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    posted a message on Small private 24/7 server!

    Username: Soltrajik

    Why you want to join: I currently haven't really been on many servers for a while, and I'd love to be able to join one! I also find minecraft to be more fun with people being alongside you!

    Age: 15

    Skype: lavvydee

    Why we should pick you: I think you should pick me because I'm a helpful, social person. I have tons of time to commit to this server and I'm very loyal to whatever server I join. I also believe that I'll be able to bring a lot to the server.

    Your skills: Mostly building, I'm also good at mining and making farms. I also pride myself in completing everything I start.

    Your weaknesses: Sort of school, but I promise I will be as active as I can! And within the game I'm pretty bad at redstone, I have a basic knowledge but I can't do anything crazy...and PVP is not something I'm good at, or like to do at all.

    Do you agree to all the rules?: Yes, of course!

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    posted a message on HYPNOCRAFT Seeking New Memebers!!!

    IGN? Iridot (I'm changing it to Soltrajik tomorrow....sooo XD)
    Age? 15
    Experience Level? I've been playing for a couple years, well, more like 3 I think! Either way, I've been playing for a long time.
    Why do you want to join our server? I want to join this server because I want to be able to play with others! I love being able to see what others do in terms of bases and stuff~

    Where are you from? America
    How often do you think you will play? Most days for a couple hours. I'll be on and off all day on the weekends.

    Anything else we should know to help us make our decision? I'm very social. I'm also good at creating farms, sooo :P
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    • IGN? Iridot
    • Your age? 15
    • Where do you live (country, state)? United States, North Dakota
    • What type of player are you? I think I'm a builder? I mostly build- but I'm also a bit of a redstoner.
    • Why do you want to join Imagination SMP? I want to join so I'm able to play with people! I'm very social and I hate playing on my own. I want to be able to play with a good group of people~
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    posted a message on (Closed)


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    posted a message on The Fallen SMP Season 2! FTB infinity (latest version)

    What is your IGN?: Soltrajik
    What is your age?: 14
    Where are you from?: North Dakota, USA
    Can you run modded minecraft?: Yep, I play modpacks a lot!
    Why do you want to join The Fallen?: I want to join because I've never played a modpack with others! I'd love to be able to play modded with other people, and maybe even learn more things about the mods. I'd also like to join a nice community. Cyan's the best color :P
    What is your youtube channel?: I don't record currently but I would be willing to record if I get in, if it's wanted.
    What is your skype?: Lavvydee
    Do you have any skills that stand out?: I think the skill that makes me stand out the most is my building, but it's mostly for my ideas, not how the builds look. I'm also decent at the magic mods, but I love working and problem solving with the tech mods.(Does that sound weird....?)
    Anything else we should know about you?: I'm very helpful and social. Also, I'm very committed to any project I start. Just letting this known because I'm not a person who will just randomly stop playing.

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    posted a message on Crafting Ignited | Mostly Vanilla | Friendly Community | 14+
    • In-Game Name: Lavvs
    • How old are you?: 14
    • Where do you live?: North Dakota
    • Have you ever been banned before?: Nope
    • How long have you played Minecraft?: For a couple years, I've played for a long time.
    • What do you enjoy doing in Minecraft?: Building mostly, I like making farms and just messing around mining.
    • How do you think you can contribute to the server?: I would be able to contribute buildings, knowledge on the game, and farms.
    • What are your experiences (if any) on other servers?: I've played on many servers, most have completely died off- but they were very fun and makes me want to keep joining them!
    • Is there anything you'd like to share about yourself?: I might act quiet, but I really love talking :P
    • Is there a name you'd prefer to be called other than your IGN?: Lavvy would be better than Lavvs, but I don't mind either
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    posted a message on Group Chat Gaming Vanilla Whitelisted Survival - Small Community Type - Brand New! Started This Week!

    This seems like it'd be really fun! I'm interested in joining- my skype is lavvydee if you want to contact me~

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    posted a message on Glass Life SMP | Vanilla 1.8 Whitelisted | 11 SPOTS ARE OPEN | NEW WORLD
    IGN: Soltrajik

    Age: 14

    Skype: Lavvydee

    How active do you think you will be? I know I can be very active. I can be on most days for a couple hours, and longer on weekends.

    What can you bring to the community?: I can bring friendliness, help with builds/projects, and knowledge about the game. I will also bring my own ideas and builds. I like to build big and work on big projects.

    What are your Minecraft skills?: My strongest skill would just be surviving in general. I'm a fairly decent builder, and I love to work on huge projects. I'm also really good at mini-games : P

    A little bit about yourself?: I'm 14, and mature. But I also like to talk a lot and have fun! I like drawing and digitally paint. I'm a bit of a perfectionist..

    Why do you want to join?: I want to join because I'm really sick of public servers. The last server I was on just randomly closed after a day and the owner was being rude randomly. It wasn't really fun, and I'm just looking for a better server.
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    posted a message on inactive

    How Old Are You? 14

    What Is Your Minecraft In Game Name? Soltrajik

    What Is Your YouTube If You Have One? I don't really record...

    How Often Will You Be Recording On The Server If You Have A YouTube? I might start recording if the server stays active.

    How Often Will You Be On The Server? I can be on most days

    From A Scale Of 1-10 How Mature Are You? I'm probably around 7 or 8, I like to be mature- but I also like joking around.

    What Is A SMP Server? A SMP is a survival multiplayer server- most of the times these servers are whitelisted and have small communities compared to public servers.

    Are You A Good Builder? I'm pretty sure that I am- at least it's what people tell me 'v'

    What Are You Good At In Minecraft? I'm good at minigames- but in a server like this I'd be good at surviving and making farms. For me it's go big or go home...

    Why Should We Accept You? I'm looking for some good 'ol minecraft to play. Normal survival with others- since I don't like single-player

    What Can You Bring To The Server? I can bring help and knowledge on the game, I can also help out with big projects and help everyone.

    Are You Going To Grief? No, I don't like it- never liked the feelings it gives

    (also skype is lavvydee, just in case :P)

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