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    hello, hello! i'm so happy to see you've posted not forever ago and that you hope to have another update coming (although not as soon as you hoped)! i'm excited to see it! love your work, thank you so much!

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    ohh, wonderful! i hope you're still working on this! i'm looking forward to seeing more and hope to be able to use it in time!!

    plume is absolutely right~ i feel like i may be super picky because when i look at other texture packs there aren't that many that i'm immediately in-love with despite their apparent popularity. i have a handful of favorites, and your works are definitely in them!

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    your work is absolutely stunning! i don't have awesome things to say because i'm lame, but thank you so much for all your hard work. i really look forward to seeing future content from you. if you have personal blog/s or other things where you show your artwork i'd also love a link to visit! that is, if you're the sharing kind ^^

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    i love this so much <3 have been a fan for forever and i'm so excited to see it's been updated recently!

    thank you for all the hard work you've done. i hope you'll continue!

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