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    posted a message on Can the Ender Chest be picked back up? If so...it's far overpowered.
    Yah, it's fine as long as it's a "small" chest. What's the difference between carrying everything with you or carrying a chest?

    Just simplifies the game for people that are really far and don't want to have to travel 20 minutes to reach their diamonds when you've been exploring for months.
    Quote from tobitobide

    You know what's funny? Minecraft copies Infirminer.
    It shouldn't do that. It shouldn't exist.
    No. Taking ideas from other sources is the only way something can progress.

    What's funny is that everything has already been done so it's impossible not to copy. How many people are developing Minecraft? 1-3? How many people are making modes? 1,000s??? So if they make everything before Jeb and company can, that means it's all off limits?

    I don't think so.
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    posted a message on Little sister= big problem
    Why don't you ban him until he gets back from camp?

    Seems like a pretty obvious and simple solution to me :|
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    posted a message on Villager AI? Finished features that were never finished.
    For now, I just consider them a decoration and am quite pleased when I find them just because they're on the rare side. They don't take anything "away" from the game, that's for sure.
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    posted a message on Will Minecraft ever stop eating my CPU/GPU?
    The game is much more demanding than other games, why do you think the textures are so bad? Not because notch is like, "lulz, game looks bad take that!" but because if they were better, even MORE people wouldn't be able to run it.

    The game is keeping track of every block around you (above and below) and every entity in what ever "draw distance" you have it set on. That is A LOT of things to calculate/track at one time.

    In most games, the ground is just that, ground. 1 layer, a pixel thick, that you run over. Think about that.
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    posted a message on eye of enders - wild goose chase
    We were playing SMP and had 5 ender eyes. We just threw one, walked in that direction for 5 minutes, then threw another one. Eventually, it flew BACK behind us so we walked 2.5 minutes back, then it went directly over.

    It was quite easy for us and we only lost 1 eye.

    Don't know if this is normal or lucky but they worked very well with this technique.
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    posted a message on GIANT MUSHROOMS = Too easy?
    Quote from rgarber

    That's why Mushroom Stew doesn't stack.

    THIS! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ makes mushrooms almost completely useless.

    Quote from DSMK2

    I wish I could find a giant mushroom ;_;

    Bonemeal + mushroom = BAM.
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    posted a message on Confirmation on Stronghold limit in 1.0?
    Quote from Solymr

    It could say Minecraft will generate you $200 of money a week, would you believe that?

    You seem to forget you need an ACCOUNT to edit, not just anybody. And it's ran by RABID minecraft fans. If anyone posted something false/that stupid, it would probably be fixed in less than an hour.

    I edited a post on wikipedia once, was reverted in about 10 minutes. People have nothing else to do with their time but edit wikis. Much more than people who want to foul them up.
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    posted a message on Reconstructing abandoned mines
    They are very unique and some are freakin' huge. I also like yours/others idea you posted.

    If a ravine is going through an abandoned mineshaft, I like to imagine an earthquake tore it in half or something.
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    posted a message on Why Notch should just release the game when he feels it's complete.
    It's never going to be complete, what you're asking is impossible.
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    posted a message on Ender Pearl usage ideas?
    Quote from Trippey723

    I was thinking maybe like a summoner or something like that. Your ideas?

    They already have two uses, one of them, very significant. That's a lot more than other items have.

    - Ender Sword: Ender eye + diamond sword = sword that does +50% dmg in the End and teleports you back to regular world when dropped.
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    posted a message on 12 More days untill "But its betaa" argument goes away.
    He doesn't really HAVE to do anything, except maybe fix some bugs. Everything else is amazing for a $20 game. So take THAT arguments!
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    posted a message on Dear Mojang, stop adding pointless things
    Dear Notch,

    Never stop adding pointless things. It's your sense of humor and ambition to be a great indie developer that has made MC so great. If you ever loose these things, you will become just another big developer with no cares for your fanbase making MineCraft 5: Modern Warfare which will cost half the price of the final game and only add a mob and 1 new ore.

    Nobody is perfect and not everyone will agree with you Notch, heck I don't agree with everything you do, but I say GO FOR IT. FOLLOW YOUR HEART. That's what makes you so awesome!

    - Matthew
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    posted a message on Mob Spawner = Infinite Experience?
    All mobs spawn infinitely, so there will always be infinite experience. Not like it's hard to kill mobs even at night with no shelter. If you want to kill mobs from behind a wall for hours and get to lvl 30 go for it.

    I will be running around at night risking my life to kill mobs and get loot and as I play normally, I will gain more and more experience over time, eventually unlocking enchanting table and then spend my experience.

    Cause that would be the most fun for me.
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    posted a message on Where did lanterns go?
    Quote from Homem Pigman

    The idea of torches burning out is a stupid and useless idea, made for stupid realism.

    It's good lanterns were removed.

    "realism" isn't as much the reason as "balance" and "challenge". It would make the game harder, which for some, equals MORE FUN. Try not to look at everything with only your opinions but from others' perspective. Torches are super easy to make and are quite OP for what they offer.

    I'd love to see lanterns added in a future update with these settings:

    Peaceful: torches don't go out, lanterns just decorative piece
    Easy: Torches go out in a MC month, lanterns needed for base
    Normal:Torches go out in a MC week, lanterns needed for dark areas you frequent
    Hard: Torches go out in a MC day, lanterns become primary lighting source
    Hardcore: Torches go out in a few minutes MUAHAHAHAHA
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