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    posted a message on im looking for the perfect server for me.
    any more suggestions??????
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    posted a message on MyriadCraft 24/7 Dedicated SMP Server - *The Server of Endless Possibilities* - Running 1.4.6 - Bukkit - Custom Plugins - Greyli
    Quote from Damien711


    MyriadCraft is a developing, 24/7 Dedicated Survival Server with a great community, mature players, and an abundance of space!

    :Diamond: Applicants: Please read the rules before applying, ideally the whole thread! :Diamond:

    :chestfront: Server Features :chestfront:

    • iConomy: We have a fantastic economy which allows people to make money by attacking mobs, selling & trading items, creating shops and auctioning, all while not alienating the players who choose not to use it.
    • Protected Chests, Doors: The Lockette plugin allows players to use signs to make their chests Private and allow access to players by putting their names on the sign.
    • Anti-Greifing & Preventing: Our mods do an amazing job of preventing grief & we now have virtually no complaints at all. In rare occasions when this does happen, we have a very fast rollback system we can utilize.
    • Regular 15 Minute Backups: A copy of our world file is saved every 15 minutes.
    • Bounties: Collect and set bounties on other players.
    • PvP: While not the main focus of the server, PvP areas can and do exist and the Bounties system is used.
    • PvE: Kill mobs and get rewarded in-game currency for doing so.
    • Nether: Explore the real nether in its glory.
    • Fresh Map: A newly generated map with a vast amount of room to build and survive.
    • No lag: Our server is hosted on its own dedicated box so no lag.

    :Notch: Community Features :Notch:

    • Global Reach: From Hawaii to Finland, Scotland & England and all over the States, we have players from all over the world. No matter where you're from you'll find people in your timezone.
    • Active Forums and Website: We have a very helpful and friendly community and welcome every new player on board. Players will rally around and help out on big projects when alerted. Both long term and new players can feel part of a community working together when the need arises.
    • Active & Bustling Voice Chat: We use Mumble which is a low-memory, low-lag application similar to Ventrillo. This makes for a great voice chat server with many people and sometimes with multiple channels.
    • Twitter & News Feed: These keep players updated to any changes on the server and any problems that arise (switching to new versions, etc) and make for smooth and extremely fast transitions.

    :DSWORD: Server Rules :DSWORD:

    The server staff are fair and friendly and play with, and as often as the other players, but they are quick to punish rule breakers. The rules are in place to make the server a fun and mature enviorment to play in. Please make sure you understand the rules before applying.

    1. No greifing (destroying other player’s property) or stealing from another player.
    2. Don’t hack (flying and other types) item dupe, or use x-ray texture packs.
    3. Don’t build extremely close to spawn, we are trying to keep the spawn looking nice.
    4. Respect all players on server.
    5. No advertising other servers.
    6. No spamming, overt sexism or racism.
    7. Commands must not be used to gain an unfair advantage in PvP situations.
    8. Don’t spawn camp or attempt to kill new players when they spawn.

    :RFlower: Who We're Looking For :RFlower:

    We are looking for dedicated daily minecraft players who are mature and follow the rules. We are not like other servers where donating is required to use basic features, though we do accept donations because without donations this server simply wouldn't be possible. More info on donating and the perks you will recieve can be found on our website: :GoldBar: Donate :GoldBar:

    PvP and PvE are both enabled, but they are not abused (our mods keep an eye on this). We also have a growing economy that is almost entirely player maintaned. You can gain our server currency (called Sol), from killing mobs and trading. This currency can be used to purchase items from other players or their shops. We also have protected chests and protected land zones.

    :Bench: Apply Now! :Bench:

    Make sure you understand our rules and have read the thread before joining us. To apply, fill out the following questions:

    In-game name:
    Why you want to join:
    How did you hear about this server:

    Note: We attempt to get all applicants whitelisted asap. Please be patient however we check this thread very often and will get on the server asap.

    :Iron: Server Info :Iron:

    Server IP: login.myriadcraft.net or play.myriadcraft.net
    Mumble IP: Port: 7110
    Website: http://www.myriadcraft.net
    Forums: http://www.myriadcraft.net/forum

    In-game name: mickyboondock
    Age: 17
    Why you want to join: cuz multiplayer is fun as hell
    How did you hear about this server: from cindy x
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    posted a message on My first ever cacti farm (used no tutorials).
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    posted a message on im looking for the perfect server for me.
    okay, so as you know, single player gets a little lonely, and ive been holding off cuz 1.8 is coming out, anyway im looking for a server, and here is what i would like to see.

    based off vanilla minecraft
    no spawning items, exeptions of admins.
    no stupid rpg and jobs and crap, just survival, but i dont mind if there is a store

    and nice people and admins, thats it, please respond,

    also i wouldnt mind finding a server thats going to reload a new map for 1.8, that would be cool
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    posted a message on Help Channels Grow
    Quote from pwntpants

    So, I want to do a collaboration type thing with people who also make minecraft videos. We could make dual commentaries, but we don't have to. The idea is just to help advertise each other's channels and tell your subscribers about the other person. That way your subscribers might go over there, giving them subscribers, and theirs will come to you and you will gain subscribers, and on top of that, just mentioning the other person's channel could bring a new subscriber from your channel over to the other persons, so it gets a double effect. Also friendly competition could be involved. First one to 1,000 subscribers? RACE! Perfect motivation :smile.gif:


    • Mix subscribers together, giving more subscribers to each channel.
    • Giving competition to push you to do better than the other person.
    • Just overall helps out on both sides.

    ill gladly be a part of this. i have 837 subscribers on youtube, and make COD and minecraft videos, just tell me what you want me to do and i will do it to help you get out there

    Worst case scenario: Doesn't work out, yet we still keep our subscribers, so nobody really loses.

    How to be a Part:

    • Have at least 40 subscribers (I only have almost 50 subscribers, and this would really only benefit both sides if we both had roughly the same amount of subscribers, so between 35-70 maybe. Unless you have a higher amount and you want to be a part of it.)
    • Have good videos, I don't want to work with someone who has lagged up horrible videos, I can't really advertise that, then it will make me look bad.
    • Have actual subscribers. I don't want to team up with someone who has 80 subscribers but got them all because just random people have subscribed over the past 5 years or something.
    • Don't be a *****.
    Also, this could work with more than one person, in fact, it could work with multiple people.
    The basic concept of this is from except on a smaller scale, since we don't have thousands of subscribers.

    TL;DR: Just skim it. You'll get the basic idea.

    TheTurbanat0r00 (Myself)

    Anyone can still be a part of it! And to the people on the list: Check out the other people as well and see if they want to collab, so we could make sort of a circle of collaborations :smile.gif:

    The first video of this collaboration!

    Johnnyszs's collaboration video:

    TheMinecraftPiggs's video:

    GrieveNoMore's video:

    Biffa2001's video:
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    posted a message on my piston powered hands-free minecart station
    Quote from jpond17

    i WAS gonna sub, bt then i didnt becuz u told me to.

    well thats a loss.
    just trying to get out there a little bit
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    posted a message on my piston powered hands-free minecart station
    tell me what you think

    if your interested in more piston videos, check out my channel for more!
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    posted a message on my piston powered people mover
    hope you enjoy, tell me what you think
    dont forget to sub for more piston videos!
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    posted a message on 'The Bow Comes Out' Minecraft Parody of Show Goes On by Lupe Fiasco
    dude this takes balls, i give you props, good job!
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    posted a message on compact piston elevator tutorial
    dont forget to subscribe for my next piston tutorial - im not sure what its called but its like a flat ground escalator.
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    posted a message on Looking for a fun survival server with no lag
    i am sick of just finding kids who run their rpg servers like its their job. they take it way to seriously. im just looking for a server with no lag, and an active community, and maybe some kids to talk to on skype. any replies?
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    posted a message on come join me and my friends new bukkit server! lots of fun.
    me and my friends have this private server we all mess around on and build stuff, but we decided to make it public. we love having fun and someone is usually always on. you can join and go on your way building or just play around, whatever you would like. if your planning on griefing dont even try, fire doesnt spread and we can undo anything you do with big brother. also if you have a skype, we can talk on that to.k

    anyway, the ip is
    also, at&t doesnt like me, and randomly decides to change my ip adress, so if it happens, ill just tell you over skype, or you can check back here.
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    posted a message on 1.7 piston garbage disposal | tutorial
    hope you enjoy the video
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    posted a message on [request] flat sandstone world
    im not to fond of mcedit
    i tried to make it and it didnt work
    so if someone would do this for me
    i would be very greatfull

    link? :Diamond: :Diamond:
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    posted a message on Is there a mod with flying platforms?
    there is a hoverboat mod
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