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    posted a message on Dimensional Doors v2.2.4

    what are the permissions to create a port to the newer versions, would it be possible to create a modding tool that makes it easier to update with the new versions?

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    posted a message on CultureCraft - 3D Samurai Armor! - A Taste of Japan! PR 0.2 Available (25/08/2015)

    btw, could you add things like sake, and add different fish mobs, to make sushi and sashimi?

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    posted a message on Morph - Turn into almost any mob!

    hey, when will you update to 1.8 or 1.9?

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    posted a message on The Weed Mod (Marijuana Mod)

    its freedom of speech

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    posted a message on The Dalek Mod - Updated (Oct 2021) - Tardis, Sonic Screwdrivers, Daleks, Cybermen, Time travel and much more!

    It seems some of the people on your team are bullies, can you clarify what happened?

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    posted a message on Mowzie's Mobs: Powerful overworld enemies and more! - Version 1.5.14: Down below and up above!
    double headed foliaath variant: has two snapping heads thats attack one after the other.

    mega boss Foliaath: that has one gigantic central head the deals alot of damage, and spawns foliaath minions.
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    posted a message on Bedrock and Hardened Diamond Tools/Armor
    how do you mine bedrock?
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    posted a message on New Year Mod
    is this modcreator?
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    posted a message on Reika's Mods (Tech, WorldGen, Civilization, and more)
    Quote from Reika»

    More information and downloads can be found on my website.

    Latest News:
    Notice to all Bug Reports:
    If you are using any version other than the latest, try the new version before posting your report!

    All of my mods are to be installed as jars in the "mods" folder. Note that they all require DragonAPI and Minecraft Forge for the appropriate Minecraft version. If using MagicLauncher, add them as external mods.
    The mods have config files that allow you to change Block and Item IDs, and to control various other aspects of their behavior.
    One word of warning: Changing Block IDs of existing worlds is likely to cause lost blocks at best and world corruption at worst (ClassCastException crash).

    For Developers:
    My mods are all visible-source and the code can be found on
    If you would like to use DragonAPI to help simplify and expand development of your own mod(s), go right ahead; To allow me to control versions, however, you may not distribute the compiled DragonAPI, and instead must link to this thread. The only exception to this rule is prefabricated modpacks like FTB, which may distribute my mods as part of them after getting my permission.


    A note on terminology:
    • Private modpacks are for personal use only, and are never redistributed in any form.
    • Semi-Private modpacks are those being used on a private (possibly whitelisted) server.
    • Public modpacks are those being publicly distributed, either via ZIP, ATLauncher, Technic, FTB, or otherwise
    Even if your pack is intended for a private server, if it is freely available to others, it is a public pack.

    Public modpacks must obtain permission; semi-private ones do not need permission, but I do appreciate being notified. Private packs do not need either permission or notification.

    If you are using the mod on a server, it is automatically part of a public or semi-private pack and is thus bound by the relevant terms. Using the pack on a LAN counts as a private pack as long as the world is restricted to one home/office/school network and is not publicly available.

    If you are using my mods in a pack, you are still bound by the rules, even if the pack has already received permission. Use of FTB or other approved packs rather than coming to me directly is not a magic pass to suddenly violate the terms.

    If you wish to include any of my mods in any public or semi-private modpack, you must follow the following five rules:
      1. Users of the pack may not have permission to reupload and redistribute the pack.
      2. Under no circumstances may you or the users of the pack extract my mods from the pack and rehost them.
      3. The pack must comply with the rules regarding third-party modification discussed below.
      4. My mods may not be used to generate income, either directly from purchases or donations, or indirectly with ad revenue or merchandise, except that which is necessary for maintenance (eg server fees). Ad revenue for YouTube videos of the pack is permitted. Access to my content may not be sold. This includes but is not limited to disabling/banning/locking machines or items so that users must donate to have access to them, and offering packages that include my items. These actions are also expressly forbidden by the MC terms of use.
      5. You may not try to claim credit for any of my mods under any circumstance. This includes but is not limited to stating ownership, claiming to have contributed content (beyond merely suggesting an idea), and claiming that you are on part of a modding team with me.
    Regarding third-party modifications:
    Due to techtree dependency and "learning curve" concerns, RotaryCraft, ReactorCraft, ElectriCraft, and ChromatiCraft must not be modified in any way, including disabling items and changing recipes, and providing alternate means to obtain various items and materials.This includes the use of MineTweaker and other similar tools! In cases of instability, contact me to obtain a temporary exception. Config options native to the mod are of course free to be modified.

    Other mods have a bit more flexibility:

    Semi-private packs must obey the following:
    • Total feature removal must be a last resort; where possible, other solutions such as more costly recipes must be considered
    • Any and all feature removals must be immediately obvious to all potential players on the server before they take steps to join
    • If adding the mod to an existing server, it must be made clear before the addition of the mod which features will be modified and/or removed
    • The removal of the feature must be accepted by a majority of the players on the server
    • If the feature is a prerequisite or crafting ingredient of something else, some alternative way to obtain those items must be provided
    • Players must not be given preferential treatment; admins or donators get no more access to banned features than ordinary players do
    • If a large section of the playerbase strongly disapproves of the disabling of an item, the one(s) responsible for disabling it must make a valid justification for their reasoning to their players. If they fail to do so to their players' satisfaction, the ban must be lifted
    • Modified copies of the mod are ineligible for tech support until the issue can be reproduced in an unmodified copy
    • Modifications must be done by using commonly-accepted tools such as WorldGuard. Under no circumstances may you modify any mod's source code, including with ASM or bytecode edits.
    • Abuse of the above powers to earn income or torment the server players will result in a total loss of modification permissions
    Public packs must obey the following:
    The pack must not use external mods to significantly change the way my mods work, such that a guide for the default setup would be misleading or useless for the pack (or vice versa), or that the mods' techtrees, if applicable, are radically altered, or that features are missing. This includes the use of MineTweaker and other similar tools to remove recipes or items! Under no circumstances may you modify any mod's source code or fundamental behavior, including with ASM or bytecode edits. Config options native to the mod are of course free to be modified, as is removing other mods' APIs from the DragonAPI jar if necessary.

    These rules must be adhered to; violations of the rules will result in revocation of permission. If you do not explicitly state that you will adhere to these rules, I will tell you to read this section again. These permissions are non-transferrable, so if your pack is changing ownership, the new owner must get fresh permissions.
    If you are asking for permission, you must state that you will adhere to each of these rules individually as proof you have read and understand them. Just saying "I agree" is not sufficient.

    The approved public packs are listed below:

    • Any official FTB pack created by the FTB team
    • Destinycraft Network
    • MC-Reborn
    • HappyDiggers AMP (happydiggers.net)
    • Mattabase's Pack
    • Beyond Reality
    • Business Elite
    • OuterRealm
    • Technolution
    • The MobPack
    • Mining Dead
    • Skotos Pack
    • KimiTech Next
    • SolitaryCraft
    • TransFormCraft
    • BombPack1010
    • XimCraft
    • AlteraCraft
    • MCRedone
    • SurvivalistPack
    • Darkcraft
    • Technical Frustration
    • Technode
    • Adrendadric
    • Noc'Craft
    • Vanilla Ice Cream
    • Survivalist Pack
    • Warpcraft
    • Tech-Venture
    • theMindCrafters
    • Enderverse
    • Dimension Rift Modpack
    • Stone Age to Space Age
    • Bellum omnium
    • OmniTek
    • Ics Pack
    • Pursuit
    • Electricum Jedi
    • Psytech
    • Bevo's Tech Pack
    • Voltz
    • Digital Creep
    • KummerPack
    • Goreacraft
    • TekkLor
    • Raycraft
    • ProjectRETv2
    • MineTech
    • SoundsLikePvP
    • Back To The Core
    • Capacity of the Void
    • TrueCraft
    • DaZo's Realms
    • Sleepless Horrors
    • Power Hungry
    • Titanium
    • The Extreme List
    • Bízǔ Modpack
    • WolfPack
    • Digital Factor Modpack
    • VersaTech
    • Occultcraft
    • TheNoim's Modpack
    • Mendoza's Pack
    • Magical Infused Pack
    • DM's Tech Mix
    • DemonicCraft
    • Breakdown
    • Maxed Ultimate
    • Survival Of The Moddest
    • ServerHobbyist
    • ParaCraft
    • Canadian Bloodlust
    • Arrani's Realism
    • Keilyptica
    • masters of minecraft
    • Sound of Violence
    • S3G-craft
    • Ascension
    • Cataclysm
    • Minewolf Ultimate
    • Sorcerous Realms
    • EnkiPack
    • Stonebound
    • One Giant Leap
    • CreamPax
    • Arviksa
    • JouleCraft
    • Nightpack
    • Shape the World
    • Wolfs MagiTech Modpack
    • TeamGF Modpack
    • Yet to Be Named
    • Hosencorp
    • Gult's Gorge
    • MaxCraft Extreme
    • Blocklands
    • ScienceCraft
    • Sothis
    • BatMUD
    • MineWars Universe
    • SOA Modded Minecraft Adventure Pack
    • Simulcraft-Modpack
    • Feed The Patrick
    • Magic of War
    • Lag Lite
    • Voltstech
    • Tekklor
    • Minecraft Enchanted
    • Builders Paradise
    • Stranded
    • Pixelogistics
    • Adventurer's dream
    • Eridani Guild Pack
    • Overgenerous
    • XMineCamp's Private Modpack
    • Renovato Future
    • KDK modpack
    • Le Mystical Modpack
    • Crash-Landed modpack
    • FTB Untamed Custom
    • MagickalCraft
    • Lumos Incendia
    • Demosthenex Private Server Pack
    • Mystic Blade
    • Uprising
    • Hardcore Quest Survival
    • Armidan: The Rise of Iniquix
    • FutureCraft 2.0
    • Furrysalamander Tech Pack
    • SirTheori
    • Keybounce JamPacked Pack
    • Magitech Adventures
    • KingR17's Omnia Modpack
    • Sparkz Techno World
    • EduCraft
    • InfinitusMundus
    • Gears of the Arcane
    • Material Energy^3
    • Phoenix Craft
    • TMM ModPack
    • Escape
    • Ultimate Domination
    • Mixed Bean Soup
    • Dogs of the State
    • Cyclone RP
    • Mutual Destruction
    • RaxPack
    • Eleria
    • Elusive dream
    • PCMP
    • Galaxycraft
    • Rise of the Pandas
    • Brave New Worlds
    • Technicalia
    • GingiCraft
    • Technically Focused 1.7.10
    • Amalgamate Technomancy
    • Wolf's Magitech Modpack
    • MysticBlade
    • KC Extreme Tech
    • Vire
    • Machicraft
    • The Dark Trilogy
    • Eldritch Worlds
    • DarklyMedia
    • Black Energy
    • GP: Advanced Adventure
    • Shadowizard23's Medieval
    • Holloween Dj Party
    • Delta-9 Tech Pack
    • NitroxkoCraft
    • Reika's Wrath
    • S.U.P.R.E.M.E. Pack
    • (SeriousCreeper's) SeriousPack
    • ZGF Gaming
    • FusionPack
    • dothCraft
    • ConstructionGaming-Pack
    • M.M.F 1.7.10
    • Aroxy's Technology
    • TerraFirmaPunk
    • New-Age-Teachpack
    • International House of Creepers
    • TUMP
    • Magicality Modpack
    • ElecTech Modpack
    • BattleCraft 2
    • PCM Peacecraft pack
    • MiliiCraft
    • Nedrek Tecno Pack
    • Eat The Beast
    • Lolnet Adventure Pack
    • ThisPack
    • HammerCraft

    What NOT to do:
    (Unless you want to make an idiot of yourself)

    TL;DR: If you are blatantly rude with me and/or act like I have some duty to obey your every command, or you make absolutely no effort to do any effort or thinking yourself, you run the risk of your posts being archived and routinely accessed as examples of how to post if you want to be laughed at.

    Support Rules:
    Follow these if you wish to get a response that is helpful.
      • This thread is the preferred means of support, but PMs are acceptable, as well as approaching me on the FTB teamspeak.
      • Put the name of the mod you are trying to get help for prominently in your post. Do not expect me to work out which mod from "OMG I crashed help no logs cuz I hate pastebin".
      • Make sure it is actually my mod that is crashing. I am going to be just as clueless as you are - and rather irritated - if you give me something like "NullPointerException at some_derpy_coder.600_new_ores_mod.block_ore_47.doStuff()" or a bunch of vanilla code because your server admin set half the configs wrong.
      • Check your versions. Using incompatible versions and complaining about crashes is grounds for ridicule.
      • Read the FAQ first. If your question is answered there and you still post your question, the best you can hope for is my ignoring you. If I do answer, you will not like the nature of the response.
      • Read the first and last few pages of the thread. The same results as not reading the FAQ apply here.
      • Be polite. If you act with hostility ("YOUR MOD IS SUCH A FAILURE IT CORRUPTED MY WORLD AND I HATE YOU SO MUCH!!1!"), if I respond at all, it will be to make an example of you.
      • Similarly, impatience will not be rewarded. Pestering me to update to newer Minecraft versions or complaining about it not being updated to the latest version, or posting a bug and expecting a hotfix overnight will be rewarded with either silence or criticism.
      • Do not post support questions to my GitHub. I never check that and it does not easily allow discussion.
      • Try to understand the mod before posting "this doesn't work"-type alleged bugs. Failing to understand the operation of a machine then claiming it is bugged only makes you look foolish.
      • Similarly, before you suggest new features to mods, check if something like that already exists. If you ask "oh oh oh you know what would be cool? storing power/camouflage blocks/potions made from crystals/etc", you will simply be given a picture/description of the existing feature.
    • If you or someone else suggests something, and I reject the idea, do not try to pressure me into agreeing. Not only does that make you seem overly entitled and come across as callous, but it will only convince me not to accept the idea. Do not keep asking about it every three days, either.
    If you have a crash log, read through it before posting. I will do nothing but mock crashlogs that look something like these:

    its sad the way people treat you. you are a great mod maker. and you tech mods are awesome. :3
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    posted a message on Mob Tamers Mod
    let me guess modcreator mod?
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    posted a message on LAST DAYS - The best post-apocalyptic mod in the history of Minecraft!

    This mod adds new types of the world. Each of these worlds is unique. And each of them has its own requirements for survival. Gameplay is much more complex. Under the new conditions will be much harder to survive. Also, many clothing, items, weapons, block and much more :)

    Brief description of:
    - New types of generations worlds! Currently there are two modes of survival in a tropical island and post-nuclear world.
    - Improved display of the first person. Now you can see your body and legs!
    - Customise inventory by type DayZ SA!
    - 90 kinds of different clothes will not let you get bored! :) (Each has a 3d model)
    - 5 types of melee weapons! (Each has a 3d model)
    - New creatures with his models and sounds.
    - Additional factors: temperature, thirst, bleeding, fractures and loss of consciousness.
    Types of world generation:

    Tropical island
    Tropical island:
    In this type of world you have to survive on the island. On the island a lot of natural resources, but little man-made, so to survive you will have to actively search for food and water. By passing you on the island there are tribes. There are only three. And two of these tribes are against you. Third treat you in a friendly and willing to trade with you and help. Each tribe has a leader (BOSS). He has quite a lot of lives and has its unkalnoe weapons. In addition to the leader of each tribe has an archer, warrior, civilian. Of neutral creatures mod added on the island have snails, crabs and birds.

    -Custom island generations
    -Custom plane crashes generations
    -Custom tribes village generations


    Post nuclear war
    Post nuclear war:
    In this type of world you have to survive in a world devastated by nuclear war. Event occurs after a nuclear war. Nature in the area where the events occur begins to rebound, as it is not subjected to a direct hit of a nuclear strike. Grown trees and plants flourished, buyout shrouded cities, villages, etc ... As a player he born in the metro. Born and raised in it. After the war, has been a long time. And the food that remained in reserves over. Because of what the hero has to go to the surface to find resources for the residents of the underground, where it will find a lot of dangerous ...

    -Custom metro generations
    -Custom city generations
    -Custom airfield generations
    -Custom village generations
    -Site of the explosion of nuclear bombs
    -Designated unexploded nuclear bomb


    New inventory like in the DayZ SA:



    More than 60 different types of clothing! Tops, pants, boots, masks, helmets, backpacks, unloading gilets.

    Сold arms

    While made ​​crossbow and ACOG sight...



    Gun demonstration: Demonstration of equipment and clothing:

    Download 0.0.5: http://adf.ly/t1fXD

    I work alone, so the development process so much delayed. I try as best I can and try to mid-August, has released an alpha version of the mod.

    have you considered adding molatov coctails?
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    posted a message on [Beta] kawaiicrops Mod
    Quote from kawaiiwolf»

    These don't go in your mods folder, they go in the minecraft folder itself ! You're adding to the config and resourcepack folders that are already in there ^^.

    /.minecraft/config <- all your minecraft configuration files

    /.minecraft/mods <- all your mod files

    /.minecraft/resourcepacks <- all your resource/texture packs

    /.minecraft <- where your game actually is.

    btw I love your name. and also maybe could you add a wok? and maybe pressure cooker with can overheat and cause fire damage? and maybe salt ore? maybe berry bushes and shaved ice?
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    posted a message on [Alpha] The Aether II: Genesis of the Void (The Festive Update! Presents, new companions, and more!)
    when will there be an update for 1.7.10?
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    posted a message on Trophy Slots
    maybe could you add an extra inventory tab? if you kill three withers and a ender dragon?
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    posted a message on [1.8.1][1.8.2-pre1] Urushibara's small MODs
    make a chainmail crafting mod. and add plated armor that is stronger than their vanilla counter parts. and maybe a snowglobe mod that displays the weather the biome it is in ( kind of an aesthetic thing).
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