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    posted a message on Clocks - that you can hang on the walls
    clocks are a nice addition to the game, but hardly anyone uses them unless they have a underground base. if you could hang a clock on the wall like a painting, i think much more people would make them and use them. what do you think
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    posted a message on Snapshot - Pistonless Fully Automatic Iron Ingot Farm | On/Off Switch
    all villagers need to consider a village is a roof and a door. so i took advantage of it by making this fully automatic iron farm. as long as a iron golom dies of natural causes, a new one will spawn. by eliminating spawn spaces, and containing 15+ villagers in a confined area with a roof, i was able to make a fully automatic iron farm. it even has an on off switch, which works because iron goloms need a 4 high clearance to spawn.

    i hope jeb fixes this, even though it is convenient, it is way over powered. share your thoughts and let me know what you think below.

    try it out yourself!
    download link - http://www.mediafire.com/?56bd1119q09ifaz
    unzip the file and put the folder in your saves.

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    posted a message on [Epic] My Jungle Tree House | Pictures
    go here for my second update, its more recent than this post
    if anyone can tell me how to edit the title of my topic, i can make it all one

    let me start off by saying this is 100% legit survival, made with no mods.

    hey guys, as soon as the new snapshot came out, i knew i had to make a tree house, i started this world a couple days ago, and i think im going to keep this world for a while, here are some pictures of my tree house

    my sleeping place :smile.gif:

    here are some other views

    so thats it for now, i just made a blaze farm in the nether, and i will update it with pics of that soon, maybe if we get saplings, i will make a nether treehouse. anyway, ill try to update this thread, and next thing im working on is a treehouse for my nether portal, and i will connect the two with a bridge, so if you have any suggestions on texture packs i could use, (that are updated to the snapshot) or anything i could do to improve it, or any suggestions in general, let me know.

    so what do you think?
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    posted a message on [Epic] My Jungle Tree House | Survival | Update #2
    i couldn't figure out how to update my old thread, but ive done alot on my jungle tree house, and it has almost doubled in size in just a day. all of this is done in survival mode with no mods or cheats. hope you enjoy, and if you have any suggestions, let me know. tell me what you think.

    top balcony, with chicken farm on the roof, the eggs drop onto the table in the kitchen

    the storage room

    i decided to open up the sleeping courters into a balcony to give it more of a treehouse feel, rather than an enclosed area

    inside view

    found a decent place to put my portal rather than the beach

    here is an inside view of the kitchen

    and here are some different angled views

    ive managed to get to the nether and make an xp farm so i can do some nice enchanting, i currently have around 90 or so diamonds from fortune III, and i will be working on my nether base quite alot to.
    i hope you all enjoy, tell me what you think along with any suggestions.
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    posted a message on Fortune III is the bomb! im pretty much set for a while
    with the combination of unbreaking III, Efficiency V and IV, and Fortune III, my diamond rate has pretty much quadrupled, or even more, i just finished crafting my first full stack of diamond blocks (yup, 64 diamond blocks) 100% legit, what do you guys think of all the enchantments, and what are your favorites?
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    posted a message on some decent ideas for the new jungle biome
    these are just a few things i think would be cool if added to the new biome

    - sapling for jungle trees
    - large, wide waterfalls going into rivers
    - steam, or mist
    - possibly some new mobs, monkey, large insect or fly the size of silverfish, something along those lines
    - some tropical fruit, fuji, pears, bananas, etc.
    - possibly something for coco beans, a shrub, bush, or tree possibly
    - naturally occuring villages, like npc villages, but in the trees, connected by bridges

    these are just a few ideas, what do you guys think? and what are some of your ideas? im interested to hear what you guys have to say
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    posted a message on seed request! need a good seed for xp farming!
    so i need a good seed for my new legit world
    in the seed im looking for, id like either a triple cave spider spawner, or a double blaze spawner at the same y level as eachother, if i cant find one of these, ill just have to go with a double cave spider spawner

    anyway, if you guys know anything like this or could find one, i will love you for ever! thanks guys!
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    posted a message on 1.9 unlimited snow farm tutorial!
    so let me know what you think, i couldn't find a video of this on the forums so i made one for all of you guys to enjoy!
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    posted a message on how to find a stonghold on any seed in a matte of minutes
    so everyone is complaining about how they can not find a stronghold, or how they have been searching for hours. i have a solution, use this stronghold finding tool, just enter in the seed of your map (find this by hitting f3) then hit search, it will then give you the x,y coordinates for all three strongholds on you map, if you would like to try it for yourself, just folow this link


    i hope i helped all you guys searching, dont forget to leave feedback :biggrin.gif:
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    posted a message on my compact almost % efficient semi-auto melon farm
    hope you like it, leave some feedback :biggrin.gif:
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