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    posted a message on The first 1x1 redstone lamp display? Damn son.
    Quote from calum10152»

    Have fun trying to make a vertical 1x1 pixel display then, pm me some pics when you're done. Without pistons. Good luck!


    Here's the vertical display!
    The vertical display with 1x1 pixels!
    (I do realize that this uses observers, which didn't exist when this topic was created)
    (Also, this is a 10x20 screen, but you can do this with any screen size)
    (Well, not any screen size, it's limited to (world height limit)÷2 by (world width limit)÷3, because it uses 2x3 units that are detected by observer chains, which all come together in the middle.)

    Edit: Oh wait, this isn't a private message.

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