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    posted a message on what mod is for flying?
    Quote from pwnzor17

    I checked google but it kept throwing necrotic threads at me. How do you fly in SSP?

    use simo's single player command if you want the best mod

    zombe also has a fly mod that I THINK you can use by itself

    then there are the plane and airship mods

    also chicken gliding or fairies by kodiachi can be fun -but not quite flying

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    posted a message on ModLoader Problem
    finally got modloader to work- by deleting the mods folder in the minecraft folder

    I had a zipped file of freaks and weirdos in there

    so a clean install would mean deleting your bin folder AND your mods folder

    after that everything worked fine
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    posted a message on ModLoader Problem
    I am having the same problem

    have installed 100's of mods

    this time- black screen

    d/l and extracted latest modloader

    clean jar- no meta-inf

    injected extracted files into minecraft jar

    start minecraft- black screen

    something is wrong with modloader

    for the last week I have tryed- d/l fresh each time

    modloader just doesnt seem to be working

    where can I find that error.bat file???


    edit- just updated java to see if that was a problem- still no luck
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    posted a message on What would YOU like to change about world generation
    Height limit is the biggest game changer- check ymod- I played it at 512 height and was fun- but would need more realistic landscape generation

    any aesthetic variety is a plus- and making them biome specific adds to the enjoyment of exploration-i.e. tropical vines in jungle, more flowers etc- vines and biome specific animals are of course always desirable

    I also agree that the biomes need to be larger and more contiguous

    but more realistic size in mountains and rivers etc would kick ass!

    interested to see what you might accomplish
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    posted a message on I lost the magic touch... :(
    is that a mac thing? the re-compression?

    in windows you dont re-compress the files- just drag and drop

    hope that helps, but not a mac user

    but that is the only difference between your steps listed and a successful instal on windows
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    posted a message on Larger Doors
    I would request larger doors please

    3X2 or larger

    any material, variety would be sweet!

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    posted a message on [1.3_01] DynaDropper! [v 1.0][WIP]
    how far away does it drop the tnt??

    might be dangerous!


    heres a simple mod idea that hasnt been done and is really needed

    Larger Doors!

    seriously, we need some larger doors!

    a 3 x 2 door out of almost any material would be sweet

    a variety of materials would be awesome!

    I know it isnt like your mod,

    but you did say you needed ideas


    think about it

    would be a good way to break into modding

    and most would down load it if it didnt conflict too much

    no one has done one yet
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    posted a message on [v1.3_01]yMod[512 block vertical limit][by:yatima2975]
    also I have used this mod with no problem

    it is an excellent mod!
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    posted a message on [Coming Soon] The Aether Collab - King, Kodaichi, Shockah!
    looking good

    from the artists perspective, the color scheme does need something a little more vibrant

    I think you need something red - red /gold in your landscape

    my suggestion would be to add red highlights to your golden oak leaves- similar to this icon color- :GoldBar:

    your color scheme is mostly-

    :Blue: :Yellow: :Lime: :Green:

    which is ok-

    but needs something to draw the eye a little more

    if you added some deeper warm colors in spots-

    :Purple: :Pink: :Red: :Violet:

    might warm it up a little

    just my take on your wonderful project

    I think ambiance is key to how much people will visit or live in aether

    looks like you guys are on the right track!

    I want an aether wild grass mod now!


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    posted a message on simo_415's Mods - New Mod: Creeper Queen
    I would like both creeper queen and retrieve arrows if anyone wants to update it
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    posted a message on [1.3_01] Kodaichi's Mods Archive [Collection]

    lolth! (demon queen from d&d- looks alot like last picture

    I love the idea of insect mobs!

    another yee- haa for Kodiachi!

    I understand about you wanting to do original ideas- and you do it sooo well!

    I kinda figured you were probably studying in a computer related field- but was curious

    thanks for the teaser shots- looks very very nice!

    I know you are not that fond of suggestions,

    but some cobwebs being generated around their lairs might be apropos

    ( I have always wanted some cobwebs
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    posted a message on [1.3_01] Kodaichi's Mods Archive [Collection]
    sweet Kodiachi!

    glad you did this- love showing people your genius!

    might I suggest a link to battle towers and chicken gliding?

    I know Freak updated them, but might as well put all your creations in one place

    now if you will do spider families, my kodiachi set will be complete(for now)

    curious what your new project might be

    or is all your modding time going into the aether mod??

    btw- I am still curious what you plan on studying in college

    good work, and hope you are doing well
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    posted a message on Mo' Creatures - v12.0.0 for Minecraft 1.12.1!! Now Opensource!!
    from reading the last few pages,

    I believe a lot of the installation problems come from the fact that people aren't extracting the mod files

    you need to make sure the files are uncompressed

    you don't unzip the minecraft.jar- on windows, just right click minecraft.jar and use open with.. winrar(or 7zip,or winzip- but I have used those and had problems- none with winrar-and its free)

    then with unzipped mod showing the class files etc, just highlight files to copy, and drag and drop into the open, but unextracted minecraft.jar winrar window

    and again, if it has a resource folder or something that does not go in the Jar,

    DONT be using winrar to put the extracted files into other folders that arent the jar-

    open a a separate window on your computer and when you drag the extracted mod files into wherever on your minecraft folder, it will move them, not copy them (depending on os and where you moved folders to-this is default on windows)

    so, in short-

    make sure you are uncompressing mod files before injection- and make sure you aren't compressing things like your resource folder when moving them

    people who say they can never get mods to work, your problem is there

    good luck
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    posted a message on [1.7.3] Fairy Mod (V6)
    try spawn list- that is needed instead of spawner gui

    just drop a copy of spawn list in your jar
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    posted a message on Community Effort in attempting to Get Notch to Add some Mods

    I think Notch has very firm ideas of where he wants the game to go, and I doubt any of these will really be implemented into the game

    use wild grass for example-

    doesn't unbalance game

    is gorgeous and really makes the world sparkle

    has been around forever- just as much as better light, this should be part of the game

    but no, didn't get implemented

    I can understand why he doesn't want to read this section of the forums- most of the good ideas have been made into mods already

    and the only real mods he can do, are the ones that need his code to be adapted(because alot of modders dont want to touch his code)

    so weather,tides more biome support, ocean depth and variety really need to be deep coded in the game engine- which needs much improvement anyway

    just my opinion, but think he should work on improving game engine, and leave alot of the content to the modders

    also op - idea you call the Zmod?

    there is one that raises height!

    but since in minecraft, the vertical axis is Y- so it is called the ymod

    default height is 512! can be raised or lowered

    plus he is working on vertical chunk generation!

    lol- water elevator from 512 took almost 4 minutes to fall down!


    so, tl;dr??

    lazy ass

    basically, lot notch improve the core game- and get a good mod api- then let modders run wild
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