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    Hi, I'm Bat! This is my new "business" that I'm starting, It's just something that I'll do from time to time to keep myself busy, so enjoy! :P

    * Britishterron - Mod: TerronMod
    * person9455 - Other...
    * Hirvio - Mod

    Send Me A PM Or Leave A Reply Here On This Thread! Also, give me a rating out of ten?

    Important Notes

    * I do textures for free and in my own time, I simply want recognition for my work
    * I do blocks, items, mobs and gui (static and animated)
    * I only make16x16 or 32x32 textures
    * I make all my textures from scratch or by using a vanilla texture as a template
    * I make all my textures using Paint.Net

    A Preview Of Some Random Textures
    Please see the attachments.
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    I don't have a mod idea, but I am really good making textures! I've made thousands of textures (16x16 items and blocks), but can't do anything with them! I'd like to make you textures for any mod that you make! (I don't want any payment, just recognition.) Please contact me.

    gmail: [email protected]

    I have made textures of wands, gemstones, swords, arrows, blocks, and other stuff! And I think they came out fantastic!
    Please take my offer into consideration, I love doing textures!
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