcraft NEI Pluginby DjGiannuzz

    Thaumic Energisticsby Nividica


    Thaumic Explorationby Flaxbeard


    Thaumic Tinkererby pixlepix


    The 1.7.10 Pack Configsby Jon, AKA Hi It's Me


    The 1.7.10 Pack Coreby LexManos, cpw, Jon


    Thermal Dynamicsby Team CoFH


    Thermal Expansionby Team CoFH


    Thermal Foundationby TeamCoFH


    TiC Tooltipsby squeek502

    Tinkers' Mechworksby mDiyo

    Translocatorby ChickenBones


    TreeCapitatorby bspkrs/DaftPVF


    Twilight Forestby Benimatic


    VoxelMapby MamiyaOtaru


    Voxel Configurationsby The VoxelModPack Team


    VoxelCamby Thatapplefreak


    VoxelLibby The VoxelModPack Team


    VoxelMenuby The VoxelModPack Team


    What Am I Looking At?by Professor Mobius


    WAILA Harvestabilityby squeek502


    WAILA Pluginsby tterrag1098


    Warp Bookby panicnot42


    Witcheryby Emoniph

    Wireless Redstone Chicken Bones Editionby ChickenBones
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    Hello all!

    Today I am asking for builders. At the moment my server has a horrendous spawn and it just does not look good. I would like for people to reply and I will select one person to do this. You will have op and will be given a 2500 by 2500 plot to build on. As a reward you will get the top donor rank of emerald. Thank you very much for considering this post and I hope to do business with you.


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    Saydin the difference is is that the points are not in-game items they are found on a servers website. That being said the multiplyer would not be a part of the game but a part of the website in which mojang has no power over all and cannot deny the use of any methods on your own payed for website. Thank you for your concern though.
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    I bring this up because it is an option and some people don't like the change. Everyone has there own opinion and it is right for them to have it. I'm not saying that you need to do this or should do it. I am just bring more options into play and giving people more choices. And yes I am aware about the EULA thread. I have read through it and it doesn't give any inclination of a point system. Thank you about your concern.
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    I have an idea with all the new rules for donating and in game perks. The idea is that you would use a point ranking system sort of thing. If you donate, then that's fine and it keeps your favorite server open with maybe a few cosmetic commands for instance having pets or prefix's or nicknames. Mojang is making the new rule of no in-game-perks with donor ranks because it is technically selling off of there game which in the terms and agreement. So with a point ranking system you could do something else. People wouldn't buy the perks and commands of being a donor, they would earn them. Say for instance that you play for 24 hours, you would get a reward. Starting off small like maybe a kit with 5 to 10 diamonds and working your way up to maybe even gamemode! This is technically allowed for the reason that your not paying money for the rank, and it is accessible to all players in the game. Not to mention that if you donate you could get a time reducer for how long you have to play or you could get a points multiplier.This way Mojang would not be able to control it because it is doesn't even exist in any minecraft world generation. it is technically a perk for your website instead of the game. And even if they did figure out a way to say that it has to do with minecraft, it is cosmetic because it is not even a command and affect no other players in the world. Server owners, this will be helpful for you guys.
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    Hello everyone.

    I feel like the desert temple and the jungle temple need to be remade and remastered. Lets start with the desert temple. This thing disappointed me the second I saw it. To start off lets talk about traps. A pressure plate that lights off TNT. How original.... (Facepalm). This so called trap made me cry when I saw it. It was a total let down after I had heard all the hype about the new tripwires and how you could make awesome traps. Another problem with the trap is that after the first or second time getting blown up by it, you just figure out to go around the plate and not break the blue wool. The second thing that was a let down and by far the biggest to me is how the temple looks. When they said "Desert Temple" they got me excited. I imagined that it would be like a ghost town with a monastery. Instead they gave us a puny little pyramid that feels cramped and stuffy.

    Next up is the jungle temple. First let me say that I do sort of like it. It doesn't suck like the Desert Temple and actually incorporates trip wires which I like. not to mention the secret four lever combination lock that opens up a secret door. That is pretty cool. Three things that are not so hot. Number one is small cause it can easily be fixed by the player and that is that I can never find the entrance. Not that big of a deal though. Second is that the trip wire arrow doesn't always work as planed and glitches out. Third is the same problem with the desert temple which is its small. It is tighter than the desert temple and it would be better if it were a tower type of thing with holes in the walls and an over all, shaky looking Japanese tower sort of structure

    Pretty much, I want Mojang to have better builds. They could have a contest for whoever make the best build, it gets put in. My opinion is that they did a good job on the ocean temple and that they should remake the other temples with that sort of skill. Not to mention that the person who made the Ocean Temple should be put on the job.
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    I am going to be skipping between this forum and my forum about improving the old temples. If you would like to join the other one to that's fine too. Point is I may be a bit late responding to comments.
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    That's cause right now the weapons are a sword and a bow. That is not original because its classic medieval stuff. Now don't get me wrong and think I'm saying that there should be no medieval items in minecraft, I'm just saying what they have now is not original either. Not to mention that minecraft is a survival game and it would be sensible to use any weapon you could get your hands on. Not to mention that the spear could also be used as an item for fishing and not just a weapon, and people like SethBling could probably make new mini games using the dagger. Also if you want to add a weapon idea that's OK too.
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    I respect that as your opinion is yours and my opinion is mine.
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    I do in fact believe that people could benefit from new weapons as the spear you could throw and the crit dagger would be a widely used weapon in multiplayer. Also my opinion is that it would just be cooler to add new weapons rather than add on to the old ones if you understand what i'm saying. By the way thank you for showing support to this thread.
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    Herobrine123x_ I understand what your saying but it will still be the sword and bow and no other weapons. In my opinion they need to have more variety to give the game a twist.I think that would be quite cool it there were more weapons like the Assassins critical hit dagger and the spear.
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    Also a possible idea is that when a weapon has an enchantment, it could have a new texture like where if a sword has smite, it would glow with lightning tendrils extending out and every once in a while on like a 5% chance, there would be a lightning bolt that would shoot down and strike the mob plus the damage done by the weapon. Another idea is that there could be a variation of the spear, called that fishing spear. That is if mojang adds fish that you can see. And to top it off with 1.8's new release, the guardians should use tridents and you could get one as a boss drop.
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    I agree with no guns and the spear would be throwable. I do see your point that the battleaxe would be pointless but maybe have a dagger that is a critical hit if your target was attacked from the back and a club that's texture got cooler over time like, starting as wood its just a log like thing but then diamond might have spikes or a special attack. They should also make it so that leather could make you run faster because its light and when it rains, it absorbs water and makes you go slower. Thanks for replying by the way with suggestions and good points
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    Thats Really cool
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    Hello Everybody

    I will cut to the chase and say, minecraft needs a lot more weapons like spears or clubs or battle axes. At least something more that swords and bows. Im not saying that I want fancy magic staff's or overpowered guns but just a bit more variety. And make leather armor easier too get. I can get full iron before I find one piece of leather. Thats about all.
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