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    posted a message on Looking for players ages 18+ to join my Java, 1.15.2, whitelist, SMP, Hermitcraft style server!

    IGN: MerchantSplash6

    Discord: MerchantSplash6#5447

    Age: 19

    Skills: Played Minecraft Bedrock since it came out. Just moved to pc. Trying to find a fun/casual server.

    Time zone: GMT-4

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    posted a message on Can you help me?

    Hello all:

    I go by MerchantSplash. I'm stuck at home away from college for the virus. I am trying to play Minecraft on my PC, but I can't afford it right now. I am asking for your help in purchasing a copy of it. I am asking for 30 people to donate me a dollar so I can afford it.

    Totally understand if you want to brush this off, I just thought I would try and reach out to this community for help.

    My venmo is @Cameron-Brisbine if you are willing to help. If you want to donate outside of venmo, please reach out.

    Thank you all for your support

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