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    Quote from TheCoreMC

    Dokucraft Light 1.6.2, not all CTM on the wool seem to be working. Only cyan and orange.

    That is because it is not all there, I have finished it all but it hasn't been added to the official pack. (Ive asked many times!)

    Anyway here is the link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/c9q1jcc7n0a0dg0/Doku_Wool_Ctm.rar

    And if your interested here is some more ctm that also hasnt been added to the pack: http://www.mediafire.com/download/n4h2o8qi2jd5ts4/Doku_CTM.rar

    Here is a pic foor the extra ctm, it includes stuff like farmland, Stone and wood pressure plates and more

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    @WantedRobot Have you ever heard of a game called blockscape?


    and here is what people have built in it, i believe you may like this:

    Although you may not too..
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    Also here is all the wool ctm for dokucraft light done:

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    ahh another 'US or Canadian Residents Only'. I live in Australia and these annoy me so much, i was keen for buying a premium curse account when they had all those comps around the time of the minecon, especially when they had the competition where you could win a pass to it. there has been many of times when i would of bought a premium account on curse the only reason i haven't is because only US and Canadian residents can enter all of their comps. I know the majority of the time this isn't because of Curse but the companies such as Jinx but i think it would help Curse and many of the Companies if they held competitions that included wider variety of population using the site such as us Australians down here.
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    okay so my idea is that there is a new item which is an extension for pistons. once crafted it is placed on the back of piston. this would allow the piston to push an extra block ( so it moves the block/blocks in front of it two places instead of one). there can only be a max of two extensions on each piston.
    i figured it wouldn't be over powered because it would be harder to power the piston.
    And if a block is placed behind the piston while it is extended it would not be able to retract until the the block is removed. (if you think about it that adds just as much possibilities than the extension itself?

    any way im not that good with graphic design atm. so i made big versions of it in minecraft :biggrin.gif:

    If you like this idea please support it with this sig --> WITHOUT THE ''


    Quote from me124

    I was thinking of something like this and thought, no more crafting pistons, put then together!
    So to make the base, its:

    :cobblestone: :cobblestone: ::
    :cobblestone: :Red: ::
    :cobblestone: :cobblestone: ::

    :Red: is redstone

    Then you place that down and you can add the extensions:

    :: :: ::
    :|: :Iron: :|:
    :: :: ::

    Then the pushing thingy:

    :: :: ::
    :wood: :wood: ::
    :wood: :wood: ::

    And you can customize them anyway you want and you can place slime on them (and other blocks) to make them stick together!

    Screenshots here:

    If you like this idea please support it with this sig --> WITHOUT THE ''


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    posted a message on [SURV] Dungeon Affect [V 2.3]
    I would highy appreciate if everyone who downloads leave a comment as it keeps the topic alive for more people to see :biggrin.gif:

    regards, The Creator Of Everything Awsome

    VIDEOS BY aWarmPotato and FullMetalValentine

    And New pics by HobboNinja :biggrin.gif: (which btw are pretty amazing)

    -Cobblestone Generator

    -My farm..... Without animals

    -Cactus farm

    -Underneath the dirt

    -Back of my place

    -Front of my place

    -The way to the nether

    V 2.3
    -Now Winrar AND Zip :biggrin.gif:
    -adds a hidden extra bucket to be able to make the cake :biggrin.gif:

    CAUTION DO NOT GO TO NETHER UNPREPARED, or with anything shiny
    Ghasts love shiny
    YAY ANIMALS :biggrin.gif:
    and thats not all, ive entirely re-done the dungeons and Nether (still pics are secret :tongue.gif:)
    now more water sources incase you cant see the ice :wink.gif:and even some treasure :biggrin.gif:
    Nether difficulty increased buy 200%
    MOAR treasure
    Got rid of bedrock under the chest and spawn (:
    and replaced it with moar dirt :biggrin.gif:

    *NEW* -Aquire 2 golden records (get a skelenton to kill a creeper :tongue.gif:)
    -Make a cobblestone generator
    -Make 2 hostile mob traps
    -Make a successful Pumkin and Melon farm
    -Make a successful Reed and Wheat farm
    -Build a astheticaly pleasing two (or more) story house with a base of at least 15x25
    -Have a diamond pickaxe
    -Repair the Nether Portal
    -Build a successful Mushroom farm (hint- easier in nether but not required)
    -Make a fully automatic Catus farm
    -Have at least 25 mushroom soup in your inventory
    -Have at least 10 bread per player, 20 if in ssp
    -Have a full stack of bones in your inventory
    -Make a library with at least 40 bookshelves and at least 2 chandeleirs using fences
    -Make a rooms that are at least 7x5 and have beds for each player (1 room and bed per player if smp, 1 room and 2 beds if ssp)
    -Have at least 20 cooked porkchops
    -Make the rooms floor/s using either red,black,green,light green, yellow ar brown wool
    -Make a full set of leather armor for each player
    -MAKE A CAKE!!! :biggrin.gif:
    and MOAR PICS

    ^this pic is old thats why the bedrock is still there :tongue.gif:

    Pics by Kowalla below :biggrin.gif:

    The 1st day

    The 2nd day

    and my cobblestone generator

    steps to portal and dungeons

    way down to the bedrock thingy

    new cobblestone generator

    iron pickaxe!!

    my farm

    grass thats supposed to help spawn passive mobs but doesnt

    my diamon pickaxe and portal

    my way through the neather, and yes it took tons of cobble to get that far


    These vids are for v 1.0

    Download Zip: http://www.mediafire.com/?6bwkvro7kcy4ds7
    Download Rar: http://www.mediafire.com/?z1oglwziri9q734

    Hooray for still no ads :biggrin.gif:

    V 1.0 is in an Ocean Biome, this means NO Animals will spawn.
    This will be fixed in V 1.2 Which is coming shortly, maybe tomorrow.

    Nether is a secret :tongue.gif:

    Download here: http://www.mediafire.com/?t1za93q58vfzkih
    Hooray for no ads :biggrin.gif:

    got any feedback? be sure to let me know :biggrin.gif:

    oh and if anyone could make some videos for me (or even a series) it would be highley appreciated :biggrin.gif:

    CHANGELOG BELOW :biggrin.gif:

    - added an extra hidden bucket to make the cake makeable :tongue.gif:
    - added zip format :biggrin.gif:
    - got rid of seeds for wheat :tongue.gif: you must now use bone meal to make grass and from that get seeds.

    - moved ice further apart
    - nolonger flying in mid air with infinite items :tongue.gif:

    - entirely re-done dungeons
    - entirely re-done nether
    - added some treasures
    - got rid of bedrock that was below spawn block and chest.
    - replaced it with more dirt.
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