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    posted a message on PVP Group(Midnight Society)
    i would love to join
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    posted a message on Promethean [1.6.2] [WHITELIST] [VANILLA] ~ MindCrack Inspired!
    1. IGN. mgh147

    2. Skype(needed to give you the IP): mghthebrave

    3. Why should you be whitelisted: becuase im hilarious person who wants to join a server such as this and it looks like good fun

    4: What are you better at, building or redstone:

    5. What was rule 1: no being a ****

    6: If you can, please show us one of your proudest builds: sadly know i dont have any builds to show and i dont know how to show them

    7. What is your best build style: i have no clue

    8. Do you mind being pranked: i dont care

    9. Do you accept Nicolas Cage as your lord and savior: yes?

    10. Are you ok to sticking to an area for a specified amount of time: sure
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    posted a message on [1.6.2] [Whitelist] Vanilla Server [24/7] [Small-Community]
    What is your IGN? mgh147
    In what country do you live? US
    Why do you want to join our server? i want to join a small server to have fun and make new friends.
    What are you good at? adventuring and mining
    Do you work well with other players? yeah
    Do you have skype? yes i will be adding you in a bit
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    posted a message on [1.6.2] Sophie's Vanilla server [UHC Mode] [Mature] [Anti-Grief] [Whitelisted] [24/7] (Read more inside)
    Application form:
    Minecraft name mgh147
    Age 14
    Where from U.S.
    Banned before? once. by an 11 year old who went on a banning rampage after his server got griefed.
    Skype name mghthebrave
    A little about me: I'm an 14 year old from the us who loves to play League of Legends and minecraft. I love the adventure in minecraft from caving to exploring the land on horse back. I'm a funny guy who loves to make joke and make others laugh.

    oh and STAR POWER!
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    posted a message on =~Iriliath~= | The most unique "ROLE PLAY" server out! | Tribal theme | Greylist | 100% Custom biomes | Events | Actual RP | Mag
    IGN: mgh147
    Age: 14 (sorry about last one. fat fingured it)
    Previous RP Experience: a small amount
    Why do you wish to join?: love rp and your server looks like a good one
    What can you bring to the server?: Humor and creativity :D
    Is English your first language?: Yes

    Name: Methusala
    Age: 57
    Gender: male
    Appearance: a man who is on the shortish side at being 5 foot 3. he is bald with pale like skin with some discoloration with age. h has dark blue eyes and is wearing overalls and a white shirt, he is also wearing a pair of red suspenders. He is very scrawny with the fact of age and his job burdened on his shoulders.
    Personality: he is a very nice man who couldn't harm anyone. He is very loving and compassionate. he is a man of loyalty and
    Background Story: He was born the son of a scholar and a bar owner. At the age of 4 he was taught to read and write and had a blooming curiosity with history. with the age of 8 he had already become one of the letter writer for the small hamlet he lived in. he slowly progressed his way through the world of politics to his current job as head historian in the capital city. When they had announced the opening of the portal he was both intrigued and skeptical of such power. At the portal opening he copied down every little thing that happened. As the portal opened and the world started to destroy its self he knew that his theory's were right about the source of magic power. he then proceeded to grab as much of his recorded knowledge as he could and ran for the portal. He then lands in the new land confused, yet determined. He had decided he would live alone out in the middle of know were and work to further his knowledge of his new surroundings.
    (sorry about the last one made it at like midnight after rock climbing so i was a bit tired)
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    posted a message on =~Iriliath~= | The most unique "ROLE PLAY" server out! | Tribal theme | Greylist | 100% Custom biomes | Events | Actual RP | Mag
    IGN: mgh147
    Age: 18
    Previous RP Experience: i used to play on a few servers a while ago. cant find the names of them sadly
    Why do you wish to join?: ive always loved rp and your server looks amazing and a like a great idea
    What can you bring to the server?: idk we will have to wait and see
    Is English your first language?: yes

    Name: Hefig (like the comment about league)
    Age: 27
    Gender: male
    Appearance: A browned hair man with beige skin. he has a tattered white shirt and black pants. his skin is near perfect exept for a small Burn mark on his left leg.
    Personality: a very friendly helping guy who couldnt hurt a fly. he has very little will power when it comes to harming another man.
    Background Story: Hefig was a spoiled child, yet he didnt let that get to his head. he had everything he could ever want, yet he just wanted more. the day he figured out about the portal opening he was so interested. He watched as the portal opened and with the last draining of the core of the world the build nearly caved in at the exact time. many things were pulled it to the portal. He was struck by a construction beam on the head and was knocked unconscious and was pulled in. he then awoke 10 years later and was much older(being the age of 27 now and 17 when he was at the portal). He is now in current time
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    posted a message on [FTB] [MINDCRACK] BetaFishCraft [SMP]
    1. IGN mgh147
    2. Email [email protected]
    3. Skype Name mghthebrave (old runescape name)
    4. Age 14
    5. Why do you want on to the Server? I love ftb and the idea of a close community server such as the mindcrack server
    6. TimeZone
    7. Daily Playtime 0 - 5 hours
    8. Favorite part of FTB? Forestry: BEEEEEEEEES
    9. 2+2=? (HINT: TITLE) BetaFishCraft?
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    posted a message on Community FTB/Vanilla/PVP/Maps/Skype!
    First name: matthew
    Minecraft Name: mgh147
    Age: 14
    Do you have skype (dont post it untill you are accepted) Yep
    What games do you play besides minecraft: tf2, the hidden source, sc2, league of legends, etc
    What is your favorite part about the 4 points on "what you are applying for" eithe the ctm or the ultimate pack server( love mods :D)
    Descibe how active you are in a community setting: i would sa a good amount but not a lot
    Have you ever been Banned, dont lie, explain what happened (ive been banned a TON!): from a server owned by a spoiled 11 year old who went ban happy
    Do you record video, if yes whats your twitch/youtube(not required): i could if i wanted to, but i do not at the moment
    Favoritie way to Mine: Caving all the way man (strip mining is for sissys)
    Decribe your PVP skills/experience's: i would say im above average, usually with something like a bow
    Decribe your CTM skill/experience's: Havent really dont it at all
    Decribe your FTB skills/experience's: i know almost everything about it (ive played it forever)
    Decribe your UHC skills/experience's;
    On an average day how often do you play minecraft (hours): 3-5
    How many people do you think I should invite to join us, explain: about 12, so we could have a good community and enough people to do things such as uhc
    Last one, Ask yourself a question I Havent and post this answer in this slot: Why should you be allowed on? i should be allowed on because im a mature comedy guy who likes to have fun with friends and try new games.
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    posted a message on >> Mistral City RP Server << [SUPER-CLOSED] [YOGSCAST]

    Age: 14
    Maturity: 7/10


    Characters name: Hefig
    Character Age: 76
    Race: Dwarf
    Gender: Male
    Strengths: Axe weilding, mining, and smithing

    Background story (3-5 LONG paragraphs, 5 sentences each): at a young age he was a poor dwarf in a family struggling to survive. he had to do most of the work because his father was very ill. This has made young hefig grow up very fast. after his father passed away and his mother remarried he became a middle class citizen. not use to this life stile he looked for hard work at the construction sight. During work one day Some one dropped a block of cobble stone on his hand braking it and weakining it pass use.

    He later joined the military gaining the skills he would to be a strong dwarf. with only the use of his right hand he became very strong with the one handed axe. his military went abruptly short when His parents were then killed by Israphel. he has Vowed vengance apon him. He has traveled for far and wide on the look for israphel. His travels have taught him many things. he has grown old, but strong from his travels. evwen though he is in his mid 70s he is still as strong as a warf half his age.
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    posted a message on Shadow of Israphel RolePlay server!
    Out of Character:

    IGN: mgh147

    Age: 14

    Roleplay Experience: a bit

    Can you roleplay seriously?: Yes sir!

    Can you be Mature?: yes

    What makes you want to be on this server?: i love the shadow of israhpel and rp.


    Name: Hefig

    Age: 26

    Gender: male

    Appearance: a Semi-young dwarf with long black hear and a beard. Battle ready army

    Background: A young dwarf on a mining expedition gone wrong. he dug his way in th earth for many years living of what he could find. he eventually dug up into this land to seek a new life

    Strengths: mining melee fighting smithing

    Weaknesses: archery patience

    Fears: Large spiders

    Desired job: Smithy or mining
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    posted a message on [1.4.7] Might Of Champions! Dungeons - Bosses - Quests - Towns - PVP - Events - Fun -
    Your "IGN" (In Game Name) mgh147

    Age 14

    Have you signed up and voted on the Might of Champions website? heading to do that now

    Any questions/concerns/comments? nope. just the map looks amazing
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    posted a message on [FTB] [24/7] [NEW] Oceania FTB server! [WHITELIST]
    What is your IGN (in game name): mgh147
    How long have you played Minecraft for: since early alpha
    Do you have experience with mods like these: Yes ive played and pretty much beaten tekkit (unlimited red matter0
    How old are you (don't lie): 14
    What made you apply to this server?: i loved tekkit and ftb so server ftib will be fun, also my friends play over lan with each other
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    posted a message on City of Lakewood ~ Modern Roleplay Server ~ Insta-whitelist ~ Applications accepting now!

    • IGN: mgh147
    • NAME: matthew
    • AGE: 13
    • SKYPE (IF YOU HAVE ONE): mghthebrave
    • BIO ABOUT YOURSELF: im a gamer looking to go youtube commentator

    • CHARACTER NAME: Matthias
    • AGE: 78
    • JOB: old man who is very wise
    • BIO ABOUT CHARACTER: A man whos gone through many things in his life and is looking for a place to settle down in a new town. he moved to this town at age 56 and has lived out his days in the cities retirement home
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    posted a message on 1.7.9 [Magic PvP][Non-PvP][Vanilla PvP][Factions][Adventure][Creative] SOMETHING for ALL.
    1. What is your InGame Name. mgh147
    2. How Old are you. 14
    3. What part of the world are you from? AMERICA F**K YEAH
    4. Do you like PvP? Yep
    5. Do you know any JAVA coding? If so, can you make or edit Plungin Source code. No clue
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    posted a message on SR Survival Games - [The BEST Survival Games] [Check inside to join a game Right Now!] [1.3]
    • 1. Your In Game Name: mgh147
    • 3. Have you Voted for the Savage Servers at www.votesr.com?(We will check this): on my way
    • 4. Have you played the Savage Servers before? yes
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