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    posted a message on replaced terrain file, game wont open
    You don't have to delete the .minecraft folder, just the bin directory.
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    posted a message on How to make glass transluscent?
    Why is this topic still going?

    Translucency is impossible on textures that were not already translucent, such as water.

    Full transparency is perfectly possible on all terrain textures.

    Everyone was using bad terminology, started by the OP using the wrong term in the title, but Jay summed it up nicely.
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    posted a message on Taehl's Texturepack v.2.5
    Try %appdata%\.minecraft\bin
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    posted a message on 2Realistic
    Quote from Stoup »
    Quote from peterboi »
    Quote from slamoid »
    Just in case people forget, you need to patch a script to load this. Replacement here:
    http://thefwcentral.com/upload/content/ ... 1bce92.zip

    Where do i place the files?

    I have the same question; Browser version or nay this png crashes my game

    That's old, follow these instructions instead.
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    posted a message on 2Realistic
    Quote from Awoken »
    I just did. I opened my own terrain file, unmodified, and it had the same resolution and the same "tools" as in this pack, 2realistic.

    he just changed the colors a bit.

    Try redownloading SMP's pack.
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    posted a message on Hi-res textures in the works
    I haven't tested since Notch's sound update so something might have changed from that; I'll have to check for changes. In the main time, how high res are you using matthew? When I was testing my class modifications out I found that 256x256 (per block) seems to be the highest that works, at least with that simple a modification. 512px guarantees a crash.

    Edit: Looks the same to me. As long as you've deleted META-INF, are playing in the standalone browser, and have renamed then put one of the ik.class files into the jar file (preferably the 32MB one) then it should work.

    Quote from shairn »
    these look great, must be a little rough on the system though :tongue.gif:

    It actually doesn't seem too bad! Some people have even reported FPS increases.

    Quote from Swingerzetta »
    those textures do look awesome. if someone wants to put together a high-res project using original (as in, non-copyrighted, if that's an issue) material or simply, I am happy to consider requests, and I'm sure many other people here are. As a group we could assemble an awesome texture pack, I'm sure. Things like "can anyone get me a realistic cloth texture that tiles seamlessly?" I can totally help out with.

    There is a 32x32 project in the works on Facepunch forums. SMP has the most promising 128x128 one. Taehl is considering making either a 32 or 64 one.
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    posted a message on Taehl's Texturepack v.2.5
    I think he means more that, while the poll is still running, make a couple block textures at each resolution. Then we can compare what they look like to make the choice.
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    posted a message on Taehl's Texturepack v.2.5
    Quote from Taehl »
    I should note that if I /do/ go super-high-res (64x64 or higher), I'd NOT be going the route of resizing photographs, etc.... I'd still be drawing it. I'd likely start making heavier use of dithering, too, so TTP can maintain a pixel-art look. As a simple example (from another one of my projects, NOT intended to be part of TTP):

    Nice. I like your lite pack the best of all texture replacements, so I'm sure an HD variant will be just as amazing!

    Until Notch adds official support for 64x64 or higher tiles, you can still test them. It requires a few additional edits to the .jar file and has some glitches, but is ok for trying them out.
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    posted a message on Dragons in Minecraft
    Not to mention that he seemed sarcastic, saying that he definitely wouldn't add dragons that you absolutely shouldn't put in furnaces. I wouldn't rule out dragons.
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    posted a message on Setting up an Xbox 360 Controller (With Free Software)
    Quote from hello4am »
    i've been trying to do this for a really long time, i have everything working how i like it- but i can't control the camera at all, it is always moving and always either too sensitive or not sensitive enough.

    Is that with this script? You can use decimal numbers on line two to adjust sensitivity.

    Quote from Canadian_x360a »
    Quote from Killing_Frenzie »
    There is something called Xpadder go check it out... its actually really good and self explanitory to use!

    Yeah and I already made a tutorial for it awhile ago, therefore making this tutorial redundant.

    Xpadder is easier.

    Wouldn't really call it redundant, since this tutorial gives a different fully-free piece of software and a ready-to-go mapping file, with some scripted features.

    Both are viable options, but it's my opinion that GlovePIE is a better choice for most applications. It supports basically every gaming device your OS will recognize (including Wii controllers, which is how I initially found it), allows for scripting more advanced actions in, and is as easy to map as options like Xpadder once the initial accessibility problems are overcome. Plus its development is still supported, while Xpadder has moved on to requiring payment.
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    posted a message on Setting up an Xbox 360 Controller (With Free Software)
    Quote from LuciferZ »
    I'd like to program the POVhat (Dpad) so that pressing up on it will be Key.Z, left and right are Key.Enter and Key.K. I've already shifted some other things around, but the code for the POVHat confuses me a bit. Can you give me a hand?

    Sure! The POVHat is actually considered an analog stick in a way - there are two variables, Pov1x and Pov1y. They have values from -1 to 1, negative being left or up, positive being right or down.

    The easiest way to do this is using EnsureMapRange, like when WASD was mapped. For what you described:

    Key.Z = EnsureMapRange(Joystick1.Pov1y, 0,-1, 0,1)
    Key.Enter = EnsureMapRange(Joystick1.Pov1x, 0,-1, 0,1)
    Key.K = EnsureMapRange(Joystick1.Pov1x, 0,1, 0,1)

    Just a note, though - the 360 D-pad hardware is really unreliable because apparently it is an analog stick, not four buttons with a hat (like most controllers). It's generally not good for irreversible commands as a result.

    EDIT: Yup, that looks right for down. Glad to hear it's working!
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    posted a message on Setting up an Xbox 360 Controller (With Free Software)
    I've seen it mentioned before, but every solution has either had usability problems (eg. Joy2Key), used shareware programs that needed a standalone client, or required custom drivers. While those solutions do work, here's a guide to using little-known free program GlovePIE!

    With just a few steps you'll end up with this control scheme (Click to see the whole thing):

    First, you'll need to plug in your 360 Controller and install it correctly (Vista or later will do that automatically. For XP, use the driver disc). Then just follow these simple steps:

      [*:1xzbiov5]Download GlovePIE (Direct Link). Windows only, unfortunately.
      [*:1xzbiov5]Unzip it somewhere. To do so, make a folder on your computer (eg. C:/GlovePIE), then open the zip file you downloaded. Select the files and drag them into the new folder.
      [*:1xzbiov5]Download the config file I made (Right Click->Save As...).
      [*:1xzbiov5]Run GlovePIE.exe, then open the config file.
      [*:1xzbiov5]If you're using Vista or Windows 7, select TroubleShooter->Fake Windows 98. You'll have to do this each time you start GlovePIE.
      [*:1xzbiov5]Click Run!

    At this point it should already be working - just open minecraft and start playing, whether from the browser or with a standalone client! If not, then post and I might be able to help sort out any problems.

      [*:1xzbiov5]Nothing's happening when I use the controller!
      Make sure the controller is installed correctly. You can check this in Windows 7 by going to Devices and Printers. Otherwise, open the Game Controller Settings window and check there.
      If it's installed fine, try toggling "Fake Windows 98" under the TroubleShooter menu in GlovePIE. Of course, make sure the script actually runs when you click Run too (Should say "[Running]" in title bar).
      [*:1xzbiov5]It turns way too slow/fast!
      Once you have the script open, look at the second line - "var.TurnSpeed = 28". Change that value and rerun the script until it's good.
      [*:1xzbiov5]Inventory navigation is useless, it's way too slow/fast.
      Similar to the previous answer, adjust the value for line 3 of the script ("var.InvSpeed")
      [*:1xzbiov5]Can buttons be remapped?
      Yes, though it requires a bit of script editing. The file is commented fairly well, so if you've worked in any scripting language it should be easy to follow. You can also try the GUI tab of GlovePIE, though it's a bit unreliable - especially if you try changing the open/close inventory button.

    That's about it. Good joystick to keyboard programs are hard to find (for free) and the best - GlovePIE - can be intimidating, so I hope this helps someone get their controller working with Minecraft.

    If you want, you can use GlovePIE to setup configurations for nearly any input device - including WiiMotes! I don't have a script ready for that, though.
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    posted a message on Pyramid mode (-MP, Goal-oriented indev)
    Quote from eerr »
    The pyramid must be centered clearly atop the Exact spot clearly deliniated by a single raised adminium block atop a square of adminium 2 tiles larger than the adminium block. As long as the pyramid is properly centered, notch will handle the sandstone/stonefill check himself, detecting any chunk update above the adminium field, and determining what to do with them.

    Note that any blocks exposed to the night within the radius of the sandfield (50X50?) which is not sand, gold, adminium, or part of the pyramid will attract explosive meteors unless built near a gold block.

    I like the idea of having a central goal, based on resource collection and survival from meteors and enemies, but the pyramid detection would probably end up detrimental. People who are new wouldn't know what the "correct" way to build a pyramid is and failures would not be immediately obvious. A potential solution could be making the plan be laid out by ghost blocks or something similar, but I have a different suggestion:

    Simply make a central deposit where people place the correct materials. Have the meteors attack the highest structures that are not part of the central pyramid. Still make monsters, as the meteor attacks could be tricked a bit.

    You'd still have a pyramid being built, but it would be automated and dependant only on materials being provided by the players.

    This would end up a bit similar to the gold-stealing survival mode Notch has already described, but the constant night and meteor aspects would still make it compelling (I think).
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    posted a message on An idea on how to prevent killing your comp with infdev
    Quote from Urchin »
    if the memory is removed, where does it go? you can't load a map that doesn't exist.

    Wouldn't you just save the chunks to a temporary file, one you're more than a few chunks away?
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