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    Is it Zisteau? It might be worth a try looking up!

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    I have been an avid player of Minecraft since 2011, it’s an absolute masterpiece and I love it to death. Although the game itself is great as well as the features, I do believe it’s time for more features that I think all of us will enjoy.

    •New Crops:

    Are you wanting to be a farmer in your Minecraft world but you’re tired of wheat, carrots, and potatoes? Why not add more varieties? I would love to see the addition of onions, cabbage, tomatoes, garlic, lemon trees and more! There’s nothing more fun than being able to find new seeds in all the new biomes, we could even have biome specific seeds!

    •More Food items:

    With the addition of more crops, we need a use for them! How about some new recipes? We should be able to craft and make a variety of recipes as well as drinks. I would love to have a way to make lemonade and some good ole sandwiches as I pretend to have a picnic on my server!

    •More tame-able pets and farm animals:

    I would love to see a variety of new animals get added. I know we have goats but why not make them able to be domesticated and give goats milk? I would also love to see just some more animals all in all, like more ocean creatures and maybe even some cougars!

    This is all I can think of now but please hear me out! I would love to see these features added so I can find a new love for survival again. Have a great day!!

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