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    posted a message on Now THAT'S What I Call CTM: A return to a more oldschool style of CTM.

    Well tonight I got the last glass and beat the map!

    I had a great time playing the map, thank you for spending the countless hours making it!

    Here is some feedback to possibly help with your next map (possible spoilers):

    edit: when I talk about "wool" i really mean the glass.

    1. I liked the chests scattered around the first couple areas. After a while, the areas stop "rewarding the player for exploring". I recommend putting more loot chests in later dungeons (in out-of-the-way locations) even if they just contain food/coal/cobble, etc.

    2. Good job with Monumental Mines, the Cake, and Spider Bait. Those were my favorite areas. The cake reminded me of Vinyl Fantasy (the tree dungeon in the nether). Although the cake was harder because I got so lost in the maze. Spider Bait was so unique I loved the 'wool area'!

    3. I recommend limiting the use of bedrock. The spirit of a CTM is that the player can play how they want. I understand having 1 or 2 bedrock sections within an area, but your map had whole areas made out of bedrock which got old quick. (I would say the Cake, the pyramid, and PART of the Final Area would have been enough bedrock, well, also area boundaries..).

    4. I suggest not having a wool area that you only get 1 chance. Save that for a bonus area (like the Ninja Academy in Ragecraft II). If someone isn't fast at minecraft.. its possible they will never beat your map (and I am sure many people gave up on your map when they died trying to get it, or even when they saw that area). I saved the Pink Wool until last... I almost died twice, and almost caused a creeper to explode in the final room! Fortunately I got the glass! :)

    5. Darkened Mines was my least favorite area.. There was nothing to do in that area except kill a spawner every so often. Also the wool box in that area was too challenging to get to. At least you should have put a sign saying the wool is "this way"

    6. Here is my take on the Final Area " The Marathon":

    This area could have been a mini-ctm by itself! Although it was also extremely challenging. Based on what I saw in Darkened Mines, I think your idea was to create this area with several challenging puzzles for people to figure out. It seems you also took into account everyone will have full enchanted diamond armor. If that was the case, it still was too challenging... Although I had fun trying to figure each area out! The most challenging area was The Grim Geometry. (although my only last-area death was in the Penultimate Peril).

    My suggestions for the final area, have some sort of check-point (even an ender chest between areas) it took forever to walk back and forth as I needed items. Also there should have been a mix bedrock with non-bedrock challenges in the area.

    Thanks again for making this very challenging map! I look forward to seeing what else you are working on.

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    posted a message on [1.8.9] Planetary Confinement - The Dunes (A.K.A. Vanilla Crash Landing) V 1.4 [OVER 120,000 DOWNLOADS!]

    I finally beat this map (in hardcore mode)! What an amazing map. I've struggled getting anywhere in Crash Landing, mainly because all of the new stuff is overwhelming. This was much better since I recognized all of the items even though they were different. I loved the quests, and the map wasn't too grindy. I also enjoyed looking through the 'ending' area. I look forward to other maps in your series!

    I only found a bug with the sieve, but that was fixed with a Java update. Other than that I didn't have any issues (except losing items accidentally in the crafting station but you did warn us!)

    I'm trying to think of suggestions for your next maps, but I can't think of much, it was really good! One I thought of is include quests that force people to explore farther away. I was trying to think of a way to bring water and food for an extended period away from the base, but I never had a reason to go more than a couple hundred blocks away. Oh also, since most things aren't craftable it would be nice to see more of those items hidden throughout the map (and maybe they were), so people can use those items if they want and it rewards exploring. i.e. Armor in loot chests, ladders (I did find 10 or so, but more would be nice), fences, fence gates, doors, stairs, etc.

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    posted a message on Even The Best Minecraft Players Die Here.
    Quote from danaphanous»
    wow, nice mcon1! That glass tunnel looks epic, how did you build it with the lava overhead may I ask?

    Thank you! I started out building it 1 block up at a time, taking some lava damage each time, but it was taking too long so I went to the nether and got fire-resist potions. :)
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    posted a message on [CTM][Collection] Examine's Remote District Series
    Today I finished Remote District II! It was much more challenging than I expected. I liked the custom mobs, and my favorite areas were the Lab, the underwater area, and the black wool area :) I had a scare near the end though:

    Minor Spoiler:
    After I got the last wool I realized I was only missing the Emerald block. I had 6 emeralds and knew of only one more place where there was a pile of emerald ore. I tried to get them too quickly and a charged creeper blew up the whole pile of emerald ore along with me! I quickly ran back (a few times) and finally secured my stuff, I discovered that I had picked up 3 emerald! That was lucky. I was able to get them home safely to the monument!

    Good job with the map ExamineKid! I look forward to playing your other maps
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    posted a message on [CTM] ProjectCTM - Collaboration Maps Collection {Titan's Revolt Open Beta 1 Now Released!}
    Tonight I completed Pantheon! I started playing off and on about a month ago and have been taking my time (I decided that is how I would conquer this map). Otherwise it would have been too frustrating.

    Monument Pictures:

    Thank you to everyone who contributed to make this map, it was epic!

    Quick review of the areas: (tldr at the bottom)

    Silent Start: Great challenging starting area, I'm glad it had some good loot to help get through it. Very difficult!
    Virulent Grove: Another well designed area. Nice loot, challenging because of max spawns, and the endless zombies comming from the spawners. great job!
    Corrupt Gatria: Easier area, good loot. I love graveyards so that was cool to see one here. The tower was a little frustrating because of all the ice, but it was well designed!
    Citidel of Sapphire: My favorite area in I1. Great mini-dungeons, and challenging because of max spawns. All the lapis blocks were helpful as early blocks. Echanted Lapis was my unbreakable weapon of choice the entire map, I also made my zombie exp farm in this area :) Great Job!
    Dorment Mines: At first this area looked great, but it ended up being too long, and not near enough loot. I expected to find tons of Iron here, especially after getting to the 1/2 way point. If the 1/2 way point would have been the end or if the whole 'mines' part was removed it would have been a better area. One of the most poorly designed areas of the map.
    YggdraSSSil: My favorite area of I2. Great mini-dungeons, nice loot, and challenging. Good job! (I loved the bow)
    Misty Deep: Huge area! It was very frustrating because of the size, amount of spawners, and all the ice. It would have been easier/better if we had iron armor at this point. But it was just tedious for me. Not a fun area for me.
    Flickerin Isle: A nice change of pace, smaller area, The dungeon was challenging, well-designed, and good loot. (I liked the regen sword) Good job!
    Rumblehiss Nest: I loved the Mine! The house became my main base. And with all the creepers here, I was able to mine tons of gold with TNT :) The Nest was frightning with those creepers... but well designed. The Ruins were also challenging yet fun, I really liked the Ninja outfit. Good job!
    Belly of the Beast: My favorite area of I3. A nice change of pace, good story, clever level design (and mechanic). Nice loot and great fun!
    Colossus Devorantem: This area is huge and seemed fairly empty. The loot was ok, it was relatively easy to get the wool and disc. The final structure seems to have tons of wasted space that could have been part of the dungeon. Everything looked good from a creative build point of view, just not very well desinged as a CTM area.
    Windbourne Spires: I had fun with enderpearls in this area. Not very difficult, it would have been better if the disc would have been somewhere else.
    Nesting Grounds: Pointless area that just made the trek between the 2 Intersections longer. I don't remember any exciting loot, and I didn't need any of the ores at this point. Probabally should have been left out, or there should be a shortcut once you beat it.
    The Palamock's Throne: Very challenging puzzle area! I liked it.
    Miner's Only Rule: Well designed area, great loot, and challenging. I have to say I loved the trap, even though it killed me and I lost all my items.
    Pyre of the Damned: Fairly easy dungeon for being end-game. Well designed, although it could have been a shorter walk to the wool dungeon.
    Death Fortress: Great final area, challenging, well designed, and perfect end-game loot. My favorite area of I5. Good job!
    Monument: Cool monument! my only complaint is I was hoping for a pre-built base-area like in Rumblehiss Mine.
    Labyrenth of the Silent: I love this type of dungeon. It had amazing loot, and was very challenging, great job!

    Best areas (best designed/fun):
    Citadel of Sapphire
    Belly of the Beast
    Rumblehiss Mine
    Labyrenth of the Silent
    The Palamock's Throne
    Miner's Only Rule
    Death Fortress

    Worst areas (poor design/not fun):
    Dorment Mines
    Misty Deep
    Colossus Devorantem
    The Nesting Grounds
    Pyre of the Damned

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    posted a message on The Official CTM Server
    Vinyl Fantasy 1 is finished!
    VivaPinata78 and I got the last 4 ores needed.

    And there was much rejoicing. :)
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    posted a message on The Official CTM Server
    dragonzombie99 joined the server and destroyed the plants, and got rid of our water and lava source blocks by spawn.
    I know its not too big of a deal, but on this map it took us 3 days since it went live to get those things started.
    Who knows what he has planned for the monument.
    I have screenies and caedmonr does too.
    Or you can check the chat log:
    caedmonr "he dug up all the crops and put dirt in the sources"
    dragonzombie99 "10 stacks of potatoes and 3 stacks of carrots gone"

    later he got rid of the rest of the source blocks.

    can someone please kick/ban him?

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    posted a message on The Forgotten - A Complete the Monument Series
    I just started playing this yesterday.
    So far this has been a fun experience! I like all the custom loot, and the areas I've seen so far. I also liked how hard it was to try to traverse the mountain after the first area.

    I have yet to find the Trophy Room, but I'll be able to give a better review once I find that and get a base set up. Great job so far!
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    posted a message on [SURV] SkyGrid by SethBling
    I stumbled across this map 2 days ago. Its a nice unique challenge! I finally got to the point where I stopped dying (for now?) and am working on my base/farm area. I like the random water/lava falls that happen, I keep looking up to make sure lava isn't about to drop on me!

    Thanks for the fun map :)
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    posted a message on three_two's VINYL FANTASY Series
    Congrats BenOngAlive and Daedalus for finishing VFII!

    Last night I just finished VF1. So here are my thoughts on it:
    As in VF2, the architecture is amazing. I especially liked the big tree, and the fortress.
    The starter island was challenging, and continued to provide a challenge as I progressed since I was too lazy to light up the whole island.
    Most areas were extremely difficult, and, I died a lot!
    My favorite area was the graveyard, I had way too much fun exploring it.

    This map was harder than VF2, but it was still a lot of fun and I recommend it to any player looking for a hard challenge! And I look forward to your next map :)

    Here are some suggestions/feedback for future maps:
    First of all like VFII, I didn't like the heavy use of void. It was used way more than VFII.
    Making you pass through void areas to get to every main area, is overly time-consuming. (so the way you used minecarts, etc in VFII was a great improvement).
    Spoiler: a complaint about a certain birdcage:
    My biggest complaint about the map is: I didn't like how one bird cage was rigged to destroy the records inside it. I understand putting spawners close to it, and some danger, but I think the birdcages themselves should be safe, or make multiple 'trapped' birdcages, so if the person fails, they can try again at another birdcage without having to start over. I didn't realize what the bird cage was like, and it triggered while I was approaching it. (snow golum, creeper, tnt, lava combo), and I had to start over but fortunately it was my second record, so I didn't lose much progress.
    Finally I still think the bird cage should be visible when you are close to it.
    The first bird cage is a great example, you can see it, but good luck trying to reach it! There were a couple bird cages that were completely hidden even if you were 2 blocks away. Which made it very time-consuming to find them.
    The ones I can think of are the Big Tree, Christmas area (I was surprised when I opened a chest and discovered records inside), and the Fortress area.
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