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    posted a message on A mod or command that makes dying in Minecraft less punishing

    I aways found death in Minecraft being a little bit too punishing. The ideia of droping all your itens, loosing almost all your farmed xp and having to remember where you died to try recovering your itens (if they weren't already destroyed by lava) made me delete a lot of worlds that I had quite a bit of progress going on.

    I know that the "keepInventory" command exist, but it also don't make me happy since it makes me feel that it removes all the difficulty: got lost while exploring? Die; are you hungry? Die; too weak to deal with that creature? Just die; died? It doesn't really make any difference at all.

    In my mind, keeping some of your XP (IDK, maybe 90% or 70% of what you had before to add a little cost for failure) and generating a chest, grave, tombstone or something like that where the player died that would allow you to retrieve your itens properly would be a nice quality of life upgrade to have in the game.

    I'm pretty sure there's already an in-game-command or a mod that does this with your game but I'm not managing to find something that match my expectations. Preferably, I'm seeking something for 1.7.10 version, but if it's only for the newer versions, I might give it a try.

    So, does anyone here know a good mod or an in-game-command that does something similar to what I described?

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