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    posted a message on Flakecraft (new server)
    hi im one of the Admins for FlakeCraft this is a new Survival (Factions)/ Creative/ and Minigame server its currently open but were under maintenence and only the survival is open at the moment if anyone wants to come on and play the staff is nice and everyone else is to just most of the staff works and were working on making the server the best it can be. if anyone wants to come join me im usually on everyday and im nice to be friends with lol

    the Server Ip: flakecraft.beastmc.com

    also if u wanna join our server and be an active one please sign up on our website


    step 1: Register
    step 2: Link your MC account to the sight
    step 3: wait for an admin to accept it and ull be ranked in game so ur not a newbie

    if i was smart i would have pictures but i dont know to put them up on here....since iv nvr done it before...
    the server is going for a medieval theme.

    IM also looking for Builders who have worked in a medieval themed server before and would be able to contribute to us. (we need 2 more builders)

    you can apply here or you can apply on website i beleive..

    if you apply here please use this app.(mature players are plus)



    How long have you played MC?:

    Any Experience with medieval builds? If yes please post 2 pics if you have (ill know if u popped em off google or bing):

    Any Experience at all being a Builder for a server?:

    Lastly Tell me about yourself and why youd be great for this spot?:

    Please use this app. also if i dont get back to you on these add me on skype!!!

    my skype: optic_wolfking

    thanks!!!!!!! hope to see you all!!!!!
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    posted a message on looking for 2 or 3 ppl to do a hexxit server
    im just wondering if hexxit servers are even out there i like it alot and want to do it with a few more ppl to make it alot more fun just idk how to set em up or even do one and my pc is stupid so i cant host if i have to so my kik is Diablokillers and i always got my phone on me so just messgae me with a reply if u got one already or if ur starting one up new world and all thanks
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    posted a message on Looking for partner or 2
    Hey im ryan i have a server that i found and no ones ever on it, it holds 10 people but i want some ppl to play with and its got Lockette, and Mcadmin so it runs it selfs, so i want to know if anyone wants to hang out every once in a while to play minecraft? most of u know COD: Ghost comes out tomorrow night but id still like to play this sometime to, im a big gamer but i got time for lots of things.

    MY SKYPE is optic_wolfking

    i will be on skype all day today if anyone wants to hang out and play, ill give u the server after u skype me, thanks and hope to hear from someone.
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    posted a message on Pixelmon server!NEED HELP AND APPLYING builders
    Minecraft Username: same as skype
    Age: 20
    A few builds of things you have constructed(at least 2 pics)
    Man TBH i deleted my old minecraft and all my builds i snapped pics of are gone....if u can just skype me i can show u, maybe on screenshare if i can find em... idk but im truely lookin for a pixelmon server and im tired of doing it solo
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    posted a message on PixelMon
    Im looking for a group of maybe 3-4 that have a small pixelmon server that they wanna do a series with, im free most my days but im really into the pixelmon and tired of doing it on single player, if anyone is doing this and needs another guy, im the dude, my skype is optic_wolfking so hit me up anytime and hope we can get it going, i cant host, nvr have, and i dont record, last time i did it fked up.
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    posted a message on Looking for Developer and 2-4 mods!
    thanks for the mod position guys, its a real nice server
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    posted a message on Looking for Developer and 2-4 mods!
    Name: Ryan Gustin aka OpTic_WolFkiNg
    skype: optic_wolfking (add me sometime)

    Time Zone: Central Usa

    Age: 20

    Experience as a moderator: iv been admins on 2 servers now, i was head admin on both, i over looked the mods, i made sure they were trust worthy. my time as a admin was maybe a yr or more

    Why you are fit for the job: well iv been a big fan of minecraft and dont disrspect anyone, i feel i can do good in helpping u have the best server, i love to always do something new and meet new people

    More about you: im 20 yrs old, im single (woot), i go to school for computer tech at gateway in Wisconsin, and i also work at chuck e cheese i have been for 3yrs and well im dedicated to what i love most: making ppl smile.
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    posted a message on Looking for a 3rd person to do survival
    Me and a friend wanna do a survival with just us and 1 other because well we are apparently new to making a server and couldnt figure it out, if u can please contact me on skype @ optic_wolfking , or u can message me on here what ever works, um we would want someone who is always active and would always wait for us to join and we work together. thanks.
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    posted a message on Looking for staff for our new server
    yo im not a big roleplay guy but i can manage staff and help with plugins(still new to some plugins)

    IGN: OpTic_WolfKiNg
    name: ryan gustin
    age: 20 (mature)
    skype: optic_wolfking

    Im currently an admin for 2 servers but 1 is on shut down until my friend can afford the server, hit me up on skype anytime u got questions, im a well managed admin if ud say i dont think im a perfect admin becuase im still learning plug ins lol well hope to hear from u to atleast tell me if its been filled or not :o thanks
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    posted a message on Looking For Free-Working Staff Members for Hamachi Server!
    IGN: OpTic_WolfKiNg
    Name: Ryan Gustin
    Age: 19 going to be 20 in june
    Skype: optic_wolfking (anytime u wanna call)
    Specialties: huge arenas, structures with nice detail (im a neat freak)
    Position Applying For: i dont do worldedit so often but ic an learn, but id like to do builder if needed
    Anything Else: im a call of duty junky , i love to kill kill kill, also im a excellent admin/mod i get along with people very nicely lol.
    Examples Of Work (Builders): well for starts iv been playing for over a year now, iv built many sky structures (favorite place to live), iv done pvp arena's, um weird homes, i can do small redstone structures like hiding my stuff is easy lol i just love building nice things

    im very nice to talk to and get along well with people, u can skype me anytime if u add me, ill be on roughly mid day sometimes since i attend college :) hope to hear from u
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    posted a message on apply for admin on heroicminecraft!
    IGN: optic_wolfking

    Age: 19 (mature, not some whiney brat)

    How long have you been on the server: Looking forward to joining

    Reason for wanting this position (requires paragraph): reason? i dont have one, i dont need a reason to run a server as an admin, i just wanna keep the peace, keep everyone happy, helpping everyone build there ideal minecraft server. im a head admin on 2 servers at the moment and always looking for more servers, one of them annoys me so currently just 1 but its slow sever and my head mod can handle it. Iv been around for a year now and understand alot and i can put alot of work into this.

    Experience (details): well in the server, nothing at the moment, iv had many accomplished builds, 100x100 colloseums, 200x200 homes/personal mineshaft. iv done it all lol

    Contact info: My skype is optic_wolfking, Cell is 2624129185, email is [email protected]

    Dedicated time: willing to find time in my day to get on, i work and go to college, but games are my life

    What you can bring: well i got muffins and cookies, but i dont think im coming for a picnic, ill bring my pickaxe

    Proof of work: well i live in usa and i work at chuck e cheese? lol idk man weird question there
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    posted a message on Looking for Mod/Admin position
    hi im ryan, iv been player for over a year now, im well experienced in admin and mod positions, im currently a admin for my friend brandon's server, i maintain and update it when nessesary if he isnt available to. im a peace keeper i dont pick fights, i dont like anyone whos is rude and or a sarcastic person. im willing to do anything for another server to be an admin of, bored of this one and i need something new to do.

    my skype is : optic_wolfking
    email: [email protected]
    id say go ahead and text me but there are some weirdo's out there. thanks
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    posted a message on FlakeCraft New Dedicated Server 24/7 Lag Free!, Greif Free, and More!
    HI Im ONE of the few admins on our wonderful server FlakeCraft! This server just became dedicated and is looking for some wonderful new players. Our staff is very nice and is willing to help u the best they can.

    Our server has many plugins and if u wanna suggest some plugins to use we will look into them and decide is we would use them.

    All Staff Spots are filled so please dont ask for any ranks,items,banned items, or money ingame.
    We are currently working on shops,and jobs so u can get money ingame. every player starts with 250$ so :o use it right away idc.
    We also have LOTTERY for those who wanna try and win some $$$.

    Our SERVER IS 100% LAG FREE, NO GREIFING (WOOT), and No Pvp! But for those who do wanna pvp. Were building pvp arena's! 1v1 or Group Pvp (Teams). Im currently building a pvp arena atm.

    Server Ip is , check out pics below, also we DO donating as well. ANY Amounts would be nice. 1$ or more :o anything will help keep this wonderful server running.

    These are some Pictures of the Spawn Town, the Underconstruction Pvp arena, and a few pixel arts the owners and mods have mad

    Flake City (Spawn) and a Troll Face pixel,link and Nyan cat :)

    Sky City, Where players can build a Home, but cant dig down because its in the air :P (Duh)

    UnFinished Group Pvp Arena (big one), and 1v1 pvp (small one)
    its about 130x70 and is located near head admins home.

    the small ones located in spawn.
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