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    posted a message on Now THAT'S What I Call CTM: A return to a more oldschool style of CTM.

    Well tonight I got the last glass and beat the map!

    I had a great time playing the map, thank you for spending the countless hours making it!

    Here is some feedback to possibly help with your next map (possible spoilers):

    edit: when I talk about "wool" i really mean the glass.

    1. I liked the chests scattered around the first couple areas. After a while, the areas stop "rewarding the player for exploring". I recommend putting more loot chests in later dungeons (in out-of-the-way locations) even if they just contain food/coal/cobble, etc.

    2. Good job with Monumental Mines, the Cake, and Spider Bait. Those were my favorite areas. The cake reminded me of Vinyl Fantasy (the tree dungeon in the nether). Although the cake was harder because I got so lost in the maze. Spider Bait was so unique I loved the 'wool area'!

    3. I recommend limiting the use of bedrock. The spirit of a CTM is that the player can play how they want. I understand having 1 or 2 bedrock sections within an area, but your map had whole areas made out of bedrock which got old quick. (I would say the Cake, the pyramid, and PART of the Final Area would have been enough bedrock, well, also area boundaries..).

    4. I suggest not having a wool area that you only get 1 chance. Save that for a bonus area (like the Ninja Academy in Ragecraft II). If someone isn't fast at minecraft.. its possible they will never beat your map (and I am sure many people gave up on your map when they died trying to get it, or even when they saw that area). I saved the Pink Wool until last... I almost died twice, and almost caused a creeper to explode in the final room! Fortunately I got the glass! :)

    5. Darkened Mines was my least favorite area.. There was nothing to do in that area except kill a spawner every so often. Also the wool box in that area was too challenging to get to. At least you should have put a sign saying the wool is "this way"

    6. Here is my take on the Final Area " The Marathon":

    This area could have been a mini-ctm by itself! Although it was also extremely challenging. Based on what I saw in Darkened Mines, I think your idea was to create this area with several challenging puzzles for people to figure out. It seems you also took into account everyone will have full enchanted diamond armor. If that was the case, it still was too challenging... Although I had fun trying to figure each area out! The most challenging area was The Grim Geometry. (although my only last-area death was in the Penultimate Peril).

    My suggestions for the final area, have some sort of check-point (even an ender chest between areas) it took forever to walk back and forth as I needed items. Also there should have been a mix bedrock with non-bedrock challenges in the area.

    Thanks again for making this very challenging map! I look forward to seeing what else you are working on.

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    posted a message on Now THAT'S What I Call CTM: A return to a more oldschool style of CTM.

    Hello! I've been playing this map for a few days now. So far I really enjoy the first areas.

    I plan on reviewing each area. I currently have 9 wool!

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    posted a message on We were all noobs once. What is your minecraft noob story?
    Quote from FactionBases»

    When I first joined a factions server, I spent hours building a mansion..

    The first time I was on a Faction server, I built a Tree House near spawn with flowers and a small farm with a chest holding "free bread" for anyone who visited.
    It actually survived a week or so (guess they felt sorry for me) but then one guy got upset that when he greeted me, I didn't reply correctly so he burned it down lol!

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    posted a message on CASTLE OF DARKNESS - MiniCTM (Snapshot 15w44b) V2: Die more edition

    you weren't joking when you said 'mini'. It was real easy, but this is my first time playing with 1.9 stuff so thank you for the map :) Cool 'turrets' btw!

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    posted a message on Sky Element - v1.8 - OVER 100 ISLANDS | QUESTS | CUSTOM BOSSES | [PLAYED BY Dumb & Dumber and OpTicJ] | [220,000+ DOWNLOADS]

    Yesterday I beat Sky Element! I completed the monument and all the quests. (Normal Difficulty with keep inventory OFF). All in all it was a fun map! It was a lot of fun exploring the different islands. I also liked all of the custom loot and bosses. The re-attainable custom loot was very nice when I lost everything by falling in the void. I was happy to see there were a lot of hidden chests too, that was a nice surprise :)

    The hardest island was the desert Wither island... I didn't fall into the void or die that time but it was close (I actually built a layer of cobblestone near void below the island before the battle, and that saved me). It got a bit repetitive building sky-bridges everywhere, but that can't be avoided.

    I do have a couple suggestions:

    1. Sometimes I would spawn on top of the quest room (when I didn't have a save at a bed).

    2. (Spoiler about an island)

    I searched all over the island group that had the helicopter for a dungeon or monument item, and was disappointed to only find out it was empty besides the helicopter and 1 chest. . I would consider that a major island, because of its size, so I recommend putting something else there.

    Thank you for the fun map!

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    posted a message on three_two's VINYL FANTASY Series

    Hey ThreeTwo, I just finished your new map Eventide Trance (beta)! It was a lot of fun, I don't know why more people don't make "small" CTMs like this, its less time consuming to make, and is still a blast!

    I played on hard with no health regen, destroyed all of the obelisks, and got the 3 disks. All of the command blocks seemed to work like they should! Also I think I tripped every trap in the map lol... ouch!

    Things I liked:

    The villager Trades

    Scenery and layout of all of the areas! All of your maps have been amazing visually.

    The Side quests and their reward.

    The Amount of minerals and loot. I liked that If I ran out of torches, I didn't have to go far to mine coal.

    Your Tree Placement throughout the world

    Things I didn't like:

    I hate the void... (although I didn't fall in it this map)

    I may have found a feature or bug that was frustrating :

    Spoiler about a mob:

    Are the elder guardians invincible? I attacked one until I had to run
    and heal, then attacked again until I had to heal with sharpness IV
    diamond sword, and he never died. (arrows seemed to have no effect too)

    Spoiler about items:

    I wish there were saplings and nether wart somewhere (at least I didn't find any). Even if it was almost impossible to get like a villager trade: 64 golden apples for 1 sapling or something.

    All in all, this is a great CTM map, that everyone should try. Thank you for a great map!


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    posted a message on [CTM] Ragecraft Series (by heliceo)

    Where can I apply to be a beta tester? I have beat your other two maps and would love to help test your third one :)

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    posted a message on [1.8.9] Planetary Confinement - The Dunes (A.K.A. Vanilla Crash Landing) V 1.4 [OVER 120,000 DOWNLOADS!]

    I finally beat this map (in hardcore mode)! What an amazing map. I've struggled getting anywhere in Crash Landing, mainly because all of the new stuff is overwhelming. This was much better since I recognized all of the items even though they were different. I loved the quests, and the map wasn't too grindy. I also enjoyed looking through the 'ending' area. I look forward to other maps in your series!

    I only found a bug with the sieve, but that was fixed with a Java update. Other than that I didn't have any issues (except losing items accidentally in the crafting station but you did warn us!)

    I'm trying to think of suggestions for your next maps, but I can't think of much, it was really good! One I thought of is include quests that force people to explore farther away. I was trying to think of a way to bring water and food for an extended period away from the base, but I never had a reason to go more than a couple hundred blocks away. Oh also, since most things aren't craftable it would be nice to see more of those items hidden throughout the map (and maybe they were), so people can use those items if they want and it rewards exploring. i.e. Armor in loot chests, ladders (I did find 10 or so, but more would be nice), fences, fence gates, doors, stairs, etc.

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    posted a message on Even The Best Minecraft Players Die Here.
    Quote from ThanatosMace»

    Did you ever think about pistons?

    Start in a small chamber with a small 1-block opening to the lava above. Make sure to have something like a ladder or iron hatch or whatever to keep it from pouring on you, of course. Then you set a piston down, facing up, with one or more blocks above it. Use a stone button to make the piston push the blocks up one. Replace the block it pushed (don't use a sticky piston) and repeat up to 8 times (that's as far as it pushes). This builds a column of blocks onto which you can place a ladder, which eliminates the lava in that block. Continue up with the ladders, and use your height to build up around on all sides. You'll have to move the piston every 8 blocks, but it shouldn't take long to get to the top.

    FYI to those who haven't found mineshaft wood or saplings--you can alternate stone buttons and water to make a water column, in lieu of the wood needed for all those ladders. It is clumsier and more difficult to make, but it's possible.

    This is a good strategy if you can't find the materials to brew a fire resist potion (honestly it's no small feat) and you don't want to get lava up your nose.

    Thats a great idea! That would save a lot of time, using a piston. You would just have to make sure you build up a hole large enough to be able to stand beside your piston and to keep the piston safe from lava as you go up.
    Also stone buttons don't hold water up, so that won't work unless there is a trick I'm unaware of.

    Great ideas though! It would be interesting to see someone put them to use.

    Edit: I just tried using a piston and it worked well! I ended up making 7 columns up. here is what it looks like from the top:


    O = Blank space
    X = Column of cobblestone
    L = Blank space with ladder
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    posted a message on Even The Best Minecraft Players Die Here.
    Quote from danaphanous»
    wow, nice mcon1! That glass tunnel looks epic, how did you build it with the lava overhead may I ask?

    Thank you! I started out building it 1 block up at a time, taking some lava damage each time, but it was taking too long so I went to the nether and got fire-resist potions. :)
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    posted a message on Even The Best Minecraft Players Die Here.
    Well today I beat the ender dragon! This was a fun challenge and I look forward to trying similar ones in the future :)
    Quote from BethelAbba»

    There seems almost no point to having a bed in this challenge. If you're careful enough, you won't die, and thus need a new spawn point. Since you're underground all of the time, you'll never see when it is night, so nothing there to worry about. And lastly, it wastes precious & valuable wood early on.

    After I beat the Ender dragon, I realized I wasn't sure where it would spawn me when I went through the portal! Just to be safe I had water buckets and a super golden apple ready. Fortunately it teleported me to my bed.
    I didn't take many screen shots but here is my 'ladder' leading up to the top of the lava (it took me a while to find sand to make all that glass),
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    posted a message on Even The Best Minecraft Players Die Here.
    Quote from coolcrafter959»
    My friend and I spent ages planning the challenge

    I wish there were more challenges like this on the forum, post your challenge in another forum and I'll give it a try.
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    posted a message on Even The Best Minecraft Players Die Here.
    I found the abandoned mineshaft, so wood isn't an issue any more! I also found a skeleton spawner close the the abandoned mineshaft if anyone is interested:

    -702 21 1382

    Once the wood and food problem was solved, my next huge problem was finding sand (for brewing). After digging around near the surface I finally found some. I'm surprised no one mentioned having problems finding sand, it took me a looong time :) So I have 3 fire resist potions and will hopefully set up a blaze farm soon!
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    posted a message on Even The Best Minecraft Players Die Here.
    This is a great idea for a challenge! It is too bad that you die ~15-20 times just to start but we can work around that :)

    One thing I wanted to mention about grass.. after you make your base, you can just dig up to 1 block below the lava and the dirt above you should still be grass. Then you can place some dirt below it to spread grass below ground while staying safe from the lava.

    I'll let you know how my run goes!
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    posted a message on [CTM] [1.7+] [CMD blocks] [Automated Monument] [Custom mobs and loot] The No Time To Explain Series. - A CTM Series by griffjack
    Hello, I just beat No Time to Explain. It was a lot of fun! thank you for taking the time to make a great CTM Map.

    One question I had, There were brewing stands but was there any netherwart? I wasn't able to brew any potions and was wondering why you provided brewing stands but no netherwart? It is ok though since you did provide several potions that we could use.

    I liked how you had redstone powered victory monument, if you do that again I suggest providing more rewards for when you place a wool. (even if it is like 1 iron, or a record) It is always fun to get rewarded for placing a wool :D

    The map as a whole wasn't exremely difficult compared to other CTM maps, but it still provided a good challenge, and was fun to play.

    I look forward to your next map!
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