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    Quote from weridpan

    i love that song i want to buy it but im saving up for my new server

    you dont need to pay for it if you host it yourself
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    Quote from Shreddykickflip

    Make each individual line split into 6 parallel lines, each with more repeaters than the one next to it. This will create a small pulse multiplier circuit, producing 6 pulses from a single pulse. I would suggest adding 2 more "ticks" per line. for example:
    line 1: no repeaters
    line 2: 1 repeater at "2"
    line 3: 1 repeater at "4"
    line 4: 1 repeater at "2", one repeater at "4"
    line 5: 2 repeaters at "4"
    line 6: 2 repeaters at "4", one repeater at "2"

    This can be done for both lines, providing that you have enough space. If you want more time between pulses, lengthen the total delay of each circuit. My example circuit adds increments of 2, yours may be increments of 3 or 4, whatever you want! I would also suggest putting a monostable circuit in front of the pulse multiplier circuits, so that you get a more crisp and neat result.

    EDIT: I just did some testing, and found that the best way is such:
    1: 2 ticks
    2: 6 ticks
    3: 10 ticks
    4: 14 ticks
    5: 18 ticks
    6: 22 ticks

    EDIT: and here's a picture for ya :)

    do you know how to make a pulse doubler?
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