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    posted a message on How the hell is 'roblox' like minecraft?
    Quote from DrWeegee»

    Heh, can confirm this.

    I recently (Recently being like 1 year ago) got permanently banned from there. When I emailed them to find out why, it was "Unauthorized purchases" Aka hacking into the system and giving myself free currency, according to them. Like what? You think I would spend 4 years on there, not even getting a single warning, and regretfully buying atleast 10 of those Roblox cards then just suddenly do that? I didn't even have any changes in my balances.

    I was banned for complaining about an upcoming feature, when I asked the moderator to revoke it, he said "no such ban exists". (i quote) It said "1 day ban for spam".

    ROBLOX moderators obviously don't know the difference between a complaint and spam.

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    posted a message on Any advice for crushes?
    Quote from Steeljaw354»

    Why even comment here?

    to add to my post count. XD

    but it doesnt actually add out... here.... in the.... general off topic...

    Ok, I'll request it be deleted.

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    posted a message on Useless Passwords
    Quote from TeamWoofel»

    Noted. Will test later.

    Well, looks like I need to stop using "password" Maybe I'll switch to passsword, off your advice.

    You did it all wrong, it needs to be passassword.

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    posted a message on Pokemon Puns.

    Here's a really bad pick up line.

    You can be the electric stone for my pikachu if you know what I mean. ;)

    *cue cricket noise*

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    posted a message on Please read THIS before making a suggestion.
    Quote from Cerroz»

    You guys, I found the cheat codes to the suggestions forum. Hold down Ctrl+Alt+B for roughly 20 seconds, then a text box will appear. Type the cheat in the text and press enter.

    CASTLEOFDETAIL - Remove all vague threads.

    ONEORNONE - Remove all wishlists.

    CLASSCLOWN - Reveal all joke threads.

    KNOWTHEDIFFERENCE - Removes posts that label criticism as "trolling".

    SPACEBOOT1 - Disables joke threads.
    GYPSYBLACKMAGIC - Same as above.
    ONEMILLIONTHVISITOR - Disables all spambots.
    CRYPTKEEPER - Disables bumping of ancient threads.

    TOUGHLOVE - Forces first posters to read the suggestion guide.
    SCALESOFJUSTICE - Reduces too much attention on horrible threads, and adds it to the good ones.
    DOUBLEVISION - Removes alternate accounts.

    The following cheats only work if you have the "Guidebook" DLC:

    SAFETOLOOK - Removes the Comic Sans font.
    NOEXCUSES - Disables posters from using anything in this guide's excuses section.

    POWERPOINT - Disables posters from using anything in this guide's presentation section.
    NOSUPPORT - Disable people from putting "# supporters!" when the idea is bad and there's very little supporters.

    Safe to look should also disable this incredibly annoying color.

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    posted a message on Introductions & Leavings
    Quote from Happykeystv»

    I don't think I've posted here yet. Was just rumaging through forums.

    Welp, I'm HappyKeysTV, HkTV for short and known as Happs on artwork and on Planetminecraft. I create skins, have some terrible maps and I am currently working on a secret thing that will probably fail.

    I'm not the most active person postings wise but I do like to scroll and read through the forums on occasion. I plan to post more as many others do and I hope to enjoy the community. You guys seem okay...

    Quote from GiselleGewelle»

    Hi, I'm GiselleGewelle (Former Armyducky) and I've been playing minecraft for a few years since my friend introduced me to it. I hope I post more here because the community seems great. Currently it's summer but I am a student and I like to try and make skins. Also I love anime and hope some day I will be able to play the guitar better than I currently can!

    I'm back on this forum after not being here for like a year. it still looks the same, I'm sure much has changed tho.

    Quote from Alsanu»

    Well, I actually never did one of these, so let's do this!

    I'm pretty sure the people over at forum games have already seen my posts.

    Hello, I'm "Alsanu" (aka "The cat from Belgium" (aka "that creep with a cat avatar")).

    I've been playing Minecraft (classic) since somewhere in (late) 2010. I made a Minecraft account a bit later (just before newyear) so I could play on classic servers. Finally, I bought the game just at the start of march 2011.

    2 years ago, I made an account here, mainly out of boredom and I wanted a place to play forum games.

    My favorite music genre is metal. I like melodic death metal the most, but I'm into multiple sub-genres.

    Welcome to the minecraft forums!

    Quote from Blootz»

    The chat thread was what lured me to posting in the first place. Unfortunately for the people who felt a somewhat 'connection' to other members in the chat thread and were able to comfortably socialize with them, it's been removed for, well I am actually yet to hear the actual reason why.

    I remember all the laughs that were once had on the forums, and Schmoople's custom title that everyone envied so very much (God knows why Mr "Custom Title Fisher"), then I guess the forums goal was to become even more family friendly than it was (even though restricting members from expressing themselves via profanity would have been enough...)

    But hey, there comes a time where people must learn to move on, and I'd say it's about time you started to get used to the fact the forums aren't what they were, the worst part was it didn't make them better, but who am I to really complain considering I'm still around.

    I also guarantee half the people who weren't here when the chat thread was, will think I'm an over-attached fool, and to them I say I'm really not, if you were around when the thread of wonders were, you would understand how much fun it was. In fact, I can name so many people who I met from the chat thread and still keep in contact with to this day (and I met them 2-3 ish years ago). RIP OTters.

    And Schmoople, goodbye my friend for the second time.

    Quote from DaBomb»

    yay 6000

    Anyway I'm leaving. Find me on TCF if you're craving some hot bomb action


    Bye, hope you enjoyed your time on the minecraft forums. It's sad to see you go :(

    Quote from NoobKidRMT»

    There seems to be a giant event on this topic, but I don't exactly know what it is, so I'm introducing myself.

    I'm NoobKid (fka MushyTheCraft, I don't feel comfortable giving you my real name) and I'm 14. I come from France. My favorite things in life are gaming and music. Those are by far the things I'm the most familiar with, even if I try to open my eyes (literally).

    I play a lot of retro games and I especially like the Mario franchise. I recently found interest in fun iOS games like Bio Inc and Empire Four Kingdoms (yes I like killing people in games as long as it's not with guns). If you know how to play on foreign servers in Empire please tell me how to do it. I only own Nintendo consoles at the moment but I hope that will change. I'm tired of people who are constantly bashing the Wii U. The worst thing is that I don't have a recent PC, and in my family, we're all using Mac's. Some of the people I know are also bashing Apple, and that makes me angry (by the way, if you know any good Master System, SNES, Genesis, GBA, GameCube, PS1, N64 or Dreamcast emulator that works on Mac and that is compatible with Wii/Wii U game controllers, please let me know).

    In Minecraft, I love working on projects with my friends. We love founding teams together. I'm currently part of a modding team (you can find a WIP mod by us in my signature, there's not many things to do with it at the moment, but the next update will probably be massive) and I may be admitted in a building team soon.

    As a music lover, I'm really into the alternative rock/metal scene. I listen to many pop punk, post-hardcore, metalcore, electronicore, metal in general, sometimes emo, and even crunkcore. I also like electronic music, as long as it's not too mainstream and poppy. I play in a band, but we've been stinking for 4 years so let's not talk about it.

    I'm new on this forum, and I hardly find friendly people. I hope this will change at some point.

    Welcome to the minecraft forums! :D

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    posted a message on Introductions & Leavings
    Quote from TrainGaming»

    Hi, I'm Reese, otherwise known as TrainGaming. I started playing Minecraft quite some time ago... I originally began playing on my cousins account in mid-2012, but registered my own in early 2013. Since then, I've grown to become a pretty fluent Minecraft player having hosted and managed multiple servers, as well as assist in a few major build projects.

    Outside of Minecraft I'm a computer hardware technician, web designer, and high school student (unfortunately)

    Well, that's me. Not very exciting, but it'll do!

    Welcome to our land outsider! (well, former-outsider. or i should say forumer-outsider!)

    Bad puns aside, welcome to the minecraft forums.

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    posted a message on Gold Plated Enchanting Table
    Quote from Endergirl00»

    The Enchantment doesn't need a 'forged' or more powerful variation of itself. The original Enchantment Table would become redundant and less used because theres now a more powerful version of it. Also, enchantments that reach up to IV and V are already powerful enough. Having it go even higher is OP.

    No support.

    Quote from Genlems5Ever»

    Enchanting is overpowered enough, we don't really need any more levels above 5, as that could take down the wither in a couple hits.

    No Support, op

    Quote from Xilioth»

    Honestly the enchantment table is fine the way it is. I don't think it need's any improvement.

    No Support.

    NO SUPPORT: Too overpowered

    You want stronger enchantments? That's what anvils are for.
    No support.

    What is the point in level 40 enchantments? The current enchanting system goes up to 30 levels and no higher.

    No Support

    Quote from FireMario2111»

    Nope 40 enchantments is to op

    No Support

    Quote from ShadingIron»

    Anvil or TooManyItems/NotEnoughItems is your friend for OP stuff.

    No support.

    No support; all explained above.

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    posted a message on Crossrails and Changes to Currently Existing Rails! (NEW POLL!)

    Table of Contents
    >Before Replying to this Thread
    >>New Crossrails
    >>>Changes to Current Rails
    >>>>Debated Topic
    >>>>>Questions and Answers
    >>>>>>Thanks and Extras


    Crafting like shown above gets you 5.

    A crossrail is a rail that allows for an intersection without a minecart going onto another track. The picture above hopefully makes it a bit easier to see what it does and its function.

    ID Name: minecraft:crossrail

    Block States: (none)

    Powered Crossrail:

    Crafting like shown above gets you 5.

    A powered crossrail acts like a normal crossrail, but allows the cart to gain speed when the powered crossrail is powered by an adjacent detector rail or redstone block under it.

    ID Name: minecraft:powered_crossrail

    Block States:


    Detector Crossrail:

    Crafting like shown above gets you 5.

    A detector crossrail will give off a redstone signal when a cart runs over it. It also functions as a normal crossrail, in that it allows for reliable and safe intersections.

    ID Name: minecraft:detector_crossrail

    Block States:


    Activator Crossrail:

    Crafting like shown above gets you 5.

    An activator crossrail will allow for interesections just like normal crossrails. However, it also acts as an activator rail as well in that when it receives power from a detector rail or redstone block beneath it, it will eject mobs from it when they run over it, it will prime TNT minecarts, disable Hopper minecarts, and power any nearby activator rails/powered rails.

    ID Name: minecraft:activator_crossrail

    Block States:


    Along with all this, there are several changes to current rails:

    Corner Rails

    -Instead of rails turning and snapping into place, you have to craft corner rails like so:

    Crafting like shown above will get you 3 corner rails. They have sharp corners. Also, they don't automatically snap into place since you can craft them for the respective corner. There are also Powered Corner Rails, which act like normal corner rails but can be powered via redstone/detector rails. Crafting a Powered Corner Rail is fairly simple, just craft it like you would a normal corner rail except with powered rails to get 3. Corner Rails would allow for ultra-compact rail designs.

    ID Names:


    Block States:


    Note that the block states do not automatically change when the rail is placed, since the direction is preset based on how you crafted the corner rail. Hence why we're doing this system as opposed to the current one.

    Mob AI "Rail Reaction"

    -Mob AI views all rails as a 2 high block, so they won't be walking on rails. For spiders/cave spiders, their AI will view it as a block they cannot climb. Beware however, spiders/cave spiders can ignore the "2 high" rail that they see in their AI when they do their jump attack.

    You may think this could be used for mob-proof doors, however this wouldn't make it any easier than it already is to make a mob-proof door. Plus, it wouldn't look nice at all as a door by most people's standards.

    Dyed Rails

    -Rails can now be dyed by putting 1 rail in a crafting grid with 1 of the respective dye. (shapeless)
    This will give you a dyed rail, which has a hue similar to that of the dye you put on it. This can be used to color code rails. You can also combine colors, by taking a dyed rail and putting another dye on it to create the combined colored rail. It will be labeled as "Dyed Rail". You may be thinking, "ERR MAH GERRD IMPOSSIBRU!" (probably not like that, but you get the idea)
    However, they could do it the same way they did banners and leather armor.
    You can only dye normal rails, and the dyed rails aren't accessible in the creative menu.
    Cyan Dyed Rails (you can dye rails any color of course, cyan is just an example)

    ID Names:
    NBT Data

    Block States:


    No resources are wasted, since it uses the same amount of rails as the current one.

    It stops you when you it to the spot where you choose, and briefly allows you to turn a certain direction. Then, the minecart will get a low amount of momentum to start. This would compact current T-Junctions into a single block, and could allow for some rail stations to be improved greatly in combination with crossrails. Also, the current T-Junction wouldn't be broken, so if you don't have time to replace all of them, they will still work.

    Currently Debated Topic:

    Ejector Rails

    Activator rails eject players out of them, but what if you DON'T want to be ejected out of a powered activator rail? This is where ejector rails come into play.
    Crafting like shown below gets you 6 ejector rails

    Ejector Rails have 2 states. A non powered state, and an powered state. If it isn't powered by a redstone signal, it will bring the player to a fast halt when riding over it. If it is powered by a redstone signal, it will eject the player out of their cart when riding over it. It will check both sides for a valid block (not air), and place it on one. If both have a valid block, it will randomly choose one. If only one has a valid block, it will place on that one. If neither have a valid block, it will be placed on the rail itself as a last resort. Along with this, Activator Rails will no longer eject players out. Not only would this make quartz much more useful, but it would make activator rails more useful as you won't have to worry about them ejecting players out if you don't want them to. You can also craft Ejector Crossrails by putting them in a crossrail formation to get 1. Ejector Crossrails will act as both Crossrails and Ejector Rails, both of which I'm sure you're fully familiar with by now.

    Topic Opened 5/18/2015 7:30 PM EST

    Questions and Answers
    Q:How do activator crossrails and powered crossrails get powered?
    A:They are powered by a redstone block beneath it, or an adjacent detector rail.

    Q:What exactly is the point of detector crossrails and activator crossrails?
    A:To serve as a crossrail and a functional rail. Simply put, you can do everything with either crossrail that you can do with the normal rails, plus use them as an intersection, and any combination of those.

    Q:Does the debated topic ever get implemented into the actual thread?
    A:None so far have. They're mostly to keep discussion productive and lively.

    Q:Do I absolutely have to read the "read this before replying" section?
    A:No, and I can't force you. But, I recommend it, because it's important enough to be in the table of contents.

    Q:Can I help out with the suggestion?
    A:Yeah, sure! If you have a simple idea for it, just post it on the thread. If you have a full thread update idea for it, then you should message me.

    Q:The banner isn't clickable! Help!
    A:If you didn't use the "paste this into your sig if you want the banner" link that is provided, then that's probably the issue.

    Q:I helped out with the suggestion and I'm not in the "Thanks" section! How come?
    A:Most likely I forgot after the thread was moved. If this is the case, message me with what you did to help out on the suggestion and I'll add you on there.

    Q:When's the next update?
    A:I try to release an update once or twice a month. I also try to keep it as early as possible in the month. So, you can expect one on the first week of every month. Just keep in mind that's not a guarantee.

    Q:Is there a mod coming out for this, and if there isn't, can I make a mod?
    A:Yes, it's actually planned for the next big update to this! I'm looking for a decent modder right now.

    Q:I have another question!
    A:Read through the thread and all it's sections thoroughly. If you can't find the answer there, reply to the thread with your question and I'll answer it, then add it to the Q/A section.

    Q:Are crossrails resource expensive?

    A:No, because the output of crafting them is 5, meaning you lose no resources.

    Q: Wouldn't corner rails break rollercoaster maps?

    A: No, because the blocks would change from the current "turned rails" to the new corner rails because of a world transition feature.

    Q: The current update system is flawed; people's notifications will get filled with update posts!

    A: Update aren't frequent enough for this to be an issue. Plus, people can easily unsubscribe from the thread if this bothers them.

    Q: Are corner rails affected by levers? (or any block update)

    A: No, because their block state is permanent. It isn't affected by any redstone signal or block update as far as that goes.

    Q: What if two minecarts passed through the intersection at the same time?

    A: They would collide and probably bump each other back. Either that or they would pass through each other since they are entities.

    All supporters!

    Show your support with the banner to put in your signature!

    [p][url=http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/minecraft-discussion/suggestions/2428075-crossrails-and-changes-to-currently-existing-rails][img width='650' height='150']http://i.imgur.com/9aZ6FjK.png[/img][/url][/p]

    Make the suggestions forum better:

    Making the suggestions forum better.
    It's a little project you can participate in by doing the below:
    • Offering an idea for somebody's suggestion if you don't support it. I was originally against this, but I realized how much better suggestions can be if you do this.
    • Putting more effort into suggestions. I feel like some people just slap down a suggestion and don't think about it at all. This ends out with a lot of really bad suggestions, with little to no effort and thought put into them. Even if the suggestion itself isn't good, people like a suggestion with a bit of effort put into it.
    • Being friendly, taking criticism the right way. Some people are downright rude, and nobody likes to see that. A lot of people get very "mean" and upset because they take criticism wrong.
    • Reading the pinned posts. You would be surprised how many people don't read pinned posts. If you suspect somebody didn't read them, provide a link to them, and ask them in a friendly manner to read them.
    Hopefully we can get more people working on this in the suggestions forum. Feel free to put this message in your own thread if you desire.
    Here's a banner if you want to spread the word.

    Quote this, then copy and paste into your sig if you want it!
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    posted a message on Please read THIS before making a suggestion.

    Presentations you need to avoid.

    Banners on Unsupported Ideas!

    Because yeah, even though your idea of temperature got 34 no supports, we need a banner, since this unsupported thread needs even more attention! Seriously, why would you do this? It's just like bumping your bad threads, you're only bringing more negative attention to your thread! Plus, it can lead people to believe that you thought your idea was somehow good so you made a banner since you think it will now get positive attention.

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