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    hi very body it's megaman alfa!!! i will make a dis mod alone why i am just not want jet some gay or some girl is want to help fore modding i can do dis alone or if i can get some help if i want but no i want some body to like it or if some body hate it so don't say bad thing's about dis mode like i sad one like dis i post i will make a like her http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1740423-151project-megaman-mod/#entry21584017 i will make new thing's like the megabuster and new craftingtabla and new gui and new black's and new weapons maybe i will add some rpg element's who nose i will add esteregg's and it will be big and it can be weary poplar and if you ask why do you make dis mod i want all megaman or rockman fan's use dis mod neuralgia risen hake i will get neuralgia if i make dis mod i hope all can play dis mod wan dis com out and if you herd dis user name before well i gees you now me from Google+ or if you see me in deviantart megamanexe02 that is me so i will say bey now
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    nopps way do you want some oven bey a drink?
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    posted a message on [1.5.1]PROJECT MEGAMAN Mod
    im megaman_alfa in the minecraftforum is a good mod it add new mob new block new GUI new buster new game play new player new boss new sword new powers new creftintabla new world. it will be epic the next new blue. is a megaman mod i want do dis a long time!! is not a japanis mod? if you in japan is rockbuster not megabuster. :) i will make mob and block and the sword if i find peepel and good mod maker is a greet tame so if wee er capcom in minecraft what make mods like Reverend evil mod? <_< well dis can be a long time to get on wit dis.
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