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    posted a message on [Request] can someone please make a tortoise mob???
    i would really like a tortise mob
    something that you could tame with fish and wouldnt despawn if tamed.
    it would have to move slow, or coarse. and maybe even be able to ride it.
    i would like to be able to tame it, put it in a pen and close the pen, then travel off without it despawning, but i would want it to still run around.

    more mob requests
    monkeys, spawn on tree tops
    frogs, kill them for lime green dye

    any more requests? ill add them here
    if anyone would like to make these let me know
    if possible i would like to watch you make it over team viewer if you dont mind. im trying to get into modding.
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    posted a message on piston activated cactus farm
    this is a little creation i used using the piston mod

    this is my piston cactus farm ready to harvest

    those things behind the cacti are the pistons that harvest the cactus

    when i hit this button, the pistons will activate, and harvest the top two of each cactus like this

    then the water current carries the cati to the center

    then the cacti is harvested and ready to grow

    just thought this was a cool use of a mod that is actualy usefull, and looks better than other cactus farms
    plus it only harvests when you want, by redstone command

    so what do you think?
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    posted a message on [Request] Doggy Doors
    dog doors would be a single block that looked like a small door, that mobs can pass through, kind of like a block that is there, but doesnt exist if you know what i mean.

    also if possible make it so only wolves can pass through the door.
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    posted a message on [Request] instant dog house - similar to instant tent
    just like the instant tent, exept a dog house
    if anyone knows how to make or edit these let me know, because i would love to make the tent my own design with a few modifications

    like the idea?
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    posted a message on ride a dog with a saddle
    i think you should be able to put a saddle on a wolf if it is tamed, then just like a boat, use the WASD keys to move
    for this to be efficient, you should be able to go faster while riding

    also since the dog is your pet, the saddle is permanent till the dog dies
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    posted a message on Wolf Suggestions
    i think a doggy door would help
    i have broken blocks next to all of my doors, and the dogs can find their way out every time (the hole has to be in the corner of the room so it is easier for them)

    it would just look nice to have a dog door

    also a dogy pen, or home. so you can set a dogs home, and then command it to go to its crate/pen/home
    just so your dog doesnt follow you everywhere, but still walks around instead of just sitting there :iapprove:
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    posted a message on help modding my server please!
    i just made a server and its up and running, however i have no clue how to make it modded, will someone help over teamm viewer or something? please?
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    posted a message on port forwarding help with skype's tutorial
    when i go to click windows firewall port exeptions, it wont let me click it,
    anyone team viewer walk through, i think its cuz i have a password on my router
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    posted a message on server connection help
    couple questions,
    do i have to edit server.properties, and add my ip adress, if so how do i find this
    what is the ops text file, what do i put in it, and if it is like admin how do i access these powers

    thanks, im new here i hope i find help
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