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    posted a message on The World that Never Was
    The World That Never Was...

    Hello and Welcome to my "FIRST" map i hope you like it


    1.find my house
    2.Build a Cobble Stone generator
    3.find the pumkin and mellon
    4.Go the the Bad Lady's house
    5.enchant some thing
    6.Catch 20 fish
    7.Tame a cat
    8.build all the wool types
    9.build over to the other town
    10.find one of the hidden chest
    11.craft 50 bread
    12.find the hidden ghost... HE HE
    13.make 46 planes
    14.make 15 mushroom stew
    15.make 5 cake


    Find the Cube


    The Cube
    no one knows whats in it and where it is...

    if you find it i will be you 1# Fan for life

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    posted a message on Beauty of Ores
    Ok this was a part of my Map that's in (W.I.P) and it looked amazing
    So here its is :)

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    posted a message on Looking for good jungle island seed
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    posted a message on [SHOP] My Skin Shop
    I want a skin that is like a mix of Enderman herobrine and a little hint of Creeper
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    posted a message on *-. Exo's Banner Shoppe .-*
    Size(600x200,200x100, etc):728 x 100
    Text(what you want it to say): Arora
    Extra images(optional): none
    Main colors you want used: little bit minecraft colors
    Specific fonts(optional): i don't care
    Description of what you want: you like maps Well then play this one
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    posted a message on AnimalBikes Modeling
    hello and i had a idea that I can make a Herobrine if you like this idea i will start making it and send it here post back what you guys think!
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    posted a message on [WIP] Any ideas for this RPG map [Screenshots]
    hey i am making a map and i can help if you want i thought you where a good map maker and i can use some help
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    posted a message on [1.1][WIP]SpaceCraft
    hey Bonathan Biff what about me i am here to help!!!!!! if you ever ask! and i give you some ideas!
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    posted a message on [WIP] [MOD] Castle Defense Mod
    hey can i help i can do all of the jobs BUT the models, i am so far just getting good at coding, oh ya i just about forgot i am AWESOME at texturing, that what i can do and here is my application down here:

    Minecraft name: jacobganzer
    skype name: the_bacon_anter
    what job do you want: i want the texturing and/or coding
    what do you have to offer: well... for one you don't have to give me any credit for any thing and you don't have to pay me and i can make you guys laugh :iapprove:
    why do you want this job?: because i think you guys have had a awesome mod and when i saw that you had a need a little HELP i got so happy i got on my account and made this post

    and that's all folks!
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    posted a message on Monstercraft 24/7 -- No Whitelist -- 120 slots -- Dedicated -- PvP -- Clans -- McMMO -- Jobs -- TOP 10
    In game name: jacobganzer

    Age: 13

    Have I ever been banned from another server: No

    I have read and understand the rules above: Yes

    I voted for the server on the three links above: Yes

    I understand that ranking up is not instant
    and may take several hours, I also understand that
    bugging the admins wont make it go any faster.
    In the meantime I will level my jobs and McMMO
    skills up as a squatter: YES

    can i join :huh.gif:
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