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    Is the default realism deprecated or something?

    It haven't been updated for a while now.

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    Thx and we are working on a SEUS 11.0 enhanced version :-)

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    Hi everyone, me and my friend DR336 created this resource pack add-on for R3D craft. This add-on was created for 1.7 and we just make it compatible with 1.10 so there're still many mapping files missing. We are working on a full 1.10 support now.

    This add-on is a add-on without color mapping. You need to download R3D craft default realism 128x or any other 128x resource pack to make this addon works. This addon only contains normal mapping and specular mapping with POM enabled for most blocks.

    You can download R3D at R3D original thread. Credit goes to Thomas Angeland (@UniblueMedia) for the original work as the template of this addon.

    Here is a screenshot with R3D craft and SEUS 10.2 Preview 1.


    You can download this pack here.

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    Quote from JonnyBrando»

    Nope, Linux and Windows handle OpenGL the same. The 2.0 and 3.2+ contexts can run together in the same namespace.

    So, when MC is running in the 2.0 context, the shaders can use the 3.2+ context functions still.

    In MacOS, they are completely separate, and not backwards compatible. Shaders runs in 2.0, and 3.2+ functions are not available.

    He could get an i3/i5/i7 series computer that has a UEFI BIOS, and install MacOS onto that. Just google Hackintosh. Might have a 'Mac Wannabe' for next to nothing if you can find one second hand ;).

    And another question, where are the documentations of this mod? I can only find examples, i.e. other peoples shaders, instead of complete API docs.
    As a programmer, I really want to read something like MSDN or Apple Doc&API Reference for this mod.
    It's hard to google this since all tutorial of GLSL mod are installation guide.
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    OS X only have core profile. What it calls "capability profile" is just old school OpenGL 2.1 instead of OpenGL 3.2 compliant capability profile.
    So it's super easy to simulate this case--just force use OpenGL 2.1 driver(like LLVM pipe) on linux or manage to get Minecraft work in pure core profile(which i don't think is possible currently).
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    Quote from karyonix»
    1. Beacon beam is not render correctly on AMD with Catalyst 14.12 omega driver. (Catalyst 14.9 does not have this problem.)
    It also cause glitch on other block entities.

    It will be fixed or at least will have some temporary workaround that will work on Catalyst 14.12 soon.

    2. Enchanted armor also has similar problem.
    I will need new shader in shaderpack to fix this properly.

    A temporary workaround that does not require new shader is possible but have some minor glitch.

    3. Mac problem is very difficult to fix from PC. I may buy a Mac in the future. But there is no ETA.

    You can just install Linux and try to find out what happens under Linux, which (I thought) handles OpenGL 3 just like Mac did.
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    Quote from koryphira»
    Hey minewindd,

    I have the same issue, I posted it with full specs two days ago, didn't get an answer.

    doesn't matter that much, I'm interrested in your solution.

    where can I find the other versions - on the AMD site ?

    I have currently Catalyst 14.12 with my Radeon R9 280x.

    Everything in the game is fine (fps between 60 and 80, shaders awesome etc.) but those strange glitches within playernames, frames, beacons, banners, chests. etc.

    thanks for the answer

    When I use 14.12 with my 7870XT(Tahiti based cut down from 7950 boost), I got same problem. But after recent WDDM 2.0 Beta driver update the problem disappeared.

    But the WDDM 2.0 Beta is for Windows 10 DP ONLY and has many other bugs, so you better wait for next driver update.
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    Quote from enderkevin13 jumpI'd Like To Use This Mod Without The Lag. Oh And Add Some Fries?

    First things first, do NOT use capital letter in each of your words. Only use them at the beginning of a sentence.
    It's hard to read your words.

    And if you what to use any shader without lag, you need a better GPU. A mobile GPU usually has less than half performance of the desktop one with similar name. GT760M(mobile) is even slower than a desktop GT750. So a desktop PC is strongly recommended to play Minecraft with shaders.
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    Quote from dalekslayer96

    That's true... a GTX 780 is cheaper and just as good.

    A GTX 780 Ti is cheaper and much better than Titan!
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    Quote from JonnyBrando

    What AMD video card are you using in your system?

    I don't see the video getting initialized, so, I can't tell. But you are getting a lot of invalid operation in pre-composite and pre-useProgram.

    2013-11-27 18:38:51 [INFO] [STDOUT] [Shaders] OpenGL 2.0 = Y 2.1 = Y 3.0 = Y 3.2 = Y
    2013-11-27 18:38:51 [INFO] [STDOUT] [Shaders] GL_MAX_DRAW_BUFFERS = 8
    2013-11-27 18:38:51 [INFO] [STDOUT] [Shaders] GL_MAX_COLOR_ATTACHMENTS_EXT = 8
    2013-11-27 18:38:51 [INFO] [STDOUT] [Shaders] GL_MAX_TEXTURE_IMAGE_UNITS = 16
    2013-11-27 18:38:51 [INFO] [STDOUT] Framebuffer created.
    2013-11-27 18:38:51 [INFO] [STDOUT] Reset model renderers
    2013-11-27 18:38:51 [INFO] [STDOUT] Reset world renderers
    2013-11-27 18:38:51 [INFO] [STDERR] GL error 0x0502: Invalid operation at pre-composite
    2013-11-27 18:38:51 [INFO] [Minecraft-Server] Saving and pausing game...
    2013-11-27 18:38:51 [INFO] [Minecraft-Server] Saving chunks for level 'Ethereal 1'/Overworld
    2013-11-27 18:38:55 [INFO] [STDERR] GL error 0x0502: Invalid operation at pre-composite
    2013-11-27 18:38:55 [INFO] [STDERR] GL error 0x0502: Invalid operation at pre-useProgram

    You also have a lot of errors loading Extrabiomes, Biomes'O'Plenty, and Better Grass and Leaves. Also a lot of errors with your resource pack (maybe not having textures that the mods want).

    InfiniTubes / immibis.core -- interface exists
    Biomes'O'Plenty -- items misused by another mod or wrongly registered
    Biomes'O'Plenty -- no such field colourizedLeavesID
    Biomes'O'Plenty -- error loading <items>
    BuildCraft-Addtnl-Obj -- invocationtargetexception, no such field, tabbuildcraft
    Thaumcraft/Powersuits -- config file is missing
    invalid OreDictionary Names
    improper OreDictionary Registration
    too late OreDictionary Registration

    I might recommend trying to update some of the mods to see if it fixes some of the compatibility/registration issues.

    I think MC would run (and it does) without GLSL. That is related to your video card itself I think.. SEUS v10RC7 and up use more buffers on your video card, and more OpenGL instructions than previous versions of SEUS -- I believe it also uses more than Chocapic's/Sildur's/Mr.Meep's as well.

    Well said!

    Yeah, I was talking with someone in here about forcing MC to use the OpenGL 3.2 base, which would open up OGL 3.2-4.1 (whichever it wanted/needed, because they all use the same base, and are extensions really).

    He built a custom jnilib, one of the libraries used by LWJGL in Minecraft, which is per-installation. So it would only apply to MC, and not affect the rest of the system.

    The problem is MC downloads the libraries every time you launch MC, and deletes them afterwards. So, we started talking about building an 'offline launcher', you copy the libraries, and then manually launch the MC JAR with the appropriate linked libraries/jars/commands. The only problem is that it would be offline only, it wouldn't able to verify & hash your session to the MC Servers for online play.

    The only other way, which neither of us has tested yet, is to modify NSOpenGL (which jnilib calls on to initiate OGL) at the system level. Unfortunately, this means that everything that uses OpenGL is forced to use 3.2 or higher. This might not be a bad thing, but we don't know how it will affect the OS or games or internet browsing.

    It would be much easier if the devs of MC would just change the initial call to LWJGL (jnilib) to pass along the arguments, which then LWJGL would pass along to NSOpenGL, and bobs your uncle! OpenGL 3.2-4.1!

    Phew, hopefully I explained that well enough :) !

    Yeah, this is a huge bug in Mac OS X because NSOpenGL only pulls OpenGL 2.0 instead of 3.2-4.1.

    It just won't work.

    Some people with modified nVidia drivers can get it to work, but 90% of people can't.

    OS X 10.9 supports OpenGL 4. It seems that minecraft or java or LWJGL on Mac only use OpenGL capability profile not the core one.
    Capability profile = OpenGL 2.0 capability mode.
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    posted a message on Shaders Mod (updated by karyonix)
    Quote from enneract

    Yes, the problem occurs with all shaderpacks, including 'none' and 'internal'. The problem persists regardless of video settings, either in the shaders menu, or standard MC settings - I've tried every plausible combination. Setting view distance and chunk loading to minimal settings helps, but only marginally (3 fps instead of 1). We do use a custom launcher, but I've controlled for that (my experiments with 1-2 mods effect on fps was done using the vanilla launcher).

    I'm really not an idiot about this, I'm a software dev by vocation and I'm not unfamiliar with troubleshooting. I've been able to reproduce this on every system I've been able to get access to with an AMD GPU, and I've not been able to reproduce it on any system with an nVidia GPU. The math is pretty simple.

    Stop trolling NVIDIA.
    All this mod problems are relate to Java class errors not GPU's fault.
    All of our AMD systems works pretty well and u just ignore them.
    I got my blazing fast AMD GPU with SEUS O1 at stable 50FPS for 250 bucks.
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    Quote from Synthesizer

    The 1.7 shaders is more of a filter if anyone has noticed. This mod is actual GLSL. Chances of combining these don't seem feasible and rewarding.

    If you read what I said above, it's not going to happen. Why? Because those shaders don't give you shadows, volumetric clouds(SEUS dev), water, and ect.

    Now, I also have no idea what a Json shader is, because the person above me just said it was a config file(apple apps also use this). If the 1.7 shaders are Json, then we definitely wouldn't work on them(they are different from these shaders). They have the same name, but are different.

    1,7 shaders are just GLSL shaders. Those JSON files are just config which GLSL shader to be enabled.
    JSON are just like xml yml. It's just a config file. Shaders are always GLSL.

    1.7 shaders means we will not need this mod in the future. The shader back-end will be implemented by majong, but currently the official implement is just an experimental easter egg. We currently still need the shader mod which is better developed and optimized.

    PS: just look inside 1.7.2 minecraft.jar/assets/minecraft/shaders. U can find those fsh and vsh files with json configs.
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    Quote from Schlutt

    Ok, my bad, I should have specified that I needed some practical advice.

    Bought the Radeon JUST before all the shaders dev's starting switching to Nvidia cards, otherwise I would have got one.

    Anyone else got some advice I can actually use...? Wanky-bragging about having a better card doesn't help much.

    It's not AMD's fault.
    My Powercolor 7870XT run Sonic's O1 at stable 50fps at 720P.
    I recommend Windows 8.1 with Catalyst 13.15.1 preview driver. It seems that this driver support more OpenGL extensions and result in better performance.

    NVIDIA user usually know nothing about techs behind the scenes.
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    Quote from vogonpoetry

    Thats not your problem. I have a 7870 XT which is a bit faster than the 7870 and I dont get much better framerates than you do. Karyonix is currently trying to optimize for AMD cards because at the moment nVidia cards run this mod much faster.

    Same 7870XT here. But for me, the mod runs at stable 60fps without any problem even on a massive multiplayer server with optifine.

    It seems that AMD driver version 13.15.1 Beta for windows 8.1 have much better performance than the current stable version for windows 7/8.
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    Quote from greenlink1999

    will it work with NVIDIA GeForce6150SE nForce 430

    6150 supports OpenGL 2 and GLSL shaders require OpenGL 3.
    GeForce 6150 is already too slow to run minecraft itself.
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