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    IGN- Diamondpicaxe13

    WHY WAS I BANNED?- i told doodle she was stupid and mean names i should not have said i have now learned my lesson :)

    WHAT DAY WAS I BANNED?- wednesday semptember 4 2013

    WHO BANNED ME?- catsy2112

    WAS THE BANNED JUSTIFYED?- no i dont think

    WHY AM I APPELING?- because i was banned one day and that turned into perm somehow :( and i want do it again

    WHY SHOULD YOU ACCEPT MY APPEL?- because i will respect everyone and will not do it again and lose my temper again and i have learned my lesson :)

    HOW DO YOU KNOW I WONT DO IT AGAIN?- because my friends play this server and i was bored cuz they like it and i was banned :(

    Thank you very much, Diamondpicaxe13
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