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    Ok so I got to page 14 and I can't seem to see anyone else asking this and the search function is completely useless as it tells me the words rate and spawn show up no where in this thread. So at the risk of getting flamed for repeating a question already asked...

    Can you please help me understand how to make the dungeons more rare. I am using a mod pack with many other mods and I want to reduce the number of structures that spawn in general. I have tried changing the spawnFrequency to 1 in both copies of the cfg file I found. But still when I started a new world I could see three towers within about a 6 chunk radius. Am I missing something?
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    Exact In-Game Name: medullaman


    What Country are you from:United States

    Why do you want to be a part of The True Builder Association?: I am looking for a server to play on so i can share my creations and make friends. I have lots of good ideas from playing minecraft solo from a couple years now.

    Are you Mature?: I am an adult, but I still have a youthful personality. I am mature and understand the difference between joking around and being abusive. I am looking to make friends not not enemies.

    Have you ever been banned from any other Minecraft Servers?: No. At least not that I have been made aware of.
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    Since registration on the your forum is closed currently I will post this here and hope you see it.

    I have not read everything because I started to get sick over some of the utter nonsense I encountered, so I apologize for being a little ignorant of everything that has transpired and been said.

    That said, I just think there are a few things some of you need to remember.
    1. What did you pay for the privilege of using this amazing mod?
    2. Have you not heard him say over and over that making the mod compatible would ruin his desire to keep developing? (I realize this is oversimplified, but I am trying to keep this succinct)

    Dude, I know I am just some nobody you have never met, just another fan of your code. But, after reading some of this crap I was compelled to post.

    I support your decision 100% and I sincerely hope that all of this drama does not kill your desire to keep playing and modding minecraft.

    You mod is an incredible addition to the game and I find it to be one of the few mods that is cable of creating an awesome gaming experience all by itself, and I for one believe it should stay that way.
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    A few screens of some recent builds.
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    I have been playing minecraft since early beta and really enjoy building. My goal is to find a server where I can start and build a town sized creation. I have tried a few servers, and in doing so I have devised a list of things I think would make for the perfect server for me to thrive and become an active member of a new community.

    What I am looking for Minimum. These are deal breakers.
    Towny with prices not so high as to make new town development unobtainable for new members. (remember my main goal is to start a town. I am going to want to claim land within the first play session if at all possible.If you have another mod similar to towny which allows for the locking of blocks at least I would to open to listening to how it works.)

    McMMO. After playing on a few servers with this plugin, i cant live without it.

    Strict no griefing rules and mods who are not afraid to ban people who break the rules.

    PVP: yes I know I said I was a builder.... but half the fun of building in minecraft is making awesome looking structures that people can't simply walk into without permission. And with towny and safe places to mine and mcmmo skills, its not difficult to assemble a decent combat package. And with a safe haven to return to after the rigors of battle, its not so bad to take the risk and try to gain a bit by hunting down the fortune hunters mining for diamonds a few hundred blocks away from your base.

    The rest I will describe would be nice to have as well.

    ieconomy. This is especially nice if you allow selling from commands. /shop and so on. I understand a lot of server like the RP aspect of having to go to shops. I am fine with that as well I would just like to be sure there are plenty of item being bought to allow paying for town upkeep.

    Along the same lines and could be used as an alternative to ieconomy is Jobs. I have played on a few servers with jobs and it really makes the game more engaging and rewards you for digging and building and, you know, making the server a better place for everyone :)

    I have put a fair few hours into minecraft and have tried to search for a server on my own and come up a little short in most cases. Is there a server out there with friendly people who love to build cool structures and don't mind a little friendly pvp once in a while? I would love to add the next really cool city to your server. Will you let me?

    IGN: Medullaman
    Age: 39
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    posted a message on + ╬ ╬ Minnesota ╬ ╬ + [24/7] [Anti-Grief] [PvP] [Towns] [LWC] [Jobs] [Shops] [DynMap] [Large Biomes] [Join & Build] [100% Legit]
    1. In Game Name:Medullaman
    2. Age:36
    3. Country and languages you can speak:Usa English
    4. When did you start Minecraft (version):I don't remember the actual version number tbh.. but i remember a time when you had to use booster rails and you only needed a ladder every other block.
    5. How much do you play Minecraft: I have been playing about 3 or 4 hours every other day lately...
    6. What are your favorite activities in minecraft: I like building towns. Since the last server i played on was shut down (a personal friend and he just got busy and stopped playing) I have been looking for a new server to start a town on. I have a vision for a jungle tree village. I have tried a few servers and most are either over built and grief-ed to hell or they don't want new towns so prices are overly restrictive. I am a quiet player looking to add cool structures to your server and maybe even make a few new friends.
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    posted a message on Affinity Coast [McMMO][Towny][LWC][ChestShop][iConomy][NoWhiteList][24/7]

    Looking for a nice server with cool people to build my own town.
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    Great server. If you are looking for a cool laid back place to play minecraft with cool mods and good people then this is the server for you. Come check it out TODAY!!!
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    @BigZuc0... outdated server???
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    I have only been playing minecraft for about a month, and as most of you can probably relate to, I am hooked. I have enjoyed the single player version and feel i have a good grasp on the game now and I am ready for the next step.

    So I find myself looking for a server. I have tried a few servers and have not found a good match yet. So I thought I would try this another way.

    Things my perfect server will have:

    • Freedom to explore and build.
    • LWC or something similar to allow for the locking of at least a couple chests
    • mature active players.(with the understanding real life always comes first) Mature is a requirement. I am 38 and a pretty laid back gamer. I am looking for other people to enjoy the game with not a bunch of kids telling me what to do and where to do it.
    • at least one steady admin to handle any problems that arise and to keep the server updated as needed.
    these are the minimums I am looking for. I am open to everything from mostly vanilla to vastly modded assuming the above are available.

    About me:
    I am 38 ad a long time gamer. I game several hours a day. I am not a griefer. I tend to build things out of the landscape and am inspired by the natural terrain. In my real life I an architectural designer. I am not sure if that skill is really transferring to minecraft.. but I like to think I build some cool things :smile.gif:.

    Anyway, does your server fit my needs? Do I sound like the kind of gamer you want on your server? Reply and lets talk.
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    posted a message on [Closed] ☆ ☆ ☆ SUPER-EARTH ☆ ☆ ☆ The Original Minecraft Community ☆
    Minecraft In Game Name (case sensitive):medullaman
    Where are you from?:Arizona USA
    Your age?:38
    Have you read and agreed to the rules in the post below?yes
    Did you vote for us? yes
    Extra notes?: I am rather new to the game but this sounds like an amazing way to play. I am very interested to see what you have done.

    Edit: that 3d map is really cool :smile.gif:
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    Hey All,

    I have been playing for a short time and finally decided to try and find a server to play on. Kinda getting bored digging and building alone.

    Can anyone suggest a newb friendly server where i can make my first multi-player home?
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