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    posted a message on [WIP][2/27] HunterCraft V0.12 [MC 1.1][SSP]
    Development on this mod has come to a halt...

    Something new is in store!

    The new mod will be a completely new dimension,

    Some features would be new ores, weapons, mobs, new terrain generation, new town generation, and much more will be announced soon.

    Alright Everyone this mod will be a collaboration of mods that my friends, family, and I have been working on.

    Now dont worry that doesn't mean it will be random and make no sense at all, eventually all of the features will make sense. I will also hold polls to get your opinions on what is right for the mod.

    New Update Coming February 27, 2012
    and Introducing The Official Wiki Page

    UPDATED TO V0.12 February 27, 2012
    So far the current version is: HunterCraft V0.12.




    Recipes? Visit the Official Wiki

    Please report any errors you experience or problems you notice. If possible PM them to me.

    I will update the mod and take into account any suggestions ASAP although there will be days I cannot reply or work on the mod as I am in college classes ATM.

    Please if you could use the adfly links as I am in college and any little amounts of income does help me out.


    The mod now requires Minecraft Forge and ModLoaderMp.
    Hunters will now gather items after killing an animal about 90% of the time.
    Hunters AI should be somewhat better, atleast until they acquire a target.
    Hunters greet the player upon spawning them in the world.
    Coins use only 1 item ID now.
    Added custom responses from VendingMachine according to what is given to you.
    Added ability to craft the VendingMachine Egg
    Fixed Bugs with VendingMachine Entity

    Special Thanks To:
    Mr_Crayfish (Inventory Problems)
    inlanoche (Mob Tutorials)
    Simo_415 (Original Tutorials)


    This document is Copyright ? and is the intellectual property of the author. Only Minecraftforum.net is able to host any of my material without my(mccahon's) consent. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. If you mirror this mod page or anything I(mccahon) has made on any other site, I(mccahon) may express my angst at you in the form of a lawsuit.
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    posted a message on [1.8] MinecraftForge Video & Text Modding Tutorials [Updated May 2] Now in English and German
    How would one convert this line over to the new forge?

    public static int carrotIconOne = ModLoader.addOverride("/terrain.png", "/junkjack/blocks/carrot1.png");
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    posted a message on Mo' Creatures - v12.0.0 for Minecraft 1.12.1!! Now Opensource!!
    Quote from citricssid

    Link Removed very inappropriate

    That's actually funny
    Quote from citricssid

    ill help if you help me get the mods folder

    you dont even know how to install the simplest mod let alone how to change server spawns PLEASE LEAVE LEECHER No0B
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    posted a message on Pocket Edition Update Available!
    Totally lost my respect for this company after removing support for Asus Transformer in this update. THANKS MOJANG FOR STEALING MY $7!!!!
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    posted a message on The Unofficial Catacomb Snatch Patch!
    Quote from TooSkilled

    Minecraft Forums: The worst community in the world.
    (supposed to be the best, but I suppose the best aren't here.)
    Go to Zorro's stuff, he just wants the fame but whatever. Can't be bothered dealing with you 8 year olds for the time being. Most of you aren't, most of you are actually good, but the bad ones are making me leave.

    Also Zorro, before I leave, read the poll, only about 20 people want you to dev.
    I'll stick to the good forums, like Maps, Servers and basically everything that isn't this :tongue.gif:
    Also people who didn't read all the posts and think they have an opinion on the fight: Go **** yourselves.

    Seriously? Grow Up BRO.
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    posted a message on Better Than Wolves Total Conversion!
    Quote from FlowerChild

    Please don't redistribute the files from this mod man. It's really not cool.

    Its not cool, dude this is a modding community, and it is kind of lame when a mod author does not take the time to make his mods compatible with large mods like shockAhPI, i am not taking any credit, im doing your job, what have forums come to, oh thats right people whom care about themselves, I took no credit for your work, i simply merged a file.
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