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    posted a message on [1.3.2] Wasteland Generator Mod! FINALLY UPDATED!
    it would be pretty awesome if you could just make this a generation option. i realize that yes, this is planned but think of this. compatablity with way more mods including plasmacraft, a mod that already introduces lazer and plasma weapons ;)
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    posted a message on Millénaire - NPC village - 16/09/18 : Millénaire 7 open beta
    wut are exactly the steps to installing this without the installer? the installer keeps giving me an error and i don't quite exactly understand what i have to do if i have forge installed
    and i want to install millenaire, would someone help me out?
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    posted a message on [1.1] Wasteland Mod v0.8 - Includes Ruins! 30,000 Downloads! Official Server to play on!
    Quote from neway

    From earlier comments by Silver Weasel, the Oasises, no wait Oasii, or is it Oasee.... Well the blocks of 4 by 4 squares with water, grass and a tree, are found in the desert biome, ie Sand.. Since there is no ocean then there is no beach, so sand is just the desert. I have found 2 so far, and have managed to massively expand out one of them into some nearby dirt. Well nearby was 30-40 squares but close enough that the grass seems to be spreading.

    So yes, biome specific. Biome is desert. Desert is sand.

    Unless I am mistaken. :smile.gif: Which I often am.

    nope, your correct. they only spawn in deserts
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    posted a message on Minecraft oil tanker
    impressive, although if it flys i would modify it to look more like cargo plane, great work nonetheless
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    posted a message on Sakuragaoka All-Girls High School (K-On!)
    very nice, gets my はい of approval!
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    posted a message on [1.1] Wasteland Mod v0.8 - Includes Ruins! 30,000 Downloads! Official Server to play on!
    Quote from Silver_Weasel

    Mmk, we've begun work on the official Wasteland Server. It'll be a Survival Server with few rules(basically: No Spawning for the mods and admins, and No Completely Inappropriate Comments). Other than that it's complete hardcore survival. The Spawn Point will be a protected Vault.
    One of my close friends has been working on a Bukkit Version for wasteland, because I'm just completely annoyed with it, and he's made a lot more progress then I did, now it's just a matter of sorting out some Biomey stuff and Ruins.

    sweet! thanks SW! also loved the "hold on, lets pose for a picture" thought that was pretty funny.
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    posted a message on [1.4.7][MP] Heuristix's TheGunMod 2.0.3 [UPDATED][Forge]
    Quote from Masterminer1012

    So No custom scopes or Wunderwaffe stuff. Awww :sad.gif:

    codfag detected
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    posted a message on [1.1] Wasteland Mod v0.8 - Includes Ruins! 30,000 Downloads! Official Server to play on!
    Quote from n00basures

    2011-12-26_01.56.25 by n00basaures, on Flickr

    What's this?

    2011-12-26_01.56.53 by n00basaures, on Flickr

    It's n00basures's suggestion for a randomly generated shelter of coarse!

    I was thinking, and I really loved the vault from the test server(and honestly, I thought it was a generation feature!) So why not add them to the code! Mine might be a bit over-powered, so I am open to suggestions!
    It would have: 2-4 beds(mine has 2 bunks)
    : A small, not compete wheat-farm
    :a chest with random-loot{like leather boots and an apple)
    MOAR pics!

    2011-12-26_01.57.18 by n00basaures, on Flickr

    2011-12-26_01.57.28 by n00basaures, on Flickr


    Love the Idea, this could be a great thing to implement to complement the "vaults" that should be added in the next release
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    posted a message on [1.8.1]Dynamo 1.36 - Better than Wolves/IndustrialCraft² Addon
    not to be "that guy" but, is there any chance this will be updated for 1.0.0?
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    posted a message on [V1.6.2] Xie's Mod
    Quote from Xie

    Thanks! :smile.gif: (And no, sorry :tongue.gif:)

    The block and item ids are fully changeable in the ids.ini config file in ./mods/Xie/config directory! So you should be able to play it with your favourite mod! Metallurgy looks pretty awesome, btw, if I ever played SSP I'd consider it :wink.gif:

    Wow, that's a lot of mods! Oh wait, half of them are Red Power and BuildCraft lol. I'm sure that BuildCraft doesn't have to be 5 separate mods,.. but then I guess there couldn't be 5 separate adf.ly links :3

    But I digress. Looks like you've installed the mod incorrectly... All you need to do is copy the zip into your Mods folder and then unzip it there. Most of the class files should be in a ./mods/Xie/xie directory (like the Xie.class file, which is the one it seems to be having trouble finding), except for the mod_XieWhatever.class file, which should be in ./mods/Xie. The img and config folders should also be in this directory.

    Good luck! :smile.gif:

    wow ive been making this ALOT harder on myself then i needed. thanks for helping! :laugh.gif:
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    posted a message on [V1.6.2] Xie's Mod
    i know im doing something stupid wrong, but i cant figure out wut, all the class files along with the config and img folders are in the xie folder in my mods folder

    Mods loaded: 18
    ModLoader 1.0.0
    mod_Lightbulb 1.1
    mod_ModLoaderMp 1.0.0
    mod_PowerArmor v1.0.2
    mod_TooManyItems 1.0.0 2011-11-29
    mod_zipline Zipline 1.0.0 v3
    mod_BuildCraftCore 2.2.7
    mod_BuildCraftBuilders 2.2.7
    mod_BuildCraftEnergy 2.2.7
    mod_BuildCraftFactory 2.2.7
    mod_BuildCraftTransport 2.2.7
    mod_IC2 v1.42
    mod_RedPowerArray 2.0pr4
    mod_RedPowerCore 2.0pr4
    mod_RedPowerLighting 2.0pr4
    mod_RedPowerLogic 2.0pr4
    mod_RedPowerWiring 2.0pr4
    mod_WeaponMod 1.0.0 v8.1.0 Standard Edition

    Minecraft has crashed!

    Minecraft has stopped running because it encountered a problem.

    If you wish to report this, please copy this entire text and email it to [email protected]
    Please include a description of what you did when the error occured.

    --- BEGIN ERROR REPORT 30a8c6cd --------
    Generated 12/21/11 11:51 PM

    Minecraft: Minecraft 1.0.0
    OS: Windows 7 (x86) version 6.1
    Java: 1.7.0_01, Oracle Corporation
    VM: Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM (mixed mode), Oracle Corporation
    LWJGL: 2.4.2
    OpenGL: Intel Pineview Platform version 1.4.0 - Build, Intel

    java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: xie/Xie
    at mod_XieClient.<init>(mod_XieClient.java:58)
    at sun.reflect.NativeConstructorAccessorImpl.newInstance0(Native Method)
    at sun.reflect.NativeConstructorAccessorImpl.newInstance(Unknown Source)
    at sun.reflect.DelegatingConstructorAccessorImpl.newInstance(Unknown Source)
    at java.lang.reflect.Constructor.newInstance(Unknown Source)
    at java.lang.Class.newInstance0(Unknown Source)
    at java.lang.Class.newInstance(Unknown Source)
    at ModLoader.addMod(ModLoader.java:275)
    at ModLoader.readFromModFolder(ModLoader.java:1309)
    at ModLoader.init(ModLoader.java:826)
    at ModLoader.AddAllRenderers(ModLoader.java:186)
    at wb.<init>(wb.java:76)
    at wb.<clinit>(wb.java:9)
    at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.a(SourceFile:265)
    at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.run(SourceFile:644)
    at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)
    Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: xie.Xie
    at java.net.URLClassLoader$1.run(Unknown Source)
    at java.net.URLClassLoader$1.run(Unknown Source)
    at java.security.AccessController.doPrivileged(Native Method)
    at java.net.URLClassLoader.findClass(Unknown Source)
    at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(Unknown Source)
    at sun.misc.Launcher$AppClassLoader.loadClass(Unknown Source)
    at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(Unknown Source)
    ... 16 more
    --- END ERROR REPORT df5cdb24 ----------
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    posted a message on [1.7.3] Arms Mods - Infinite Lava Source + More!
    update pl0x
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    posted a message on [Server Has Been Shutdown]
    In-Game Name: mercilessj
    Clan (if applicable): zen brotherhood(was rising sun)
    Age: 17
    Are you capable of acting mature?: yes
    Tell me about yourself: ive had mc since the holloween update last year, been on several servers sense then. i try to be part of the community on the servers i join. i dont believe in greifing.
    Have you read through the rules on the first post?: yes
    What is the punishment for Griefing?: permanent ban
    What is the punishment for hacking (flight/speed/xray/pvp/etc.) on this server?: permanent ban - no second chances
    What should be the main focus here (3 things, check rules)?: maturity, respect, common sense
    What's the password?: pillage
    Any questions you have:
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    posted a message on ww2 rp clan
    Branch:panzer corps
    Age,dosent matter: 17
    skillz: building, redstone
    are you making a server: nope.jpg
    do you know anything about ww2: yes
    dot greif:nope
    have a wunderbah day
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    posted a message on First House
    download pl0x
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